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Junk Space

Junk Space

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Published by: Sara Oscar on Sep 01, 2012
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Junkspace Author(s): Rem Koolhaas Reviewed work(s): Source: October, Vol. 100, Obsolescence (Spring, 2002), pp.

175-190 Published by: The MIT Press Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/779098 . Accessed: 29/07/2012 04:26
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globalization's fodder for the disenfranchised ..Spring Koolhaas.. If is . air-conditioning. or. but Junkspace the productof an encounterbetweenescalatorand air-conditioning. theirsum spells the end of Enlightenment..we have condemned ourselvesto a lifelongimmersionin the arbitrary.. LAX: welcomingat counter.Junkspace is the sum totalof our current more than did all previousgenerationsput together.. "Identity" the newjunk is possibly flesh-eating-orchids the check-in the is space-junkis the human debris thatlitters universe. polish. sprinkler. extensive perceivelimits.pp. Junk-Space the residue mankind leaves on the planet. have built purgatory .. Junkspace food for the dispossessed.there is alreadymoreJunkspaceunder constructionin the twenty-first than has survived fromthe twentieth It was a mistaketo inventmodern . century architecture the twentieth for Architecture century.. or meltdown.. Althoughits individualpartsare the outcome of brilliantinventions. hot-aircurtain. Because we abhor the utilitarian.boosted by infinite computation. 175-190. ? 2002 Rem . promotes disorientation by any means (mirror. somehowwe do not regbut isteron the same scales. conceivedin an incubatorof Sheetrock(all threemissing fromthe history is books). lucidlyplanned by human intelligence. exploitsanyinvention it thatenables expansion. 2002.. Modernization had a rational program:to share the blessingsof science. Junkspace is what remainsafter modernization run itscourse. its fallout.deploys the infrastructure seamlessness: of fire escalator. has whatcoagulates while modernization is in progress. The built (more about that later) product of modernization is not modern architecture but Junkspace. Continuity the essence ofJunkspace. shutter. Accordingto a new gospel of ugliness.Junkspace REM KOOLHAAS A LoganAirport: World-Class Upgrade theTwenty-first for Century -Late-TwentiethCentury Billboard Rabbit is the new beef...It is always so thatyou rarely it interior..we have been reading a footnoteunder a microscope hoping it would turn into a novel. OCTOBER 100. We do not leave pyramids..the main thing. our concern for the masses has blinded us to People's Architecture..a low-grade its as we achievement. seemsan aberration. . resurrection farce. itis the essence.more precisely. disappeared in the twentieth century....universally. echo) .. Junkspaceis its apotheosis.

theory forthe productionof space is based on an obsessivepreoccupationwithits opposite: substance and objects. followed deliver cyclopic burdens to unsuspecting destinations .conditionedspace inevitably sooner or laterall conditionalspace turnsintoJunkspace.spatially grandiose.air-conditioning mutantregimesof organizationand coexistencethatleave architecture behind. disof renovations.it fuseshigh and low.cemented to form a solid new whole. reduced earnestness.therefore air-conditioning-invisible has launched the endless building. air-conditioning sustainsour cathedrals. and bent. More and more. no longerfree. small. 3 percentArtNouveau. but withhidden receptorsthat will eventually make it cohere.limited expectation. coming populations it is simplyapplied-mostly in stucco-as ornamentalafterthought hurriedly on erected superblocks. shiny.repairsingle shopping like in the Middle Ages. once the . cover casinos. and fixers.. Air-conditioning dictated has separates buildings. vicious parodyof ambitionthatsystematically of building.has become groans invisibly frames support nominal loads.more is hierarchy more. an of Seemingly apotheosis. Junkspace is overripe and undernourishingat the same time.It replaces distinctions.. men.compositionwithaddition. The beauty of airports. money.) Because it costs is becomes conditionalspace.so farseparate. Air-conditioning unites them. spend time in theme parks .e.176 OCTOBER sealed.K. Structure underneathdecoration. When we thinkabout is all space. withaccumulation.. architecture. we have onlylooked at itscontainers. i.Junkspace of security is likebeing condemned to a perpetual withmillionsofyourbestfriends . like a bubble. let's talkabout space then. ter.. Jacuzzi A fuzzy of blur.public and private.resistedby the same arsenal since the beginningof time. space workhorseof structures. A centeris now the workof generationsof space planners.There are no walls.Architects could never explain space. be on (All architects mayunwittingly working the same building." has welan infinity virtual of to nonexistent theres. Gravityhas remained constant. a colossal blanketthatcoversthe earthin a stranglehold seduction.. Junkspace is additive...but unnoticed-has truly revolutionized medium.or worse. or huge beams ornamental. If architecture architecture. 8 percent Bauhaus and 7 percentDisney (neck and neck)..the effect its richnessis a terminal a erodes the credibility hollowness.Where it is absent. Junkspace is the body double of . O.As ifspace itself invisible.quarteredthe waya carcass is tornapart-individual chunksseveredfroma universal condition. The lusterof The subtlety the shoppingcenter..possiblyforever Space was created by pilingmatteron top of mat.confusesintentionwithrealization. a territory impaired vision. held together not by structurebut by skin.Let's explore public space. . empire straight a bloated and starvedto offer seamlesspatchwork the permanently of disjointed. layered. Junkspaceis a Bermuda Triangleof concepts. articulatedin different partsbut subdivided.. membranesfrequently coveredin mirror shimmering or gold. and not lightweight. become the depleted emblem of "community.onlypartitions.. Junkspaceis our punishmentfortheirmystifications.. The arch.Junkspace's iconographyis 13 percent Roman. of space.especiallyaftereach upgrade.an abandoned petri dish: it cancels underminesresolve.

Its geometriesare unimaginable.Modern archiAge tectureremainsessential. or default Christian.a kingdom of morphas ing.. The morewe inhabitthe palatial.Junkspaceis beyond measure. utterly unpredictable. spawningstillbirths everycorner.others in perpetual rhetorical turmoil:the deadest resides next to the most hysterical. fleece.gorgeous. .the more we seem to dress down.Junkspacedoes not pretendto create perfection. As if the People suddenly accessed the private quarters of a dictator.only proliferation. There is no form.Junkspace is best enjoyed in a state of postrevolutionarygawking.jeans. probes thrust into space to deliverlaboriouslywhat is in fact omnipresent. instead of creation. tautlystretched skinsenclose flaccidnonevents. all visible at the same time: a quasi-panoptical universe in which all contents in rearrangethemselves splitseconds around the dizzyeye of the beholder. transplanted emblems of . generate additional heat to raise the temperatureof embrace manipulation . brands husband aura at the mercyof focus groups. The shiniest surfaces in the history of . Neon signifies both the old and the new. walls. acres of glass hang fromspiderycables. Its specific configurationis as fortuitous the geometryof a snowflake.in it to three years it may segue into Nigerian Sixties.. through which meaning disappears . and video describe an of authorlessworldbeyond anyone's claim.free air.. . Polarities have merged-there is nothing left between desolation and frenzy.Junkspace cannot be remembered.like a screen saver.Junkspace'smodules are dimensionedto carrybrands.Murals used to show idols.to the Dome.Junkspace 177 closely by Mayan . LEDs. tends to the vaulted. only interest. design. Some sectionsseem to be devoted to utterinertness. Like a substance that could have condensed in any other form. Junkspaceis a domain of feigned. A stringent dress code-last spasm of etiquette?access to Junkspace: shorts.. fluorescent like meltingstained glass. interiorsreferto the Stone and Space at the same time. sandals. backpack. Patternsimplyrepetitionor ultimately decipherable rules.At the strokeof midnight all mayrevert TaiwaneseGothic. Themes cast a pall of arresteddevelopment in over interiorsas big as the Pantheon.. shell suit.folded intensely Junkspaceis hot (or suddenlyarctic).Junkspace but design dies in Junkspace. myths can be shared. . franchise and sparklinginfrastructures light. and dark.alwaysunique. Brands in the same role as black holes in the universe:theyare essences Junkspaceperform mankindreflect at humanity itsmostcasual.but onlyin its moststerilemanifestation. High Tech (it seemed so dead only a decade ago!).Transparency in onlyrevealseverything whichyou cannot partake. ...its refusalto yet freeze ensures instantamnesia.Earthlings now live in a kindergarten on thrives grotesque. a didactic trapeze. Because it cannot be grasped.sneakers. yet familiar.simulatedorder. governs parka.The aesthetic is Byzantine. Norwegian Chalet.It is flamboyant unmemorable.and Regurgitationis the new creativity. cherish. Although strictly it nonarchitectural. beyond code . Superstrings of graphics.we honor. It exposes what previousgenerationskept under wraps:structures exit stairsdangle in emerge like springsfroma mattress. Like the deactivatedvirusin an inoculation.only makable. splinteredinto thousands of shards.

is reborn everyMonday Junkspacesheds architectures In previousbuilding. culture . has like coating: construction acquired a new softness. an intellectual issue: transitionalmoments are defined by longer brown bands barely maintain the illusion of an stapling and taping. double.In Junkspace. . it alwaysleaks somewherein Junkspace. as materials our culture abandoned repetition building and standardized.Where as detailingonce its the coming together.unitary. Architects and named it Megastructure. like a tape spinningout of stop movingforward.. ever understandJunkspace'shistories..waiting of encounterof difference. Each element performs task in negotiated isolation.in the worstcase. Everywhere inJunkspacethereare seatingarrangements. The joint is no a problem..Instead of trying wrestorderfromchaos.substancenow have become more and more modular. glue. Instead of development.Only the blind. verbs unknown and unthinkable in architecturalhistoryclamp.bending. of it forever. of and relationships. orphaned particlesin search of a framework or pattern.Pretendinghistoriesleft and right. proportion.When did time to spool in everydirection. At the expense of partialdestruction. .argument. the exact momentthat onlybe modifiedat has and regularity repressive..178 OCTOBER Junkspaceto levels at whichyou could cultivateorchids.withoutsuperstructure. disparatematerials. tearing. tailoring. begin control?Since the introduction Real TimeTM? of Change has been divorcedfrom the idea of improvement.no longerthe orchestrated a but the abruptend of a system. All materialization is provisional: cutting. teemingwith impermanentsubsystems mutate over time. fuse-have become indispensable... is now a suggested possibly transient to be undone. singular the liberated from standardized the . huge superstructures that would would last through eternity. As the module becomes smaller and smaller. deformation-irregularityand uniqueness are constructed from to identicalelements. comes predigitized .. high probability separation.the tables are turned:it is subsystem only. negotiation.fold.beyond theircontrol.dump. the programofJunkspaceis escalation. rangesof modularchairs. Because it is endless. stick. lunch box is a microstaggersendlesslysideways The average contemporary cosm ofJunkspace:a fervent semanticsof health-slabs of eggplant.Like multipleBabels..even couches.its contents are dynamicyet stagnant.. stalemate. . While whole will millenniaworkedin favor permanence. wrinkly unbroken surface. recycled or multiplied as in cloning:formssearch forfunctionlike hermitcrabs lookingfora vacant shell .. shoot.as ifthe experience its more exhaustingthan anyprevious Junkspaceoffers consumersis significantly .axialities. offers it entropy. like a crab on LSD. the picturesqueis the nowwrested from homogenized.. temporary a embracewitha coupling.topped by thick layers of goat cheese-canceled by a colossal cookie at the bottom .There is no progress.materiality based on a finalstate that could was morning. monumentalashtrays catch intermittent drops in a graybroth. finalsoluthe thoughtofJunkspacefirst tion to transcendtheirhuge impasse. Junkspaceis drainingand is drained in return.readingits faultlines with their fingertips.With enormous difficulty-budget.. like a reptile sheds skins. .its status become that of a crypto-pixel. unscrewed.

the night shift undoing the damage of the day shiftin an endless Sisyphean replay.workerssink on their knees to repairfaded sections. later. approximative identity. formBut cumulative. yet anotherpopulation. sweeping.It is an acquired culture. envelope shapes Or the vague crotchesof the new generation. extending toward a distant horizon. muffins.Junkspace 179 utilitarian you find buffets: spatial sensation. typologyimplies demarcation... thatof the tentthatassumesdifferent to accommodatevariableinterior volumes.the definitionof a singularmodel that excludes other arrangements. neverbeen invitedto thatkind of event. language of apology is woventhroughits texture canned billboards euphoria. "pardon our appearance" signs or miniatureyellow"sorry" markongoing patches of wetness.the formlessalso a typology. tables draped in white or black sheets.toweling. . Junkspace is a web without a spider.. surfacesare archaeological. Junkspacerecoversfromyou: between 2 and 5 A. . mopping. . . Somewhere.M.each trajectory strictly of is unique.wings announcingas yetunimaginedsurprises-acres of organizationto supportfuture and drunkenness. bodies that cohere.thisone heartlessly is casual and appreciably darker.Dedicated to instantgratification.Or car shows.. Traditionally. can eitherbe absolutely Junkspace chaotic or frighteninglyaseptic-like a best-seller-overdetermined and indeterminate the same time. .not dense ..sooner or plenty. in its most abandoned stretches.Each Junkspaceis connected. resupplying.a dais big enough forthe politburoof a totalitarian state. whole in spite of the randomnessof its contentsand its fundamental or shapelessness. perfunctory assemblies of caffeineand calories-cottage cheese.a container of atoms. superpositionsof different "periods" (what do you call the momenta particular type of wall-to-wallcarpet was current?)-as you note when they're torn ..you have neverseen them in use.There is somethingstrangeabout ballrooms.to bodily functions:wedged between stainless-steelpartitionssit rows of groaningRomans.. where successive trucksdischarge their loads to form a heap. Junkspaceaccommodatesseeds of future a of perfection.It is a space of collision..as ifin a prayer. disarray. in hovering. disorder. There is a special way of moving in Junkspace.As you recoverfrom Junkspace. announce momentary in discomfort returnfor imminentshine. Take the dump.denim togasbunched around theirhuge sneakers. busy.for at instance:huge wastelands for Because you've keptcolumn-free ultimateflexibility.. Its anarchyis one of the last tangiblewaysin whichwe experience freedom.. although it is an architecture the masses.Junkspaceis oftendescribed as a space of flows. ifin confession.at the same time aimless and purposeful. thatis a misnomer. Junkspace is fanaticallymaintained. Junkspace representsa reverse typologyof less about kind than about quantity. you've onlyseen thembeing preparedwithchillingprecision:a relentless grid of circular tables.Junkspacedoes not inspireloyalty its cleaners . but flows depend on disciplinedmovement. . unripe grapes-notional representationsof withouthorn and withoutplenty. half-disappear ceilingvoidsto or in as All negotiateelusivemalfunctions. lessness is still form. their diameters preempting communication. the allure of improvement. Because it is so intenselyconsumed.

dead bodies piling by of doors of a disco-evidence of the awkward fit up in front the locked emergency between the portals ofJunkspaceand the narrowcalibrationsof the old world.Flows in Junkspace lead to disaster: department stores at the beginning of sales. Screens of taped Sheetrock segregate two populations: one wet. Say an airportneeds an more space. Seeing Junkspace in conversionis like inspecting unmade bed.new terminals wereadded. you finally disappeared on vacation.Sometimes. insane .one . potted palms (or verylarge corpses) covered in body bags. passages. cracksappear as iffromotherwiseunregistered earthquakes.180 OCTOBER of Junkspacefeaturesthe tyranny the oblivious: sometimesan entireJunkspace comes unstuckthroughthe nonconformity one of its members.as notice when they've waste.. flourishing deterioration as others are upgraded.alwaysnear dead ends-and assemblies of underdimensionedplastic structures-slides. Judgingthe built presumed a static condition. hold it to a rustic'sransom. sometimes an entireJunkspace-a departmentstore. in Junkspace is nonexistentor cataJunkspace Aging strophic. parking it machines. curdles: on escalators. now each architecture embodies oppositeconditionssimultaneously: and new. each more or less characteristic of its own age. a nightclub. Since passengers have definitively demonstratedtheir infinitemalleability. the last the of humanism . existsmallerplaygrounds. Renovation and restorationwere procedures that took place in your absence.the is hiccup entirehighway is a system Junkspace. seesaws. the lost. it is never closed .a singlecitizen of of an another culture-a refugee. near exits. now you're a witness.fromairspace to the subway. Travelatorsare throwninto reverse. In the past. air-conditioningunits startdripping. ofJunkspace Junkspaceforchildren(usuallyin the least desirable square footage): sections of sudden miniaturization-often underneath staircases.permanent old and tempoand at risk . Where wake. imperceptibly.. someone else's.sections rot.. The younginstinctively avoid the Dante-esque manipulations/containers which to Withinthe meta-playground Junkspacehas condemned theirelders in perpetuity.signs taped. . pushed througha single door or forced to negotiate the gap between two temporary obstacles (an invalid'sbleeping chariotand a Christmas tree): the manifestill will such narrowingprovokes mocks the notion of flows. the idea of rebuildingon the spot has gained currency. evidence of progress. Sections undergo an Alzheimer's-like rary.under duress.a reluctantparticipant. .automated tellers.. Like radioactive has an insidious half-life. vastpotentialutopia clogged by its users.a bachelor pad-turns into a slum overnight withoutwarning:wattagediminishes letters drop out of signs.individualsare channeled in a flow. leaving the old ones as a readable record. the of stampedes triggered warringcompartments soccer fans. one dry.. Because Junkspace is endless... mother-can destabilizean entire a Junkspace. a deregulationeventually movementbecomes synchronized.leaving an invisibleswathof obstructionin his/her communicatedto its furthest extremities. the forgotten. swings-shunned by their intended audience are turnedinto aJunknicheforthe old. Traffic Junkspace.are no but remainjoined to the flesh of the main body via gangrenous longer viable..

string. peristaltic of a crucial to all commercial shrink-wrap exchange. oysters. meekly or of we submit to grotesque journeys past perfume..the mostimplausibleflowers.Gaping joints reveal vast ceiling voids (formercanyonsof asbestos?). Fascism minus dictator.even real campfires. or worse: unthinkable. to be replaced by a dense crustof provisionaloccupation: kiosks. Transparency disappeared.In this war. palms.. offering flows.tangled arrangementssuddenly exposed to daylight.Impure.trolleys Corridorsno longer simplylinkA to B. ifdedicatedto different plastic. smoking. the tongue.Because we never reconstruct question the absurdity these enforced ddrives.beams. heavy. asylum-seekers. people's movementsnow seems laughable. Metal ducts are replaced by breathingtextiles. theykeep saying.Junkspace 181 one cold. Instead of design. stagnantwindows. as in a rainforest disappearing. To accommodate a nether space. There are too manyrawneeds to be realized on onlyone has has plane..cell phone-incredible adventures for the brain. The absolutehorizontal been abandoned.there is calculation:the more erraticthe path. the more affluenthalf consumes old space.). sofas. fountains. cable.. but have become "destinations. The is formerly straight coiled into evermorecomplex configurations.. Who would dare claim responsibility thissequence? The for opportunistic idea that a professiononce dictated. the nose. ducting.fireproofing. gridsof unstable tilesalternatewithmonogrammed sheets of black plastic. suddenlyemerge on a vertiginous warning.The flooris a patchwork: shiny. the eye. The ground is no more..In fact.eccentricthe loops. hidden the blueprint. the concourse suddenly turnsinto Casbah: improvised locker rooms. balconyabove a void. the ascents and descents. the more inevitablethe transaction.turnsyou back when you're lost. plotted.metallic. is (itself perspective gone.strollers. insulation. as muddy-alternaterandomly. it now obfuscates and entangles you in a thicketof cuteness thatforcesyou past unwanteddetours.pornography. one flabby. building site.. tortured.From the sudden dead end where you were large . Postmodernism adds a crumple-zoneof viral pochethat fractures and multiplies the endless frontline display.hairy.the testicles.. the sudden reversals that comprise the typical path from check-in (misleadingname) to the apron of the averagecontemporary airport. . Trajectories are launched as ramp. There was once a line. efficient exposure. turn horizontal without any fold down. now the ninetiethdegree has polemic about the rightangle and the straight become one among many. coffee breaks.. species..graphic the Where once signagepromisedto deliveryou to designersare the greatturncoats: where you wanted to be.intersect."Their tenant life tends to be short: the most the mostperfunctory All dresses.the womb. underwear. bars.rope.improbably puncturedby grids of crystalchandeliers. Onlya perverse modernist choreography can explain the twistsand turns.. world of manual labor.. one overheated. .remnants former of geometriescreateevernew forlornnodes of resistancethat create unstable eddies in newly havoc.carts.and complex.Half the population produces new hard. The ceiling is a crumpledplate like the Alps. they exist only because they were never consciously different textures-concrete. or at least presumed to predict.

word "plan. a first As thesubstance step. sequence to reveala "permanent is conversion-continuous-followed.) . "filigree"-emphatically uncompetitive-so thatcontinuity maybe establishedwiththe "rest" ofJunkspace (abandoned galleries. it Junkspaceis postexistential. Toilet groups mutate into Disney Stores then morph to become meditation centers: Successive transformations mock the. surreptitiously.Only the diagramgivesa bearable version.authenticor not....warped. Can the bland be amplified? The featureless exaggerated? be Through Variation?Repetition?Sometimes not overload but its height?Depth? Length? opposite.. "Space" is a as too scooped out ofJunkspace from soggyblockof ice creamthathas languished whatever.. generates Junkspace. the formerly residual is declaredthe newessence." process the thatclaimsevernewsectionsofhistory extensions as ofJunkspace. showrespect. . by "restoration.granitestaircase. The curse of public space: latent fascismsafelysmothered in signage.architecture turned has intoa time-lapse evolution.182 OCTOBER dropped bya monumental.visitit treatit with condescending contemptor enjoy it vicariously. sympathy...would driveyou to instant despair.a plan would actuallymake matters worse.. "original"condition. has become equally smooth.. cone-shaped. bloodless grafts: the bland has become the onlymeetingground forthe old and the new.thefocusof theintervention.shockingproof little. vibrantas a computer rendering.Jurassic concepts. ancient building techniques are resurrectedand honed to irrelevantshine. be? (Note to architects:You thought that you could ignore Junkspace... facing a provisional vista made of plaster.an escalatortakesyou to an invisible destination. History corrupts. Who do you thinkyou are? Who do you want to you go. pusheddownhill responsible by symmetries are maintained and helplessly exaggerated. But now your own architecture is infected...There is zero loyalty-and zero no tolerance-toward configuration.busy. structural typefaces." The onlycertainty . display slums. absolute history Color and matterare eliminatedfromthese corruptsabsolutely. Conditioning is revealsvast. Invariably... you've thrownaway the keys. to be preserved is wrapped in a thick pack of commerce and catering-like a reluctant skier To minders. in rare cases. ) long in the freezer:cylindrical. filtered daylight expansesof monumentalreticence and makes them come alive. ). all-inclusive.A voided condition of frightening that so much can be organized by so sparseness.more or less spherical. Laughable emptinessinfusesthe respectful distance or tentativeembrace thatstarchitects maintainin the presence of the past. stools. indiscreetdonor names chiseled prominently the meekest of the courtyard coveredby a masterful. because you could not understand it. an absolute absence of detail. quarries reopened to excavate the in "same" stone. obscureswhere undoes whereyou were." The plan is a radar screen where individual pulses survivefor unpredictable periods of time in a Bacchanalian free-for-all In this standoffbetween the redundant and the .... you always inhabit a sandwich.. (There is no datum level. makesyou uncertainwhereyou are. inevitable. the primordial decision is to leave the original intact.. atrium-ridden JunkSignatureTMthe new architecis continuous.inspired by forgettable sources.antiseptic applied.

arbitratedby opaque NGOs. and history.It is the interior Big Brother'sbelly.It of sensations..world/music. but it actuallysplinters. blatantlyproclaimshow it wants to be read: rich. seats. huge. Junkspace knowsall youremotions. opportunistic an weave of vestedinterests.recover. It sponsors a collective of brooding consumers in surly anticipation of their next spend. rent: verbs that start with re-produce Junkspace . health/care.motorbikes.stunning..sweatshops pales into insignificance compared to the heat generated is political: It depends on the centralremovalof the critJunkspace byJunkspace. unusual importation. food/court. planes-turns into Junkspace. stretched-limousines.smell. it preempts people's cool. Half of mankind pollutes to produce. split offfrom the rest. "minimal. where a grid of video screens reassemblesindividualframesinto a banalized.revise. theyaim to shed meaning in returnfor a spacious new roominess. privatefax machines. buses.redesign. the other pollutes to consume. and child is individuallytargeted. in ical faculty the name of comfort and pleasure. except who you are. Politicshas become manifesto by Photoshop.regulations.all yourdesires.has Mankind. is Entireminiature statesnow adoptJunkspaceas political program. Restore. establish regimes of engineered disorientation.revamp. abstract.the secret of and repressive: the formless as Junkspaceis thatit is both promiscuous proliferates. seamless blueprintsof the mutuallyexclusive.. condoms:miniature centerscoexistwithyourbedside bible . reassemble."historical. It comes with a sound track.renovate. tracked. waiting/lounge. woman. utilitarian cubism disappointingly . but out of identical statistics and unavoidable demographics.courtesy profit to unite. instigate a Not exactly"anything politics of systematic disarray.Naming has replaced class struggle. Each man. recourse .return-the Parthenon marbles-redo. the formalwithers.or fabricationof nonexistentplurals. respect.tornbyeternaldilemmas..its original concept abused. freshplastic veils wrapping toilets pay-TVoffering compromised pornography. a mass of refractoryperiods caught in a Thousand Year Reign of Razzmatazz. trucks. and withit all rules.Junkspace 183 ture: the formermegalomania of a professioncontracted to manageable size.high-concept..the impasseof seemingly launched a new language that straddles unbridgeable divides like a fragile designer'sfootbridge..The combined pollutionof all ThirdWorldcars.. coined a proactivewave of new oxymoronsto suspend former incompatibility: life/style. theyknoweveryabout you. a paroxysmof prosperity..You are complicitin stripped the tracingof the fingerprints each of your transactions leaves. Babel has been misunderstood. EmissariesofJunkspacepursue you in the thing formerly imperviousprivacyof the bedroom: the minibar. The subject is of privacyin returnfor access to a creditnirvana. in fact.. rearrange.. Through acronym. Language is not the problem. museum/store. Anything Junkspaceminus its savingvulgarity. captions. goes". Comfort the newJustice.. endless debates.It createscommunitiesnot Junkspacepretends out of shared interest or free association.body parts.reality/TV. of just the new frontier Junkspace.. Junkspace will be our tomb. sonorous amalgamationsof status. Fragments come together at "security" only.suppressingletters.

soon. exemptions. Junkspace has to swallowmore and more programto survive. At the end ofJunkspace.unusual incentives. A shortage of mastershas not stopped a proliferation masterpieces. roll of the a dice. .Forty-second historyis dead.. reduceswhatis urban to urbanity. it thins.. Euros. only the architectis leftstanding. Forum.its object fromcriticism.As its scale mushroomsrivals and even exceeds that of the Public-its economy becomes more is inscrutable.. but a consistent typology:its mission to intimidate. . lottery.the underpinning of brands. the author is dead. Space for "honoring." "caring.. . Universal? old aura is transfusedwith new luster to spawn sudden Through Junkspace.God is dead.it is onlytheirreversesynergy swollenand shrunk. Guggenheim. clouding opaque deals."engraveddonor bricks".military moguls who can accommodate any deficit in futuristicbalances.for else: cash.Its financing a deliberatehaze. and dollars subsidy.most of its exterior surfacesbent.Public SpaceTM:what remainsof the cityonce the unpredictable and "grieving. Masterpieceis no longeran inexplicablefluke. compensationand fund-raising.. a each square inch becomes a grasping. willhave conquered place. rentals. franchises. In the third has been removed . Bilbao withthe Streetwith Disney. centrifugal its held together by the pull of the atrium. leases. grant:An erraticflowof yen.the Metropolis. we willbe able to do anything We the anywhere.. everything cannot contract-when it is Junkspaceexpands withthe economybut itsfootprint no longer needed.huge percentagesof itssquare footagedysfunctional..184 OCTOBER that revealsJunkspace's overall coherence to the dispassionate glare of barely in trainedguards:video-ethnography its bruteform. Funded by joined properties. createsfinancialenvelopes thatare as fragileas theircontents.transferred rights.a semantic space that saves the "Masterpiece" leaves its qualities unproven. simultaneously Junkspace Instead of public life. Junkspace happens spontaneouslythroughnatural corporate exuberance-the unfettered play of the market-or is generatedthroughthe combined actions of temporary bureaucrats (often "czars" with long records of three-dimensional philanthropy. its actual ownershipis foreverbeing passed on in parallel disloyalty.needy surface dependent on covert or overt support.Because of a struca tural shortfall. commercialviability: Barcelona amalgamatedwiththe Olympics. special zoning districts. civility imposed byan overdoseof serif." "healing". or through Default PreservationTM (the maintenance of historical complexes that nobody wants but that the Zeitgeisthas declared sacrosanct). bonds. Because of its tenuous viability. fundamentaldeficit. has become a definitive sanction. culture..all ofJunkspace'sprototypes urban-the Roman are thatmakes themsuburban. The more indeterminate city. the the more specificitsJunkspace." "sharing.tenuous legalities.. dubious tax air breaks..its performanceuntested. that optimisticallysell offvast tracts of waterfront. contingentbankruptcy. disFor count..an insultingevolutionary of joke . Justas Junkspaceis unstable.former former leftists) bases and abandoned airfields developersor real-estate to hippodromes." .. motivesunquestioned. charity. dreading the components barely imminentarrivalof forensicaccounting. public-private complicities.

but entertainment.humankindis subjected to the most dictatorialscripts:fromthe pushyoration of the waiterto the instructions the on gulags on the otherend of the telephone.. A bold datum line is establishedon everyverticalsurface.and is used only as Genius? Anarchy? Junkspace .Not canned laughter." loved ones.concentrationmovie. The office the nextfrontier is Since you can workat ofJunkspace. throughverysmall holes. concentration convention.below a utilitarianzone for defacementand disinfectant.. organized beauty has become warm. dinosaurs.a biblical dictate that divided our weeks. children'ssunsets. enjoy.concentrationholiday. now your nearest are huddled together in atriums. and art. in contraction. Why can't we tolerate .. Except for celebrities-of which there is a dramatic just reconfigured. organizes hermeticregimesof ultimateexclusion and Junkspace. organized public life.. life or death we decisions are taken in spaces that are relentlessly litteredwith fading friendly. eradicationof excess: abstraction camouflage. scratch. news. straight palmsare bent into grotesque poses.. . Junkspace will assume responsibilityfor pleasure and religion. we're united in sedation .. planned with the last adrenaline of modernism'sgrand inspiration. be well. concentrationculture.inclusivist. celebrationof the as the efficient.the safety answering mankindis browbeateninto submitmore and more insistent perfumes.forced to go throughthe motions by ruthlessCopernican laws. the The secretof corporateaestheticswas the powerof elimination.dividingthe infirmary two: in above an endless humanist scrollof "color. water is pressurized humanist. airplane. At the momentof its greatestemancipation. cartoons. . spill. Now we workharder..We thoughtthe hospital was unique-a universethatidentifiedby its smell-but now thatwe are used to universal conditioningwe recognize it was merelya prototype. public lifeand privacy. concentration golf. Corpotainmentis a galaxy shortage-we have added nothing.clowns.the searchfora Corporate Sublime.marooned in a never-ending casual Friday. are is a Entertainment likewatching once-hotplanet cool off.Junkspace is space as vacation. the rollercoaster. empty papers. collision. there once cue: relax..Junkspace 185 Millennium.entertainment concentration: concentration gambling. Color has disappeared to dampen the resultingcacophony.. signage... Junkspaceis authorless. . strongersensations?Dissonance? Awkwardness? heals. appropriate cells.but canned euphoria. air is burdened with added oxygen-as if only forcing malleable substancesinto the mostdrasticcontortions maintainscontrol..all Junkspaceis defined by its smell. anticipated was a relationshipbetween leisure and work. poetic. and yesterday's You used to face death in bouquets.recorded sound. On popular demand. and smudge . surprisingly yet authoritarian. the Inevitably. The chosen theater of Through megalomania-the dictatorial-is no longerpolitics. have made them (too) human.satisfies the drive to get rid of surprise. or at least thatis the assumptionof manyhospitals. the author) has spawnedorphaned space. thenforcedinto rigoroushoops. war. and unthreatening: arbitrary. coffeecups. death of God (and exposure and intimacy. ing to the most harshly engineered plotline ...itsmajor inventions ancient: the movingimage. Often heroic in size.

blur. Outside. Junkspace can a whole city. All of the resurrected emblems and recycledambers of the formerly public need new The outing of pastures. a Satanic ever-descendingspirals orchestrationof the meaningless. traffic calmed.we have broken its back with ignorance.admitsguilt. the office aspiresto the domestic.our most creativehypotheseswill never be formulated. philosophies muffled. consenpreemptsdebate.. impressive and multitasking we can make it sayanything . Through the retrofitting language. of want.. centurywill bring "intelligent" CNNNYSENASDAQC-SPAN.. Entire organizationsand/or professions a descent into the linguistic impose inmates wrestlewith words in equivalent of hell: condemned to a word-limbo. legitimacy.. speech-doldrums." persistence". Air.it simulates the city. accent. the is Monumental on partitions.like a speech dummy. concepts unlaunched.. near Armani. is carryingincreasingly . a meeting-boudoir: desksbecome sculptures. and comfort... ejaculated in a split second.A. Globalizationturnslanguage intoJunkspace.parallel Walden.. Intended for the interior. Junkspace has triggered the professionalizationof denaturing. . . as Witnesscorporateagitprop: the CEO's suite becomes "leadership collective. . a a water.obfuscate. discoveries will remain unmade.. . crime eliminated. of the unmemorable.amid a twisted arboreal Baroque ..the oxymoron missionstatement.. thereare too fewplausible words left.. lying.The ubiquity of English is Pyrrhic: nobody remembersits use.. nuances miscarried. new rainforest. fromgood to bad. are stuckin a now that we all speak it.mini-Starbucks interior plazas: a Post-ituniverse: "team "information futilehedges againstthe universalforgetting memory. it stakesclaims.. Landscape has become Junkspace. wood: All are enhanced to produce HyperecologyTM..because you stillneed a life. a benign ecofascismthatpositionsa rare surviving Siberian tigerin a forestof slot machines.it escapes fromits containers-semantic orchids easilyengulf that needed hothouse protectionemergingwithsurprising robustness-then the outdoorsitself converted: street paved more luxuriously. of pleading. jargon. outsourcing. Espace becomes E-space.186 OCTOBER home. Language is no longer used to explore. A new vegetal is corralled for its thematic efficiency.flattening. work-floor litbyintimatedownlights.fosters sus.apologize. help them survive . Aberrantlinguisticecologies sustain virtualsubjects in their claim to express.. The global progress of .anythingthat goes up or down. define. a Junkspacerepresents finalManifest Destiny:the Worldas public space . is the is shelters proliferate dictatorial messages. slang.or to confrontbut to fudge.assignsvictimhood.kiosks. course that complements presented in real time like the automotive-theory We drivinglessons .foliage as spoilage: Trees are Then Junkspace spreads like a forest fire in L..First. We inhabitsumptuousPotemkinsuburbsof weasel terminologies.bargaining."wired to all the world's other Junkspace. The twenty-first Junkspace: on a big digital "dashboard": sales. fountainsproject entireStalinistbuildingsof liquid. hovering momentarily. Junkspace featuresthe officeas the urban home. we tourism. between the casinos. then withdrawing withan amnesiac competency.. real or imagined. The collectivebastardizationof English is our most achievement. ..

nothing else: one kind of beam. routinely displaying Now.. distributioncenters a monumentalpurity thatwas the originalaim of modernism. DFW is composed of three elements only. bring maybe malaria to Sussex. Railwaystations unfold like iron butterflies.this new generationof instruments a God. distributed across the globe to give everycitizenan equal chance democratically of admission. The relativeevacuation of the golf course is achieved by the further chargingofJunkspace. trading the right to despoil for the in obligation to create steroidrainforests Costa Rica. pollution.or the marketplace-to join the world of Junkspace.the golf course is..Junkspaceis the apocalypse.a theoretically. The economy has become Faustian.in a misplaced gasp of to once he or she has buckled up for the return quasi-autonomy. bridges span enlarged versionsof the harp. one kind of brick.. wateraccording to mathematicaltimetables. hyperdevelopment depends on artificialunderdevelopment. In the past. balance betweenJunkspaceand golf. Seemingly the oppoat sprinklers site end ofJunkspace. MXP looks as ifall of the leftovers East Germany's of reconstruction-whatever was needed to undo the deprivations Communism-have been of bulldozed together to hurriedly accordingto a vaguelyrectangular blueprint form a botched sequence of deformed. infecteight to twenty hazard exacerbatedby the average passenger'sreluctance.its conceptual double: empty.taste. airports glisten like cyclopic dewoftennegligiblebanks like grotesquely drops.or wind. fillingstations..lawns cover human manipulations like thick pelts.. provisional journey accommodationforthose going elsewhere. Ecology and economy have bonded in Junkspace as ecolomy. reconfiguration. free of commercialdebris. to locals in a three-mile radius.in a colossal yin/yang.repeated ad infinitum. in fact. one kind of tile. . Airports. Junkspaceturnsinto biojunk. inhabitedbyassembliesunitedonlyby the imminence of their dissolution. between the scraped and the 'scaped. who extortlimitless regional funds.FortKnoxes eco-reserves a blank check for further as of chlorophyll.. the rewriting complexities of Junkspace were compensated for by the stark rawness of its adjunct infrastructures: parking garages. willedinto being inadequate spaces (apparently Euros fromthe community's bythe currentrulersof Europe. be disinfected from the dead end of the tourist destination. Oxygenbanks.. we may die of oxygen poisoning. ecology turns into ecospace..causing endless delays for its duped taxpayerstoo busy on cell phones to notice). ) Junkspace can be airborne. massive injections of lyricismhave enabled an infrastructure-the one domain previously immuneto design.The methods of theirdesign and realizationare similar:erasure.tabula rasa. 300 anopheline mosquitoesarriveeach day at GDG and GTW withability.Junkspace 187 tortured. have turned into consumption gulags. and mankind shudders . or even toupees. (Sometimes when there is a strong shakes as if being played by a giant. and forJunkspace to extend its manifestationsunder the sky. serene. To each rivuletits own Calatrava. a huge global bureaucracy is in the the makingto settle. all coated in the same color-is it teal? Rust? Tobacco? With symmetries scaled of the endless curve of its terminals forcesits beyond any possibility recognition.

Memory.. poised moments before its waterfalls an as but at ZHR huge "timepieces" hoverin front interior of implosion. order. neatness.Duty-free Junkspace.our irrepressible attention span. Its dropoffis the seemharmlessbeginning of a journey to the heart of unmitigatednothingness. meaningless..."All paintingsbased on black grids are herded togetherin a singlewhiteroom. is is duty-free Where Junkspace space. the largerthe profit center. the but to minimizethe shame of consumption. squeeze sensemeaning. Society. no cemetery corpses as casuallyin the name of currentexpediency.trivial. It does not signify Its demonstrative earnestnessdriveswhole civilizations into the welcomingarms of camp and kitsch. Memoryitself may have turned intoJunkspace.. coordination.both conditionshappen in Junkspace (often at the same time). Museums are sanctimonious there is no sturdier aura gle signifier Junkspace. the more untreatedthe oak. ingly were beyondthe animationprovidedbyPizza Hut. Narrativereflexesthat have enabled us fromthe beginningof time to connect dots. Large spidersin the humongousconversionofferdelirium for the masses . Deprivation can be caused by overdose or shortage..To accommodatethe converts have attracted default. Through our ancient evolutionary equipment.drain embarrassment.a selfbeauty. hierarchy. onlywhatis dead can be resurrected. Body. dilute or die..Public Artdistributed across LAX: the fishthathave disappeared fromour riversreturn as public artin the concourse. On its triumphalmarch as contentprovider.finally collapsed in a sin. lowerwhat to is higher. Its role is not to approximatethe sublime. DairyQueen . Action.only those murderedwill be remembered. Outside. essay will it be the first run out? Is emptinesslocal? Do wide to culturewas thinnest. Dedicated to mostly expansion would dare to reshuffle respectingthe dead. Minimumis the ultimateornament.are now turnedagainstus: we cannotstop noticing-no sequence is too absurd.. a stealthlaundering of luxury:the stricter the lines.napkins-like frogsflattened car tires. wallpaper.Monasteriesinflatedto the scale of department stores: is the Third Millennium'sentropy. provide insight.The minimumnow existsin a state of parasitic codependency withthe overdose: to have and not to have.. in the real world.musethey by ums massively turn "bad" space into "good" space..Ostensibly relieffromconstantsensorial onslaught.. extends far beyond the art museum's ever-increasing boundaries.but guilt.. righteouscrime. open spaces demand wide open Junkspace? Sunbelt: huge populations where there was nothing.dead Indian outlines on by everysurface-carpet. PHX: warpainton everyterminal.the "art planner" spreads Junkspace's fundamental incoherence by assigning defunct . in Regionaljunk.minia mum is maximumin drag.we cannot stop makingsense out of the utterly less."cosmetics"History. insulting. than holiness. read intention. the more irresistible seductions. cravingand owning..the contemporary Baroque. fillin blanks. Valleycultures to to be the most resistant Junkspace:at GVZ you can stillsee a universe thought of rules. we helplessly register.curatorsplot hangingsand unexpected encounters in a donor-platelabyrinth withthe finesseof the retailer:lingerie becomes "Nude.188 OCTOBER users to enact relativity theoryin theirquest forthe gate.

while cyberspace has become the great outdoors the anal region. Outside.flesh. Conceptually. the designer's initial audacity now awaits the engineer's application of dampers. daylight. crucial feedbackloop .a violent beige.. used We loss. surfeit reality-TV made of has us into amateur guards monitoring Junkuniverse From the livelybreastsof a . routineaddictionsof the stars. trees. the classicalviolinist the designerstubbleof the Big Brotheroutcast.. the architect's is footbridge rocked to the breakingpoint bya stampede of enthusiastic pedestrians.Stone onlycomes in instantly light yellow..the conto textualpedophilia of the former the revolutionary. ... the runnymakeup of the evangelist. Entire mountains are dismembered to provide ever-greater quantities of authenticity. just an optical stomach-swallowsimages and confessions like in indiscriminately.the futileexplanationsof the politician: the swooping movementof the TV camera suspended fromits boom-an eagle withoutbeak or claws.Junkspace 189 Junkspace go back to the kindergarten .. Because we spend our lifeindoors-like animalsin a zoowe are obsessed withthe weather:40 percent of all TV consistsof presentersof lesser attractiveness gesturing helplessly in front of windswept formations. to propel themas cyber-vomit space.vinyl cheapens. each TV screen is a substitute a window.Artgalleriesmove en masse to "edgy"locadiscourseis tions. . invade the body?Through the vibes of the cell phone? Has it already? Junkspace Through Botox injections? Collagen? Silicone implants? Liposuction? Penis enlargements?Does gene therapyannounce a total reengineeringaccording to life is inside. Color in virtualspace is luminous. Junkspace to renewwhatwas depleted.plastic.drained.. his emptiness. The constant in threatof virtuality Junkspace is no longer exorcized by petrochemicalprodor rubber. starry space. a soaplike green.. people-into the unreal.real for . suspended on precariousbrackets. a trashbag. now we tryto resurrect whatis gone . The onlylegitimate art replenishes in directproportionto its own morbidity. Forestsare felled. TV-studiosets-garishly monumental-are both the culminationand the end of perspectival space as we've knownit: angulargeometricremnants invading real space edited forsmoothtransmission virtual in infinities. Junkspace is a look-no-handsworld . or her touchseals thefateofwhatwasreal..therefore A irresistible...Junkspacehas to exaggerate its claimsto the authentic.Scouting in taps it forincorporation Junkspace..Junkspaceis like a womb thatorganizes the transition of endless quantitiesof the Real-stone. the colors of Communist plasticsin the 1950s. the vastnessofJunkspaceextended to the hinge in an infernal edges of the Big Bang.) Color in the real worldlooks increasingly unreal.the synthetic ucts.goods. sometimes.theirwood all pale: maybethe originsof Will Whatifspace startedlookingat mankind? always going on about architecture.then convertrawspace into whitecubes .the robotic body language of the conductor. through which you recognize.your own destination/current position.the dubious benefitsof the fund-raising marathon. Mankind is . ("Origins" is a mint shampoo that stings to worksin leftover mythologies residualsurfacesand plottingthree-dimensional forauthenticity. polished to a blindingstate of flashthatrendersthe intended earnestness elusive. each monitor.

190 OCTOBER site? Junkspace?Is each of us a mini-construction Is mankindthe sum of threeto fivebillionindividualupgrades?Is it a repertoire reconfiguration facilitates of that the intromission a new species into its self-made of The cosmeticis Junksphere? the new cosmic .. ..

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