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BALANCE SHEET Balance Sheet as at 31st March, 2011 Figures as at the end of Note Particulars current No reporting period

I. EQUITY AND LIABILITIES (1) Shareholder's Funds (a) Share Capital (b) Reserves and Surplus (c) Money received against share warrants (2) Share application money pending allotment (3) Non-Current Liabilities (a) Long-term borrowings (b) Deferred tax liabilities (Net) (c) Other Long term liabilities (d) Long term provisions (4) Current Liabilities (a) Short-term borrowings (b) Trade payables (c) Other current liabilities (d) Short-term provisions Total II.Assets (1) Non-current assets (a) Fixed assets (i) Tangible assets (ii) Intangible assets (iii) Capital work-in-progress (iv) Intangible assets under development (b) Non-current investments (c) Deferred tax assets (net) (d) Long term loans and advances (e) Other non-current assets (2) Current assets (a) Current investments (b) Inventories (c) Trade receivables (d) Cash and cash equivalents (e) Short-term loans and advances (f) Other current assets Total Figures as at the end of previous reporting period

STATEMENT OF PROFIT AND LOSS Profit and Loss statement for the year ended 31st March, 2011 Figures as at Figures as at the end of the end of Particulars Note No current previous reporting reporting period period I. Revenue from operations II. Other Income III. Total Revenue (I +II) IV. Expenses: Cost of materials consumed Purchase of Stock-in-Trade Changes in inventories of finished goods, work-inprogress and Stock-in-Trade Employee benefit expense Financial costs Depreciation and amortization expense Other expenses Total Expenses V. Profit before exceptional and extraordinary items and tax VI. Exceptional Items VII. Profit before extraordinary items and tax (V - VI) VIII. Extraordinary Items IX. Profit before tax (VII - VIII) X. Tax expense: (1) Current tax (2) Deferred tax XI. Profit(Loss) from the perid from continuing operations XII. Profit/(Loss) from discontinuing operations XIII. Tax expense of discounting operations XIV. Profit/(Loss) from Discontinuing operations (XII XIII) XV. Profit/(Loss) for the period (XI + XIV) XVI. Earning per equity share: (1) Basic (2) Diluted

(III - IV)