Toli (Banana Halwa) Serving for 14 pax Ingredients: 1. Semolina flour – 450 gm (1 pkt) 2. 1 mug of white Sugar 3.

1 mug of water 4. ½ mug of raisins 5. 1 mug of bananas chopped into tiny slices 6. ½ mug of cashew nuts. 7. 5 tbl. spoon of ghee Preparations: 1. Put ghee in wok. Lightly heat in up. 2. Insert semolina and stir in low heat until smell comes out. 3. Take pot out of the stove and place pot in sink 4. Boil sugar with water until dissolved. 5. Stir fry cashew nuts lightly. 6. Pour sugar water in the halwa 7. Mix and stir until smooth and put cut banana, raisings, and cashewnuts.