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George Washington

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in a Virginia farmhouse.

Young George liked to fish and go boating. He watched the ships that sailed past on the nearby river. But most of all he liked to ride his horse.

George learned to read and write in school. He practiced his handwriting. But his favorite subject in school was arithmetic.

Legend has it that when George was a boy, he chopped down a cherry tree. He was honest about it, and admitted what he had done.

When George was eleven, his father died. George helped his mother run their farm and watch his younger sister and brothers.

When George was sixteen, he was given a job surveying, or measuring, land in the Virginia wilderness.

When George was twenty-one, he joined the Virginia army. He led the Virginia soldiers against the French in the French and Indian War. He was known as a brave soldier and good leader.

When George was twenty-six he fell in love with Martha Custis. They got married and moved to Mount Vernon, a home in Virginia.

The English won the war against the French. King George wanted the colonists to help pay for the war, so he taxed them. The colonists refused to pay the taxes. They dressed up like Indians and dumped the tea in the water rather than pay the tax on it.

In 1775, the colonists began to fight with England. They wanted to be free from England. George Washington was chosen to lead the Continental Army.

The war was hard for Washingtons soldiers. Often there were not enough uniforms, food, blankets, and guns for the soldiers.

The war lasted eight years. In 1783, George Washingtons army won the war. George was a hero.

The thirteen colonies became thirteen states. People in America loved George Washington, and he became the first president of the United States in 1789.

After eight years as president, George Washington returned to his home at Mount Vernon.

In 1799 George Washington became ill and died. He was sixty-seven years old.

George Washington was a great leader. He has been called the Father of Our Country.