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Copyright Notice


All the photos, cliparts and templates provided as samples in the software
(program CD-ROM),
documentation and distribution materials are the exclusive properties of their
owners. They can be used only for personal demonstrations, productions and
No rights are granted for commercial reproduction or redistribution of any sample

The suppliers of the sample photos and clip art are:

Digital Vision Ltd.:

Titles - Contemporary Seniors, Parents and Babies, Contemporary Couples, Children
American Highlights, On the Beach

John Foxx Images:

Titles - People & Lifestyles Vol. 2, Azulejos & Tiles Vol. 15

Freelance Photographers:
Aero Yeh
Deng Ken-hai
Dolby C. S. Tu
Huang Tse Ming
Shy Horng Ming
Shyu Huey Mee
Wang Yao-chin

Chang Huei Fang
Chen Yuen Yi
Chen Chi Siang
Chen Min Ming
Dai Chou Mai
Li Chi Ming
Li Yi Ping
Li Sien Chang
Lin Ruei Chu
Lin Chun Hong
Liu Siao Chen
Mao Li Rong
Ren Chin Yu
Tang Suai Ming
Wang Hung Luen
Wang Siou Wen
Yang Yi Min

Imageline, Inc.:
Color vector clip art images
(c)1996-1998 Imageline, Inc. All rights reserved, worldwide

All the templates are copyrighted by NewSoft Technology Corp.

Software Producer and Distributor:
NewSoft Technology Corp.
Add: Nankang Software Park
3F, No. 19-3, SanChong Rd., NanKang, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-2655-1234
Fax: 886-2-2655-1100
Technical Support Hot Line: 886-2-2655-2266