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Jack Tobin, President, Special Forces Association From: JNTOBIN Date: Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 7:04 AM Subject: FYI

- Clouse_GI Duck To: Address Redacted The following was sent to all Chapter Presidents, SOA, the SF Charitable Trust, and the Green Beret Foundation. Gentlemen: The Special Forces Association has a long established, fraternally inspired, policy of helping distressed members. This policy frequently takes the form of monetary support for specific, identified and confirmed need. In furtherance of this policy the NBO has considered and voted to recognize Decade and Life Member MSG Jonathan Clouse, a serving member of the Regiment, as a Distressed Member. The NBO has verified that MSG Clouse has suffered and continues to suffer acute financial hardship as a direct result of his efforts in questioning the claims of a non-member who, among other statements and actions, inferred a relationship with our Association. In this regard, the Board further finds that one John Giduck has had no relationship with the Special Forces Association; furthermore, he has neither any

membership status, nor has he ever been extended any other rights or privileges by the Association. In implementing our decision the Board has agreed to the following initial steps, as conditions warrant, the NBO may consider such other actions as it deems necessary and appropriate: 1. The immediate issuance of a check from our General Account in the amount of $2,000 to MSG Clouse for his legal defense. 2. Encouragement to each Association Chapter to assist in this effort, forwarding any monies directly to MSG Clouse. 3. The immediate outreach to both the Green Beret Foundation and the Special Forces Charitable Trust that they each match, on a dollar for dollar basis, the collective donations of our membership." For the Regiment Anything, Anytime, Anywhere VR Jack Tobin President Special Forces Association