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iCHANGE: Youth Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Seminar Workshop The Ateneo de Manila University-School of Government and the

World Bank Knowledge for Development Centers iCHANGE: Youth Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Program is a seminar workshop that introduces good governance and leadership in youth through social entrepreneurship. It is a two-day seminar workshop that introduces Social Entrepreneurship (what is it; how does it create social change) to college students as they are also trained and guided to craft their own social enterprise business plan. It seeks to give them the basic tools on how to develop innovative programs that address social problems (e.g., education, environment, public health, etc.) in the country. The workshop also involves a lecture about the World Banks Open Development initiative where participants are given a brief overview about the Banks online tools which contain accessible and easy-to-use development indicators that can help them in writing business proposals. The participants are composed of 25-35 college students that are interested in business and development work. They are divided into 5-8 groups (with 5-6 members each) at the end of the training program to present a social enterprise business plan before a group of panelists that will give comments and suggestions on how the plans can be further improved. The goal is to look for promising social enterprise business plans that may be considered for funding by the different partners.

Open Development (

The World Banks citizen-centered development approach called Open Development is anchored on Access to Information, Open Data and Knowledge, and Open Operations and Tools. Open Development provides accessible and easy-to-use information such as economic and trade statistics, information about development aid and projects, and data about populations. Statistical tools for economic analysis are also included. Accessible and easy-to-use data help governments, citizens, non-government organizations, and policy makers make better-informed decisions and measure improvements more accurately.