Cabala mineralis manuscript

The mine of our mercury is our saltpetre not that of the vulgar.

Our sharp bitter vitriol is not that of the vulgar
Our ammoniac is not that of the vulgar

T h e w a t e r o f life N i n e v o l a t i l e p a r t s fix o n e part o f m e r c u r y .The sprout of Mercury. . H o m o g e n i t a s t h e s h a r p living w a t e r .

. The living pontic water.Our mercury.

and they become inseparably one spongeous porous body. .Two to more than three parts of our mercury dissolve one part of the common moon or sun. not the common. The Sun through mercury of seven eagles. The moon through mercury of five eagles. which is called our moon or sun.

.The sophic calcination of the s u n .

. black and not porous. having been watered with new mercury. the common sun is made one body. two parts in weight. Of the calcination of our sun.The sophic putrefaction.

. The sun having been changed through the black colour b e c o m e s green.The Germination of vegetation. it is s p r e a d o u t into t h e v e g e t a t i o n .

which is the body animated by the incorruptible soul. passes into white sulphur.The white sulphur. Our sun having been changed into a green colour. .

without any imposition of a hand. Here our white sun. then our white sun is being volatilised through a liquid.Volatilisation through liquid. the heat having been continued. nor opening of the flask a second time. with many coloured vapours resembling the tail of a peacock. . is melted.

. as if dawn is breaking.Volatilisation through dryness. now having been made through liquid is dried up and becomes a body shining. Our volatile sun having been prolonged in heat. and this is the volatilisation through dryness.

which however is not the end of the work. .The red sulphur. By this the dawn gradually vanishes. and our red sulphur by the wise so desired. our sun rises in beautiful and most red grains.

gradually and by degrees. This red sulphur is inbibed with five parts of its bodies weight of fresh mercury. They pass over the putrefaction and now the ruling words. . and the sequence having been revolved in heat in the wheel of nature for one month. the Imbibition of the stone. through seven separate imbibitions.Another fermenation.

Let the eternal God be praised and may his grace be unceasing. The medicine of the third order.The stone of the wise. the omnipotent king or our stone arises. A month having been completed. . the perfect medicine of the third order in its projection able to transmute all metals.

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