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UEA Medsoc Fresher's Guide 2012

UEA Medsoc Fresher's Guide 2012

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Published by Benjamin Wattley
UEA medics joining in 2012. This is your guide for all you need to all you need to know about everything (and fresher's week!). Have a look, sign up and I look forward to meeting you all in September
UEA medics joining in 2012. This is your guide for all you need to all you need to know about everything (and fresher's week!). Have a look, sign up and I look forward to meeting you all in September

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Published by: Benjamin Wattley on Aug 31, 2012
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Ladies and Gents, boys and girls, Future Doctors of 2017. Welcome and congratulations on your fantastic results and for choosing UEA!

Today marks the start of the rest of your life. It is here, in Norwich, that you will be moulded and sculpted into some of the finest doctors in the land. Whether you aim to leave and become the swashbuckling consultant or the jolly golf playing GP, your years at UEA will be the springboard for your career to come.

Today also marks, for many of you, the first time that you have escaped mum and dad’s beady eyes. So we, at MedSoc, want to help you celebrate this newfound freedom with suitable extravagance and flair and make these years some of the best of your life. This booklet has been put together to help you get by in the first couple of weeks, because no matter what the cool kids say it’s tough getting used to uni life. In order to produce this fantastic piece of literature we have journeyed back into the darkest parts of our minds to bring you some handy little hints and some definite DO NOT FORGETS. The boys down at ENTS along with the ever eager MedSoc McFunison have organized a jam packed fresher’s week which promises to blow your mind and if not, dispel any thoughts of medicine for a couple of weeks! You’ll also find some shameless advertising from the sports teams and societies, but that’s what uni is all about, putting yourself out there, doing something new and meeting new people. The journey you’ve embarked on will be sure to throw up its fair share of challenges, but it promises to be an epic one. We here at MedSoc will be there to help you each step of the way.

Looking Forward to meeting you all soon,

Aoibh Foley MedSoc President 2012-2013


Aoibhinn Foley, 3rd Year Yes that is how you spell her name. Aoibhinn is the captain of the medsoc ship. After doing a fantastic job flying the social secretary flag last year, Aoibh aspired to bigger and better things. With this experienced sailor at the helm, we will weather even the most turbulent of tempests. She is tremendously dedicated, hard-working and will always go the extra mile to ensure you guys have the best year possible. Likes: Power, hockey, hurling, emasculating big strong men, bed, Martin Loader’s abs and all things Irish Dislikes: too many late nights, short men (sorry boys) and when people can’t understand her due to her thick, thick Irish accent. Contact: a.foley@uea.ac.uk

Social secretaries
Jack Webb , 3rd Year (right) Elliot Habgood, 2nd year (left) Jack and Elliot are in charge of all things fun. They shouldn’t be too hard to spot during fresher’s week as they’ll be the one’s coordinating affairs, usually armed with a bottle of something vile in either hand. Jack (along with Aoibh) was last year’s social sec but forgot to unsubscribe so we’re stuck with him again. Whereas Elliot is the freshest faced of all the committee having just finished first year in absolute class – establishing himself both on and off the rugby pitch! This combination of old and new is bound to be recipe for success…or at least a year as good as the last. Likes: Rugby, gym, “the lash”…and long summer evenings spent sharing a chilled baby Zinfandel reminiscing about times past and planning for the future. Dislikes: Left over drinks, fun sponges and being apart. Contact: j.webb1@uea.ac.uk e.habgood@uea.ac.uk 4

Megan Clark, 4th year If you actually get any time to work in your jammed packed year then Meg’s your girl. Meg brings the Ed to Medsoc. As Education secretary Meg voices your opinions on the course and liaises with the med school. A level-headed and genuinely lovely girl, feel free approach if you have any suggestions, problems or queries about anything educational Likes: Being really, really smart and winning at exams, the library, a glass of wine with the girlies. Dislikes: Spiders, dentists, Mondays and research methods. Contact: m.clark1@uea.ac.uk

Lou Patterson, 3rd year After unproven allegations of money laundering we quickly snapped up Lou to look after finances for Medsoc. She ensures our head stays above water and shoots us down when we suggest putting shares in Woolworths as a good use of medsoc budget. Lou is probably the smiliest member of the team. In fact some say she is incapable of frowning. However, don’t let her Jack Wills gillet and RP accent fool you, she is an Essex girl through and through. Always keen to get her hands dirty, get stuck in and bring the party. Likes: Ponies, flowers and rainbows Dislikes: Frowning, looking surprised, looking curious, looking confused…and probably me after reading this Contact: l.patterson@uea.ac.uk

Ben Wattley, 3rd year (also known as medsoc mcfunison – add on fb!) My job is to make sure all you lot know what is going on. This involves making really cool fresher guides, pestering people on facebook and walking around in my medsoc stash feeling important. Please turn up to events otherwise it makes me look really bad! 5 Contact: b.wattley@uea.ac.uk

Blanaid Canavan, 3rd year Blanaid is the most reserved, reflective and refined member of the committee…NOT! The locals of Derry banished her and somehow she ended up in Norwich. This live wire is making a name for herself in East Anglia and across the UK after successfully insulting the whole population of Norfolk on National radio. She may think we’re “normal for Norfolk” but we certainly hope she’s not normal for Derry. Like a care bear on crystal meth, she’s absolutely mental but always means well. Likes: Violin, radio 1, Norfolk, river dance and Asian men Dislikes: Boozing (in England) Contact: b.canavan@uea.ac.uk

Hannah Rosen O’s, 3rd year Hannah’s exposure to some of the most deprived parts of the world has only inspired her passion against injustice. It got so out of hand that she even tried to steal 4 Romanian children and bring them up as her own. Fortunately we convinced her that heading up charity at UEA medsoc might be a better idea. Never content to swan around she will be actively raising funds and awareness for this year’s charity. If you have any ideas, suggestions or free time that you would like to volunteer – get in touch. Likes: Swans, orphans, dressing up and face painting (damn she’s good) Dislikes: Injustice and the royal family (as they eat swans) Contact: h.rosen-osullivan@uea.ac.uk


Try something new You will never be in a position where it is so easy to try something new again. The worst thing that can happen is you don’t enjoy it!

Bring your ego Everyone is thrown into the mixing bowl together. Just be yourself and open to meeting people from all walks of life. You’ll be surprised by how old, ugly and smelly some of your new best friends are. Become a work-a-holic Medics notoriously become nocturnal, stressed and hormonal during exam season. Don’t jump on the band wagon. If you work sensibly, or you’re just really smart, there’s no need to stress. Miss PBL It will gain you a bad reputation early on. Believe it or not, PBL can actually be pretty fun if you just go for it! Wind up security (too much!) They are pretty lenient but even they have their limits. Things to avoid include getting locked out multiple times, excessive nakedness, keeping pets and playing on the roof.

Become a medsoc member Trust me it’s cheaper to do so now because eventually you will become one. It took me 2 years and a lot of full price ball tickets to work this out! Go to as many fresher events as possible It may nearly kill you, you may reach the end of your tether. But it is far and away the easiest way to fast track friendships and kick start your new university life. Escape the bubble Join something non-medical. It is so easy to lose real life perspective by only associating with the crème de la crème of the academic world. Be it a university sports team, pub quiz team or church find something to stay in-touch with the sane world. Fundraise Last year saw human auctions, a 24 hour jailbreak and even a performing dog called Mr.Bombastic. You will be helping people in real need and you may even have fun doing so.

Worry, be happy! Everyone has their worries. For me it was a massive phobia of needles (I know, what a wimp). However, try not to obsess about them. Get them out in the open and within no time at all you’ll be laughing (not fainting) in the face of your fears.


Friday – White Tee-shirt Bar Crawl:
We kick start what will be both the most and least memorable week of your life with the crème dela crème of Bar Crawls. Don your white tee shirt and pick up your marker pens (probably permanent, so have lots of soap ready) and head out to explore the nightlife in Norwich with a line up of scintillating bars. Beginning at the union bar on campus at 6:45 with MedSoc’s personalised introductions to Norwich Medical School and finishing at one of Norwich’s newest and biggest clubbing venues, this promises to be an incredible night and a chance to meet and probably not remember your student colleagues. You will be guided from bar to bar by your social secs and given more than enough opportunity to graffiti all over one another and keep the tee as a souvenir or simply a mind-jogger. Mine is still in my bedroom! Watch out as well because there may even be a few camera challenges floating about and a few incriminating positions to photograph! Lap up the atmosphere and enjoy it, it’s your first night out as a Norwich Medical Student! Don’t forget to drop in at the medsoc stand (by the accommodation office) to pick up your white t-shirt. Friday – 6.45pm, Blue bar, white tee shirt

Saturday daytime – city orientation:
Your first full day is here; feel like lying in and nursing that hangover? Bad idea! Don’t miss out on your chance to get a look around the city you will be spending your next 5 years in. We’ll meet at the square for 10.00 and accompany you into town on the buses showing you the most important areas around Norwich, a must to increase your enjoyment during your time here! A few things to look out for en route are the cities 2 cathedrals, the castle, the famous market, the popular Prince of Wales Street and the Riverside leisure complex. Vitals – City orientation: 10.00am, The Square, casual attire


Saturday evening – Doctor’s mess
The night: We have something really special lined up for you here, something that no other fresher’s will have the pleasure of enjoying- the Doctor’s mess. When else will you have the chance to party the night away within the hospital that you will be learning and working in for the years ahead?! We’ll have top Uni DJ’s to play for you and there will be a free bar in operation; turn up early to avoid disappointment, the mess opens at 9pm. All we ask in return is a good attempt at tonight’s fancy dress- first letter of your name... For those of you who are slightly slower an example would be Andrew Apple but be imaginative; smurfs, elephants and stewie were all on show last year! Vitals – 9pm, Doctor’s mess (nr N&N hospital), dress according to the first letter of your name

Sunday Daytime – Campus Orientation

A chance to explore the campus and learn where everything is, but with a twist. This orientation will take the form of an OSCE; an Objective Structured Clincial Examination. These are the practical exams you will be taking throughout medical school and they are a test of practical skill, relevant theory, professionalism and basic medical instinct, as ours will be… kind of. Meeting at 11AM at the Blue Bar You will be moving in teams from station to station across campus, discovering new areas and undergoing a different fun and team building challenge at each point. Trust me, shaking off the hangovers and crawling along to this will definitely be worth it when you wake up with 10 minutes to get to a PBL session and you actually know where you’re going. Bring your A game. NB: Intelligence in no way required. Vitals – 11am, Blue bar, casual attire


Sunday Evening – Pub Quiz and Mummy/Daddy Allocation
This evening is divided into two. Firstly – Starting at 6:30PM - The serious business, Mentor/UEA Mummy and Daddy allocation (or Mummy and Mummy or Daddy and Daddy, we really have no preference) to form your UEA family. Stop what, you’re doing. Find the mentor questionnaire (later in this booklet) and send it to me so we can find you the perfect mentor. By this point you will have met many second and third years and I bet you’re wondering how they became quite so wise - Shane Green being the pinnacle of sensibility and calmness. Well we picked up our know-how from the know-how of those above us, who picked it up from those above them.. etc. etc, it is the med school equivalent of the circle of life. Tonight will be your opportunity to meet the mentors we have hand-picked for you, the tweedle dee to your tweedle dumb, the Simba to your Nala, the Timon to your Pumbaa, the Mufasa to your Zazu, the Rafiki to your Karate (no prizes for guessing what my favourite film is). Get down to the bar and pick up your oh so astute Mummy and Daddy, they are invaluable on this course. Secondly – You will then be competing WITH your Mummy and Daddy in the pub quiz. A different display to what you’ve been up to so far this week, until now we’ve only really seen your ability to open your gullet, take compromising photos, decorate teeshirts and hopefully re-write the rules of fancy dress! A test of general knowledge and guestimates, this is a slightly more civilized evening with rewards up for grabs left right and centre. Brush up on your general knowledge, it is the only time that anyone will ever really care that this overpaid celebrity just had a baby with that overpaid celebrity and called it some ridiculous overpaid celebrity name. Vitals – 6.30pm, Blue bar, casual attire

Monday – Anything but


After your first day of lectures you’ll be buzzing to get back into your fresher’s week programme, tonight we’ve got a new night lined up for youanything but clothes! The night will take you to 2 of the top clubs in Norwich, starting at vodka revolution for between 9-10 and heading on to tau in your fancy dress. We’ve got the whole top bar in vodka revs for our private start to the night and will then move on when the time is right to one of the best clubs in Norwich- Tau. There will be prizes at the end of the week for the best fancy dress during the week and tonight is your real chance to impress us. Examples from last year’s lcr were bin bags, cardboard boxes and pillow cases.. Can you top that?! Remember to keep nudity to a reasonable standard; we won’t take responsibility if anyone is not allowed in! Vitals: 9pm, Vodka Revolutions, attire - anything but clothes!


Tuesday – Fight Night
Are there any David Hayes or Derek Chisoras amongst you? If so then you aren’t suited to this and please leave. This ‘Fight Night’ is a far more jovial and less disgraceful affair than your average fight nights as you will be battling it out with your cohort not in a ring, pumped with anger and pummelling each other’s faces but instead on a rotating pole, pumped with dutch courage and pummelling whatever you can reach with pillows. Yes, this night is far more comparable to the epicness that was ‘Gladiators’. Arrive at 7pm for stick wrestling, Sumo suits, Pillow wars and more… we have it all on this famous night… may the best competitor win (Although we won’t be keeping count, or care). If you’re less of a fighter and more of cheerleader, then never fear, SOMEONE needs to introduce people to the arena and if it’s anything like the last few years, it will make for fantastic viewing.

Vitals – 7pm, The Square, army fancy dress

Wednesday – Sports night:
During the day we’ve got a really interesting event that should be a must-attend for all fresher’s and will also be hugely popular with older students. Find out more about clubs, societies and medical associations and grab yourselves a few freebies from the huge array of stands we’ll have setup for the Med Mart. This will be taking place in constable terrace A from 11am-5pm, if you’re not sure where that is check the map or ask one of the older students who will be happy to lend a hand. In the evening we carry on the clubs & societies theme by hosting a sports night. We’ve invited the medics sports teams down who will no doubt try and tell you how amazing their club is, while you take part in a number of sporting activities ranging from a 5 legged race to the tricky/ messy game of toss the egg! This will take place in the union square starting at around 7 so no transport required, just bring yourselves and be ready for anything. Vitals – Morning: Medmart, 11am-5pm, Constable Terrace A Evening: The square, 7pm, sporting attire 11

Thursday – Family Night
This is family bonding night where we leave you in the capable hands of your mentor Mummy and Daddy. You’ll be under their rule and they can do what they want with you, whether it be cooking you a meal, sitting down and watching deal or no deal, bowling, cinema, drinking games, board games or flower arranging… we really just don’t know. Take the opportunity to get to know them and sap their knowledge, they will become your safety net, your security blanket, your zimmerframe, your holy grail and will always be there when you need some advice, past papers or simply a moan and a groan. Vitals – check with your mentors!

Friday – Fresher’s Ball:

The final day of your Medic’s fresher’s week marks the start of the UEA fresher’s, but we’re finishing it off in style with your fresher’s ball in one of the most famous venues in Norwich- Carrow Road the home of the Norwich City Football Club. This is a great opportunity to dress up and we have the venue from 8 o’clock until late. There will be plenty to keep you entertained, we’ve got a top band playing and there will be a few surprises for when you arrive. Tonight is also the night where we will give out the awards from the week with the coveted best fancy dress trophy being up for grabs! If you feel like the night is still young after the ball you can follow the older years who will no doubt be heading out to town in their suits and dresses. Transport to the venue is not provided so taxis will need to be booked, they will not be expensive and all drivers will know where to drop you off. Vitals – Carrow Road, 8.00pm, Black tie

Love Jack and Elliot x 12

(save £15)

Gains access to all medic freshers events:  White t-shirt night (includes free t-shirt)  Drs Mess (unlimited free drinks)  Town and campus tour and games  Pub quiz (prizes tbc)  Fight night  Sports night  Medsoc ball (free champagne reception and professional casino) Only available when purchased with medsoc membership.

Get your Medicine at Vodka Revolution
Return this Voucher to Vodka Revs Norwich to claim your free shot of flavoured vodka

Offer valid from 01/10/2012 to 14/10/2012. Only one voucher per customer. Management reserve the right to withdraw offer at any time


Top 5 Clubs: - Lola Los - Tau - Kartel - Mercy - Carnival

Top 5 Bars: - Union Bar - Birdcage - Vodka revs - Langtry - The Dog House

Top 5 Pubs: - Temple Bar - Mad Moose - Belgian Monk - Eaton Cottage - The Farmhouse

Top 5 Places to Eat: - The bicycle shop - Waffle House - The Library - Mambo Jambos - The Workshop

Top 5 Sports Facilities - UEA Sports Park - UEA Sports Park…again - ‘The Gym’ - Goals - Fitness First

Top 5 Things to Do: -Boating on the Norfolk Broads - Odeon Cinema, Riverside - Hollywood Bowl, Riverside - Norwich Art’s Centre - Theatre Royal - Norwich

Top 5 Shops: - PRIMARK - Top Hat Fancy Dress Shop - Hollister - Superdry - Apple Store <3

Top 5 Food Stores: - UFO on Campus - Tesco Express on 5 ways roundabout (24 hours) - Sainsbury’s - Asda - Tescos

Top 5 Sports Teams: - Norwich Medics Rugby Club - Norwich Medics Hockey Club - Norwich Medics Football Club - Norwich Medics Netball Club - UEA Casuals FC


Things I wish I’d known when I started PBL – you are eased into the course with a module on being a doctor/ being a patient. This is an overview of all physical, mental and social problems that can occur from conception until death! Don’t worry. The idea is to introduce you to the world of medicine and start to get you comfortable with some basic concepts and clinical reasoning. Try not to be overwhelmed by the depth of some of lectures, none of us understood the HPA axis either! My top tip would be to throw yourself fully into the PBL sessions. Remember, no-one else knows what they’re doing either (even if they pretend to). Course structure – Each week you will have lectures Monday to Wednesday. On Thursdays you will be sent to a primary care (General Practice) placement. On Fridays you will have your small group PBL sessions followed by clinical relevance. After a few weeks some of you will start an IPL (interprofessional learning) program on Wednesday afternoons. This involves you meeting with other healthcare students (physios, nurses, pharmacists etc) and trying to work as a team. Try and persevere with it, it has to be done! For the last week of winter term and the first 3 weeks of the spring term you will be on secondary care (hospital) placements. After this you will start module 2 (orthopaedics and rheumatology). By this stage you should have some idea of what’s going on! Exams – These take the format of written exams and OSCEs. You will have a mini formative written exam at the end of winter term. You will then have a formative OSCE in January. These are essentially “practice” exams to get you used to the exam format. Your first real exams are at the end of summer term. This involves SAQs (mini essays), EMQs (multiple choice) and 2 OSCEs (“acting stations”!). Coping – The most important thing you can do is make sure you are leaving yourself enough time to get settled, make friends and have lots of fun. If at any point you are feeling overwhelmed or unhappy have a chat to someone. There are 3 main people you can approach. First port of call is probably your mentors. These will be assigned to you in your first week. They have all been through the ups and downs of first year and have probably experienced similar problems. Next there is your PBL tutor. They are all lovely and willing to help or at least point you in the right direction. Lastly, you will have an appointed personal advisor who can be really helpful in resolving problems from academic work to noisy neighbours. There is a massive amount of support available but they can only help if you get in touch. Medics sports –medic clubs offer a competitive level of sport. However, don’t be afraid to start something new. All clubs welcome beginners and social members. It is a great way of meeting people from other years and even doctors from the local hospitals.


Medics Rugby

along the way! We are hoping that next season will be even better and we would like you to be a part of it. So, if you are a seasoned player, wanting to get fit in a fun way, or just looking to have a great time whilst at uni, why not get involved? We will be around campus throughout freshers week, so keep an eye out for us. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please email us at medicsrugby@gmail.com, or join us on Facebooksearch for Norwich Medics RFC.

Norwich Medics RFC was founded in 2007 by 5 medical students who wanted to play in a local 7’s tournament. Since that fateful day the club has grown beyond all recognition into 3 sides, the Mens 1st and 2nd XV, and the Womens 1st XV.

medical students, doctors and other health professionals to play with us. We provide a friendly environment, not only for training, but for academic support and socializing. We boast that we have the best socials of any team at UEA, with notable events such as Pub Scrubs, Skin Tight Night and the Chairman’s dinner to name but a few. Last season was our most successful to date. The 2nd XV won their league and gained promotion. The 1st XV gained promotion, beating the UEA rugby team twice

As a club we pride ourselves at being open to all abilities. Many of our players had never picked up a rugby ball before they came to Norwich Medical School; and now they play weekly games against teams in Norfolk, as well as other medical schools across the country. We welcome

Medics Hockey

complex match scenarios. Last season saw NMHC

the opportunity to get to know so many new people. I was a bit worried as I’d never played hockey before but the split training gave me the chance to play with players of similar ability and really develop confidence on and off the field.” Danni Britt “I’ve been playing hockey for years and really enjoy the competitive standard that NMMH offers.. I was shocked that girls could actually play hockey, let alone be better than me! Tour = Amazing..nuff said.” Thomas Swan Get involved:  Facebook http://www.face book.com/groups /norwichmedicsh c/  Youtube http://www.yout ube.com/watch?v =A0L2kzhSd7U  Email – b.wattley@uea.a c.uk

NMHC welcomes players of all abilities to come, train, meet new people and most importantly have fun.

place 2nd in the Cannock national tournament along with competing in TITS and NAMS. Off the pitch – NMHC is the fastest growing social club in Norwich. This may be due to its athletic prestige, good looking members and superior committee. But most probably it is due to multiple tours throughout the year. These are a real festival atmosphere which involve a lot of dressing up, shuffling, funnels, food ...oh and some hockey. Testimonials: “NMMH is a really friendly atmosphere which has given me

On the pitch - Training runs every Sunday 14.00 followed by a drink in the bar. Each training session is split enabling the opportunity for new players to develop basic skills whilst the more experienced players try to master some more

Medics Football
NMFC is proud to present to you our very own total footballing experience...

Matchday Saturday's the day and we couldn't think of a better way to ease those early morning headaches then taking on Norfolk's finest at their own unique brand of the 'beautiful game.' KO's at 2, 11 a side, and all wrapped up, once again, by the obligatory warm down in the local pub. Tour The highlight of any year and your opportunity to compete against medical schools countrywide in the National Association of Medical Students (NAMS) tournament. This year taking in the footballing hotbed of Newcastle. Social Whether its our old boys weekend, Norwich

Medics very own fantasy football or a guaranteed social a month there should always be something to keep you out of trouble and coming back for more. How Do I Join? If that all sounds like your cup of tea then find us on Facebook by searching 'Norwich Medics Football Club' and request to join or come and see us at med mart and sign up for your NMFC track suit. Looking forward to seeing you soon. X

What We Do: Training 2 hour coach led sessions on high quality astro turf may sound like a dream but it is all part of the package. Runs on Wednesdays, 6pm, at the UEA Sportspark and followed by the union bar for a slice of champions league football.


Women’s Football
Ever imagined what it feels like to score for England…... well it’s more or less the same feeling as scoring for Norwich Medics WFC!!! So tell me more, you say… Well, we’re the most fabulous, beautiful and friendliest girls you could ever meet and of course, we’re extremely modest! Training’s every Wednesday between 24pm at Eaton Park/UEA Sportspark, with weekly matches against ladies teams in Norfolk and beyond.

All skill levels are welcome, whether you’re a keen player or have never kicked a ball before. Alongside playing football, we also have many socials including Norwich Football Club matches, team meals out, Go Karting and LCRs! The stunning city of Newcastle (maybe a wee exaggeration!) is our host for the annual NAMS football tournament between all medical schools – our most epic night out of the year! As you can see, we’d really love to get to know you and

welcome you into our clan! Still need another reason to join? Really!!! How about a free drink in the union bar after our first training session! Whether you’re interested in joining to make great friends, go on the most epic socials or just to play football, come along and sign up at Med Mart. We can’t wait to meet you all in September!! Norwich Medics Womens Football Club


Medics Netball

never played netball before, or if you’re a

socials ranging from drinking Olympics, pub crawls (often with boys teams) and as of this year TOUR! This promises to be an incredible weekend of netball, socials, and no doubt the infamous fancy dress!

- The one that everyone’s talking about, come and get involved at Med Mart! serious player, there is no shortage of fancy dress and crazy nights out with us. Our incredibly devoted and enthusiastic

Norwich Medics Netball is a club that comprises several teams with a wide range of ability for all to get involved. Our firsts play in an indoor league which requires a dedicated team to train and play competitive matches. Our second team plays in an outdoor league, this again requires a dedicated team but the matches are on a friendly basis! Balancing competitive and friendly matches with incomparable social nights out is what we’re about, combining a love of sport with a thirst for fun! So whether you’ve

committee continue to make this club what it is; giving you the chance to play friendly or competitive matches combined with a group of girls who take socialising extremely seriously, together we bring you the craziest and best

GP Soc
GP SOC is a fun and enthusiastic society, appealing to all interested in finding out more about a career in General Practice as well as exploring all aspects of medicine. We hold events displaying practical applications of medicine based on experiences ranging from military medics converting to General Practice, to General Practioners in Norwich facilitating services for the homeless. Events involving motivational speaking to patients through Neuro-linguistic programming in addition to revision programmes h eld annually, amongst those being ‘Feather Does Finals’ routinely being a sellout. Newcomers to first year will undoubtedly gain benefit from the annual ‘Introduction to OSCEs’ talk, which will form the

basis to the majority of exams at UEA medical school. Furthermore, our society is blessed by having the Honorary President being Professor Amanda Howe, who is Honorary Secretary for the Royal Society of General Practitioners, a valuable asset and regular attendee at our events. We are open to all and hope you can all join and deliver a whole new breed of attendees

organisation CRY UK, which provides research and support for young people suffering from cardiac disease. Our first event of the year is the Norwich Half-Marathon and we are currently looking for active people to train with us and take the challenge. The Cardiology Society has something for everyone, no matter what your year of medicine or what area of medicine that interests you. Every physicians needs to have the knowledge and skills to be able to work with patients suffering from cardiac illness. It is our hope to not only increase the interest in the field of cardiology but to also provide a liaison between students and consultants already working in the field. Make sure you join our Facebook group (Cardiology Society) and sign up to be a member at the MedMart. If you have any more questions please email our president Rachel Wamboldt

Cardiology soc
- we’ve got the beat!

As the new kid on the block, the Cardiology Society is looking to jump start its freshman year with a BANG!! The Cardiology Society combines course supplementation, community outreach and exam preparation. This year we will be raising money for the charity


at rachwamboldt@hotma il.com. ‘Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up its Cardiology time!’

Anatomy drawing society

grasp and understand anatomy. Of which the goal is to improve our exam grades and observation skills and be better prepared for our future careers, where a good knowledge of anatomy remains paramount, underpinning clinical practice. Send us an email on anatomy.drawing.society. nms@gmail.com to sign up for newsletters and receive emails for future events and workshops.

Benefits: - Super cheap skills sessions (Including suturing, laparoscopy, plastering, surgical knot tying, gloving and gowning. ) - FREE OSCE revision sessions - FREE Extra radiology/ anatomy - Trips to conferences- we will be advertising student conferences and helping organise transport cheaplygreat CV boosters and networking! - Research/audit opportunities - More theatre experience - Mentoring from consultants Surgery not your thing? We also run loads of events designed to be benefit everyone, regardless of whether or not you are an aspiring surgeon. These include revision sessions, extra anatomy and radiology sessions (free for members), and trips to national conferences. We are also setting up a research and audit

This society offers students opportunities to demonstrate anatomy (in a style similar to Anatomy SSS), a chance to use previously acquired knowledge, practice for exams and to apply learning skills. Presentations on the topic to be covered will be given before, in between, and after each drawing session. Medical students, a specialist consultant and an artist will be available to help at these workshops. There is no requirement to be an artist or good at drawing. Our aims include aiding the learning process, equipping ourselves with the fundamental tools to

More information can be found at http://www.anatomydra wingsociety.co.uk/index. html

Surgical soc

The surgical society is UEA’s second largest medical society. We run a variety of educational events and schemes, such as early tuition of clinical skills, extra surgical skills sessions, extra theatre experience and the opportunity to be mentored by surgeons.

scheme to join you with doctors who need a hand with projects. More than enough to make membership worthwhile!

Membership is just £20 for your entire time at UEA. To join, email ueasurgicalsociety@gmail .com or come and find us at medmart! For more info visit www.ueasurgicalsociety. org.uk

Christian Medical fellowship

UEA Christian Medical Fellowship is part of the National CMF network which aims to support Christian medical students throughout their degree and faith. It provides an opportunity for you to get to know

other Christian medical students from all years and explore the complex ethical and spiritual issues faced by us throughout medicine. We usually meet once a month, giving you a yummy meal to help you unwind from a busy day. Examples of topics discussed at our meetings include “Matters of life and death: abortion and prematurity” and “How to survive exams”, we also hold socials like summer BBQ’s and curry nights. Once a year we go to the National CMF student conference where CMF groups from medical schools all over the country meet up for a weekend in February. If you’re interesting in signing up or want any more information visit us at Med Mart, add us on facebook (UEA CMF) or drop us an email at cmf.norwich@gmail.com

small workshops with children and teenagers to tackle common misconceptions about mental health issues and to tackle associated stigma. Why do we do it? It is thought that about 50% of lifelong mental illnesses are established by age 14. In total, mental illness affects about 10% of young people and most of these young people do not seek help. Despite this, in most schools there is very little or no mental health education. We believe that as medical students we are in a good position to reach these young people and be a part of tackling this important issue. In running these workshops, we will also develop our own skills and awareness along the way - after all, we will have patients affected by mental health problems whichever medical specialty we enter. How do we do it? The workshops are activity-based and focus

What do we do? Our main aim for the society is to raise awareness of mental health in schools; running

on unveiling myths, giving a basic awareness of mental health and signposting to appropriate help. They are run by small groups of the society's members and we will give you all the training you need to be part of these groups. Anything else? We also aim to run talks and workshops for members of the society during the year on topics surrounding mental health, delivered by professionals and organizations working in the area.

just one of the challenging presentations that will face you as a doctor at the Teddy Bear Hospital. Teddy Bear Hospital provides an invaluable opportunity to learn communication skills with young children in an informal and fun setting. We have little exposure to younger patients during our medical school training, and working with children can be quite daunting. The Teddy Bear Hospital Society is a great opportunity to practise essential skills and improve your interaction with young children which will prove to be very helpful in many branches of medicine. Teddy Bear Hospital is a society where young children (between the ages of 3-7) can bring their sick teddy bears to come and see you – the teddy bear doctor, and where you can use equipment such as stethoscopes, plasters, thermometers and syringes (of course, without needles) to help diagnose and treat their sick teddies. This simple role play aims to make

children feel comfortable with hospitals and doctors, allowing children to familiarise themselves with common equipment. You will also guide children through various activity stations where they play the roles of the medical team, dressing up as surgeons and performing operations, looking at x-rays and “taking blood” from their bears. You can also teach children about healthy eating, exercise and the human body through games. This society is great if you’re considering paediatrics, want to try something new and challenging or if you’re just looking to be thoroughly entertained by children’s imaginations (you’ll hear some corkers!) So sign up at the Fresher’s fair and literally come care for a bear! Any questions or queries feel free to email me at L.Soutter@uea.ac.uk

To join- find us at the Fresher's Fair, on facebook, or email usheaducate@hotmail.com

Teddy Bear Hospital Society

“Doctor, doctor my teddy’s got no brain,” is

Like skiing/snowboarding??
UEA MedSoc Ski and Snowboard Trip This year will mark the first ever UEA MedSoc Ski and Snowboard trip with UEA medics heading to Les Deux Alpes high within the french alps. This promises to be a truly memorable trip including a fantastic introduction to 2013, thats right we're going over new years, with plenty of varsity inspired rivalry as a host of medical schools descend from across the country join us in an Apres-Ski paradise. Whether you're a world class boarder, skiing novice or if you just can't resist building a giant snowman, we hope to organise a trip which will serve as great introduction into the delights of the UEA Medical School. The package includes transport to and from resort, accommodation and lift pass with extra offers on equipment hire, lessons and day trips. Prices and finer details are still being ironed out but further details will be revealed on the MedSoc website and freshers fair very soon. If you have any questions feel free to add me on Facebook, thanks Alex Perry.



Welcome to UEA! Your path to graduating in 2017!!

As the excitement of fresher’s week looms, its my job to tell you what this course is really about. We’ll discuss what to expect this year and in the years to come!

Year 1 – I’ll focus on this one as it’s the most imminent for you all otherwise it will be a whole novel!

This year has two modules: 1) The human Life cycle, a holistic approach – Your introduction to the medical world, module 1, takes you from birth to death giving you an insight into the basic building blocks that you will use for the rest of your medical career. It may seem chaotic but stick with it, from the physiology to the pharmacology, the ethics to the law and the biochemistry and the anatomy and you’ll be well set for the years to come (as well as the cheeky little end of year exam). And when the chaos seems too much, remember that the clinical is around the corner. 2) Locomotion – After your whistle-stop tour through some of medicines finest, ‘Locomotion’ provides you with your first clinical subjects; rheumatology and orthopaedics. Taking you from your muscles to your bones with a few fundamental bits of medicine in between, Locomotion is a fantastic module to get started with a perfect balance between medicine and surgery. Challenging at first but hugely rewarding ‘Locomotion ‘ brings your first year to an end. Year 2 3) Blood and skin - Dermatology and Haematology 4) Circulation - Cardiology, Vascular and Stroke medicine 5) Respiration - Respiratory Year 3 6) Homeostasis / hormones - Endocrinology, Renal medicine and Urology 7) The senses - Neurology, Opthalmology and ENT (Ear, nose and throat) 8) Nutrition / digestion - Gastroenterology Year 4 9) Reproduction - Obstetrics and Gynaecology 10) Growth and development - Paediatrics 11) Elective - The fun part of travelling the world! So exciting! Year 5 12) Psychiatry - Pretty much that... 13) Emergency medicine - A&E 14) Shadowing - Doctor stuff


Colours: Ash, black, Carolina blue, dark chocolate, forest green, irish green, light blue, light pink, navy, orange, purple, red, royal blue, sports grey, white Sizes: S (34-36”), M (38-40”), L (42-44”), XL(46-48”), XXL (50-52”) Price: £28 Ben Ben


Polo shirts
Colours: White, black, magenta, pink, purple, red, royal blue, bottle green Sizes: Men: XS(32/34”), S(36/38”), M (40”), L(42”), XL(44”) Meg


Women: 8(30”), 10(32”), 12(34”), 14(36”), 16(38”), 18(40”)
28 Price: £20


Colours: Black, navy, red, sports grey Sizes: S(26”),M (28”), L(30”), XL(32”), XXL (36”) Price: £28 Ben

Tickets and membership
Life membership £50 Individual event prices

Becoming a member of medsoc is a must. Your one off payment is pumped straight back into providing top class entertainment at student prices. Your membership will get you free access to numerous club nights, subsidised entry to our biannual balls along with a plethora of other events throughout the year. Also included is a medsoc photo ID card which entitles you to medsoc discounts at shops, services and bars throughout Norwich.
Bring a passport photo. You will need it for your medsoc card!

White t-shirt night: £5 members, £10 nonmembers Norwich tour: free Doctor’s mess (open bar!): £5 member, £10 non-members Campus orientation: free mentor/mentee and Pub quiz: £2 all Anything but clothes: free. Fight night: £5 members, £10 non-members Sports night: £10 non-members, £5 members Fresher’s ball: £15 members, £25 non-members

Super Saver Freshers week ticket Includes all freshers week events ↗ and a really cool wrist band! 


[Only available to new medsoc members]

In order to match you with your perfect mentor family, we need to learn a little more about you. Answer the questions in the form below and send them to jack.webb412@googlemail.com. Please do so by September 10th. Fresher’s questionnaire – answer sheet General info Name: …………………………………………………………………………. Gender:  Male  Female Education:  undergraduate(first time at uni)  post-graduate(have done a degree before) Getting to know you (one answer only) 1. Which of these activities is most important to you? a)  Studying b)  Drama/music c)  Sport/fitness d)  Drinking/going out 2. Which is your favourite group of authors? a)  Kumar and Clarke b)  Terry Pratchett/ Jane Austin/ T.S. Elliot c)  Dan Brown/Antony Horowitz /J.K. Rowling d)  What’s a book? 3. Why did you choose medicine? a)  Academic interest b)  To make a difference c)  Parental pressure d)  So I can put Dr in front of my name 4. How would your friends describe you? a)  Thoughtful, sensitive and caring b)  Outgoing, fun but knows his/her limits c)  Party animal d)  I don’t have any friends 5. Which Mr Man/Little miss are you? Going deeper (2-3 sentences) 6. What’s your idea of a perfect Sunday? 7. What’s the best thing you’ve ever done and why? 8. What most scares you about starting uni? 9. If you won the Euromillions tomorrow, what would you do with the money?

a) 30




Each year UEA medsoc handpicks a charity to fundraise for. This year our chosen charity is the Hamlet Centre Trust, a local charity based in Norwich who work with children and young adults with special needs. The charity have a number of projects, each aiming to help these children and young people to develop their full potential and learn to be as independent as possible. This year we will also be supporting the charity Hands of Hope, who work with disadvantaged children living in extreme poverty in Romania. As well as fundraising for this charity, we will be running voluntary trips to the charity's projects in Romania. We have many exciting fundraising events planned for the year, including the charity ball (because we love balls at uea), and of course our annual MRAG charity week, with the highly anticipated event 'meds got talent', as well as many others. Following on from the success of last year, we will also be running another charity jailbreak (more info to follow on this soon!). Last year we raised a grand total of nearly £5000. And we believe that this year we can beat it, but of course we can only do this with your help! We hope that all of you will get involved as much as possible this year. As always we are extremely grateful for any help, so feel free to contact us with any fundraising ideas or any worthy causes you know of. Drop me an email to h.rosen-osullivan@uea.ac.uk with any suggestions. Thanks guys, Hannah

A-Z of UEA
A – Acronyms, you’d best practice them on the DL ASAP as med is full of them! B – Balls – get those gowns and tuxes dusted down!! C – Colman House – The main stay of Medics accommodation D - Davidson’s – get into the library early and grab this baby!! E – Eaton Park – Your local little beauty. F – Fresher’s – Love you guys. G – Golden Triangle, the hallowed ground for student houses H – (Steven)Hawkings - cheap and effective the standard for a night in the LCR!! I – ICE, the most awkward set of questions in the world! J – Jaigerbomb’s, yummy! K – Kumar & Clarke, the basis of every PBL worth it’s salt! L – LCR (there are 4 more you’ll become familiar with though) M – Mercy, the reborn clubbing venue 31 N – Norwich, of course! O – OSCE – Shudder! P – PBL – the bane of every Friday morning Q – Quazar – standard PBL social R – Richard Holland <3 S – Scrubs – they make the best pajamas, and they’re free! (Theft not condoned) T – Tastebuds – everyone’s favourite postnight out pizza. U – UFO, your convenient foods store! V – Vaccines – Your first months will be full of them W – Wednesday afternoons off for sport or, more likely, naps. X – X-rays – because what else begins with x? Y – Yellow, canary yellow to be specific, is the color of your new favorite team! Z – Ziggurat inter-school tournament!

1. You'll meet several loves of your life, even if fleetingly at the LCR. 2. You'll suffer a case (or 3) of kissers remorse 3. You'll decide that you’re definitely, 100% going to start going to the library everyday and stop going out… and then go out the next night. 4. You'll be in debt. 5. You'll come up with a mind-blowing, world changing idea in someone’s kitchen post LCR… that could never work. 6. You'll wake up somewhere strange 7. You'll have great intentions about doing your PBL on Friday morning 8. You'll pull far too many all nighters 9. You'll get locked out 10. You'll consider pot noodles, cheese on toast and rustlers as ‘fine meals’ 11. You’ll come back from an LCR fancy dress in a completely different outfit to what you left in. 12. You'll lose several socks to the laundry room (its fine though because you have another one exactly the same!) 13. You'll get 500 new Facebook friends, and know barely half of them. 14. You'll incur a ludicrous number of library fines 15. You'll live off pro-plus and red bull 16. You’ll fall asleep in a lecture 17. You’ll make best friends with a taxi driver 18. You’ll try something new and exciting and love it 19. You’ll attain more fancy dress than normal clothes 20. You’ll meet the best friends you’ll ever have and will never look back.


Medsoc have searched far and wide across the whole of …Norwich, in order to bring you some cracking deals with local businesses. Just present your medsoc membership card to receive discounts. Check our website (launching September 2012) for updates.

Appointment wash and cut (save 20%)

Check medsoc website for updated deals

Check medsoc website for updated deals

Check medsoc website for updated deals

Use voucher (inside) to get a free loyalty card.

20% off with NHS card

+ loads more still to be confirmed.

50% off with NHS card 33

Check medsoc website for updates

Arrival day!

Friday 14th September If you’re living on campus:   Visit accommodation office to pick up your room key Armed with a passport photo, visit your friendly medsoc committee, stationed on the grass beside the LCR between 12-6pm. Here you can pick up your tickets, medsoc membership cards and t-shirts for tonight’s event. Bring your parents- we love meeting parents. Go and find your new home Say a fond farewell to Mother. She will miss you. Shake father’s hand, but avoid eye contact. Breathe Knock on your neighbour’s door. Offer a token of friendship, food always goes down well. Find something to talk about other than A-levels Suggest to your new best friend that a drink is in order and head to blue bar. Make sure you are there by 6.45pm for the start of your 1st night of fresher’s week!

       

If you’re living off campus   Come and say hello anyway to grab your tickets, membership and t-shirt. Make sure you’re at blue bar by 6.45pm sharp for white t-shirt night




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