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Leadership Qualities of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel



Vallabh bhai patel was born on 31st October 1875 at Nadiad in Gujarat, popularly known as a “IRONMAN”of India. He was one of the most influential freedom fighter and socialleader of India during Indian freedom movement. He is always appreciated foraccomplishing the integration of princely states of India. In India and acrossthe world, he is known as Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, where Sardarstands for Chief in many languages of India.

and helping lead Indians into the ‘Quit IndiaMovement’. and reorganizedthe states to help transform India into a modern federal republic. He rose to the national leadership of the Indian National Congress andat the forefront of rebellions and political events — organizing the party forelections in 1934 and 1937. He was . when he was inspired by the work and philosophy of MahatmaGandhi." and he enjoyed considerable support and respect in theCongress for his decisive and straightforward leadership. and leading efforts to restorepeace and security.Patel took charge of the task to forge a united Indiafrom a plethora of semiindependent princely states.Patel's initiatives spread democracy extensively across India.becoming the one of the most influential leader inGujarat. Patel organized relief and rehabilitationefforts in the riot-struck Punjab and Delhi. fundamentalrights and provincial constitutions. He worked closely with Muslim leaders toend separate electorates and the more potent demand for reservation of seatsfor minorities. His leadership obtained the peacefuland swift integration of all 565 princely states into the Republic of India. forceful and successfulGujarati lawyer. Patel employed an iron fist in a velvet glove diplomacymdash. INTEGATION OF INDIA BY SARDAR PATEL Becoming the first Home Minister andDeputy Prime Minister of India. Vallabhbhai Patel was a self-educated. frank political negotiations backed with the option (and the use) ofmilitary action to weld a nation that could emancipate its people without theprospect of divisions or civil conflict.Born and raised in the countryside ofGujarat. tribal and excluded areas. Patel was known amongst nationalists as "Gandhi'slieutenant. His admirerscall him the Iron Man of India. colonial provinces andpossessions. Patel was the chairman of thecommittees responsible for minorities. Patel organized the peasants of Kheda and Bardoli in Gujarat innon-violent mass civil disobedience against the oppressive tax policiesimposed by the British Raj .

he waited till Kashmir'smonarch had acceded to India. and guided them to create the Kaira DistrictCo-operative Milk Producers' Union Limited. which preceded the Amul milkproducts brand. the Baramulla Pass and the forces retrieved a lot of territoryfrom the invaders. But agreeing with Nehru and Mountbatten. Patel. Patel exhorted them to organise the processing andsale of milk by themselves. When a delegation of Gujarati farmers cameto him citing their inability to send their milk production to the markets withoutbeing fleeced by middlemen.Patelstrongly advised Nehru against going for arbitration to the United Nations. arrangingfor troops from different parts of India to be rushed to Kashmir and for amajor military road connecting Srinagar to Pathankot be built in 6 months. . Patel then oversaw India's military operations tosecure Srinagar. Patel immediately wanted to send troops intoKashmir.also instrumental in the founding the IndianAdministrative Service and the Indian Police Service. he is known as the "patronsaint" of India's services. along with Defence Minister Baldev Singh administered the entire military effort. WARNED NEHRU BEFORE HE MADE BIG MISTAKE When the Pakistani invasion ofKashmir began in September 1947. and for his defence ofIndian civil servants from political attack.insisting that Pakistan had been wrong to support the invasion and theaccession to India was valid.

For eg.  Influence & team building :-one of the most important characteristic of any leader is hisinfluencing ability.was deeply hurt at the rejection of his counsel and a Cabinet decision. Patel opposed the release of Rs. went on afast-unto-death to obtain the release. when whole world was thinking that Indiawould be divided in thousands of parts.Before freedom or afterfreedom Sardar Patel was always know for his decision making.After getting freedom.  Ability of strong and fast decision making skill :. 55 crores to the Governmentof Pakistan. though not estranged from Gandhi. Organizedfarmers of Kheda and Bardoli of Gujarat to hold massnonviolent civildisobedience first time in India. His tenacity was indeed incomparable. convinced that the money would go to finance the war against Indiain Kashmir. Sardar Patel was the person who provedthem wrong and integrate India. The Cabinet had approved his point but it was reversed when Gandhi. Patel. I Have been always influenced by following leadership skillof SARDAR VALLABHBHAI PATEL  Tenacity :-one the most inspiring strong point of Sardar Patel was hisfirmness to the goal decided to achieve.He did not want foreign interference in abilateral affair. Sardar Patel was full of this skill. At that point farmers were .  Invincibility :.who feared an intensifying rivalry and further communal violence.

Sardar Patel’s most inspiring characteristic was adaptability withany kind of situation. which reallymotivated me.  Conflict resolution :. life of Sardar Patel is continuous flow of inspirations.  Flexibility according to situation :. I was motivated by his never ending spirit. loyalty to country. always adapting with group andmaintaining balance in group (specially in context of Jawaharlal Nehru). I used to peep into the book of‘Sardar Patel. his tolerance power etc. he faced many hurdles. Conclusion Thus.A dedicated life’ when I feel myself caught up in any verydifficult problem and I am always able to find the solution out of it. He has nurtured many skills in his self by hisown.not united and wasdetermined to do violent movement against Britishers. It won’tbe exaggeration to say that after Mahatma . written by Rajmohan Gandhi.Sardar Patel was also having great conflict resolution skill. The above-mentioned qualities about him are most desired in a manager alsobecause problems never come after informing us.thereare somany incidents during his childhood about how he used to go school. he went to jail many times  Never ending Winning Spirit :. When he was moving from one village to another to unitethe India.There are so many example in his life for it but the way he consolidated IndianPrincely States that is really incomparable. Thisgreat leader was self-educated.I have read a book about Sardar Patel’slife.dedication to work.

Sardar Patel is the most saluted leader in India. .Gandhi.I salute this great Leader.