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Tenses in English Part1

Tenses in English Part1

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Published by: Dragana Palackovic on Aug 31, 2012
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PRESENT SIMPLE (sometimes, usually, often, every, always) PRESENT CONTINUOU S (now, at the moment, listen!, look!)

+FORM I work. You work. He/she/it works. We/you/they work. I am working. You are working. He/she/it is working. We/you/they're working

?FORM Do I work? Do you work? Does he/she/it work? Do we/you/they work? Am I working? Are you working? Is he/she/it working Are we/you/they working?

- FORM I do not work. You do not work. He/she/it doesn't work
We/you/they don't work

I am not working. You aren't working He/she/it isn't working. We/you/they aren't working.

?- FORM Don't I work? Don't you work? Doesn't he/she/it work? Don't we/you/they work? Am I not working? Aren't you working Isn't he/she/it working Aren't we/you/they working.

USE -činjenice, stvari koje su tačne, navike, opis -budućnost regulisana rasporedom -radnja koja se dešava u i oko trenutka govora -ugovorena buduća radnja koja će se sigurno ostvariti

EXAMPLES He sometimes gets up late.The Italians are from Italy. The train arrives at 3 p.m.

PAST SIMPLE (last...ago, in..., when, yesterday)

I worked/left You worked He/she/it worked
We/you/they worked

Did I work/leave? Did you work? Did he/she/it work? Did we/you/they work? Was I working? Were you working? Was he/she/it working Were we/you/they working?

PAST CONTINUOU S (at ... (4) o'clock, while, when)

I was working. You were working He/she/it was working We/you/they were working. I will work. You will work. He/she/it will work. We/you/they will work.

I did not work. You didn't work. He/she/it didn't work. We/you/they didn't work I was not working. You were not working He/she/it wasn't working We/you/they weren't working. I will not (won't) work You will not work. He/she/it won't work. We/you/they won't work.

Didn't I work/leave Didn't you work Didn't he/she/it work Didn't we/you/they work Wasn't I working? Weren't you working Wasn't he/she/it working? Weren't we/you/they working?

FUTURE SIMPLE (maybe, I think/believe, perhaps...)

Will I work? Will you work? Will he/she/it work? Will we/you/they work?

Won't I work? Won't you work? Won't he/she/it work? Won't we/you/they work?

I am studying now. Look! She is hitting a child. Listen! He is shouting. They are flying to London tomorrow. - radnja koja se I met her two desila i završila u years ago. prošlosti When did you radnja koja se dog. hear that? u sred duže p. radnje -radnja koja je I was reading a trajala u prošlosti book at 6 p.m. (kada se dogodila yesterday. kratka proš. radnja I was sleeping p.simple) when the phone -paralelne trajne rang. prošle radnje I was driving while he was sleeping. -nesigurna I think he will budućnost call you soon. -nešto sto mislimo Maybe it will da će se ostvariti rain tomorrow. -nagađanja, vrem. prognoza, prijetnje, obećanja, ponude

Am I going to work? Are you going to work Is he/she/it going to work? Are we/you/they going to work? I am not going to work. . Aren't we/you/they going to work. They are going to take a mortgage to buy a flat.. He/she/it is going to work. You aren't going to work. We/you/they are going to work. Isn't he/she/it going to work.) I am going to work You are going to work.. Am I not going to work Aren't you going to work. He/she/it is not going to work..BE GOING TO FUTURE (next .. We/you/they are not going to work. -planovi i namjere za budućnost -predviđanja ako imamo nekakav nagovještaj Look! It is going to snow soon.on.

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