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Introductory Creative Writing Lesson Plan
Author: Briette Peterson Date created: 8/24/2012

Subject(s) Topic or Unit of Study Grade Level Standards Creative Writing Fictional Creative Writing 6-8

6th Grade: Structural Features of Informational Materials 2.1 Identify the structural features of popular media (e.g., newspapers, magazines, online information) and use the features to obtain information. 2.4 Clarify an understanding of texts by creating outlines, logical notes, summaries, or reports. 7th Grade: 2.1 Understand and analyze the differences in structure and purpose between various categories of informational materials (e.g., textbooks, newspapers, instructional manuals, signs). 1.3 Use strategies of note taking, outlining, and summarizing to impose structure on composition drafts. 8th Grade: 2.4 Compare the original text to a summary to determine whether the summary accurately captures the main ideas, includes critical details, and conveys the underlying meaning. 3.4 Analyze the relevance of the setting (e.g., place, time, customs) to the mood, tone, and meaning of the text.

Lesson Summary

This project-based lesson will encompass one class period.

The end goal of the project-based lesson: Students will: 1. Identify the structural features of popular media (e.g., newspapers, magazines, online information) and use the features to obtain information. 2. Summarize stories/text(s) 3. Create a newsbreak script 4. Perform their newsbreak script to the class Lesson Objectives Summarize newspaper articles Write newsbreak Script Present/perform newsbreak script within 50 seconds (Video recording of the 50 second newsbreak) Lesson Length: 20 minutes
Distribute a copy of the newspaper articles to all participants. They will have 20 minutes to write the newsbreak. A blank script form is also distributed (see below) and they are instructed to write only in the AUDIO column. At the end of the activity, participants will be asked to come to the front of the room and read their newsbreak. The teacher uses a stopwatch to ensure 50 seconds.

Time Allotment and context

Instructional Format/ Model Anticipatory Set: Students will be seated in groups of 5. Capture students attention by explaining that they will be videotaped giving a newsbreak. Students are given newspaper articles (5 articles per group). Each student must read the text and summarize the important parts. They will then write their newsbreak script as a group. Modeling: Teacher will model how to summarize a newspaper article on the board, and write the key points on the script. After writing the key points, the teacher will demonstrate how to present/perform the newsbreak of that particular article. Shared practice: After the students have watched the teacher model how to summarize an article and present the information quickly, one student, from each group, will collect 5 articles for their group and hand one article to each group member. Each group member will then read their article, summarize the key points and share the key

points with their group. Walking the room, the teacher will address each group and ask for their key points. Check for understanding: The teacher will then address the whole class again and remind them of the project guidelines (i.e. newsbreak is only 50 seconds, each newspaper article must be summarized, each group member must present a story for full participation points. Etc.) Independent practice: The teacher will then instruct each grouping to begin reading their articles, summarize the key points, and write their portion of the script (time allotted to write script is 20 minutes). Closure: The teacher will have each group perform/ present their newsbreak to the class. The teacher will record their newsbreak on an iphone/ipad. The teacher will praise each group for creatively working hard to make their newsbreak a success. They should all be made to feel as though they succeeded. This creative writing exercise is to prompt students’ belief in their ability to think creatively.

Student Grouping

Students will be seated in table groups of 5 for the majority of the direct instruction, and also in groups for cooperative learning. Independently writing their portion of the script will also be at their desks in groups of 5. For those students who are struggling with independently summarizing their article the teacher will provide guidance and clues for them to look for in the text. If the students are still struggling, they will be paired with a partner in their cooperative groupings. This will help these students feel more confidence in their capabilities and also provide additional guidance.

Differentiated Instruction



Ipad/Iphone 5 newspaper articles for each group (7 groups total) 1 Script printout for each student (or have them use their own paper and write SCRIPT at the top. An example will be placed on the board). Pencils/pens Teacher will explain that their work will be displayed on the class blog

Technology/ Web Resources

Assessment/Rubrics Teacher will assess students based on the requirements listed in the lesson Attentive listening Summarizing of Newspaper articles Cooperative group work Perform/present newsbreak