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TITLE AbAcus-A JournAl of Accounting finAnce And business studies AcAdemiA-revistA lAtinoAmericAnA de AdministrAcion AcAdemic PsYcHiAtrY AcAdemY of mAnAgement JournAl AcAdemY of mAnAgement leArning & educAtion AcAdemY of mAnAgement PersPectives AcAdemY of mAnAgement revieW Accident AnAlYsis And Prevention Accounting And business reseArcH Accounting And finAnce Accounting Horizons Accounting orgAnizAtions And societY Accounting revieW Across lAnguAges And cultures ActA bioetHicA ActA HistriAe ActA linguisticA HungAricA ActA oeconomicA ActA PAulistA de enfermAgem ActA PoliticA ActA PsYcHiAtricA scAndinAvicA ActA PsYcHologicA ActA sociologicA Actes de lA recHercHe en sciences sociAles Action reseArcH ActuAl Problems of economics AdAPtive beHAvior Addiction Addiction reseArcH & tHeorY Addictive beHAviors Adicciones AdministrAtion & societY AdministrAtion And PolicY in mentAl HeAltH And mentAl HeAltH services reseArcH AdministrAtion in sociAl WorK AdministrAtive lAW revieW AdministrAtive science QuArterlY Adolescence Adolescent PsYcHiAtrY Adult educAtion QuArterlY AdvAnces in cHild develoPment And beHAvior AdvAnces in eXPerimentAl sociAl PsYcHologY AdvAnces in HeAltH sciences educAtion AdvAnces in nursing science

ISSN 0001-3072 1012-8255 1042-9670 0001-4273 1537-260X 1558-9080 0363-7425 0001-4575 0001-4788 0810-5391 0888-7993 0361-3682 0001-4826 1585-1923 0717-5906 1318-0185 1216-8076 0001-6373 0103-2100 0001-6810 0001-690X 0001-6918 0001-6993 0335-5322 1476-7503 1993-6788 1059-7123 0965-2140 1606-6359 0306-4603 0214-4840 0095-3997 0894-587X 0364-3107 0001-8368 0001-8392 0001-8449 0065-2008 0741-7136 0065-2407 0065-2601 1382-4996 0161-9268


TITLE AdvAnces in services mArKeting And mAnAgement AdvAnces in strAtegic mAnAgement -A reseArcH AnnuAl AffiliA-JournAl of Women And sociAl WorK AfricA AfricAn AffAirs AfricAn And AsiAn studies AfricAn develoPment revieW-revue AfricAine de develoPPement AfricAn JournAl of business mAnAgement AfricAn JournAl of librArY ArcHives And informAtion science AfricAn JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY AfricAn studies AfricAn studies revieW AfricAnA linguisticA AfriKA sPectrum Ageing & societY Aggression And violent beHAvior Aggressive beHAvior Aging & mentAl HeAltH Aging neuroPsYcHologY And cognition AgriculturAl economics AgriculturAl economics-zemedelsKA eKonomiKA AgriculturAl HistorY Agriculture And HumAn vAlues Aibr-revistA de AntroPologiA iberoAmericAnA Aids And beHAvior Aids cAre-PsYcHologicAl And socio-medicAl AsPects of Aids/Hiv Aids educAtion And Prevention Aids PAtient cAre And stds AJAr-AfricAn JournAl of Aids reseArcH AJidd-AmericAn JournAl on intellectuAl And develoPmentAl disAbilities AlcoHol reseArcH & HeAltH AlternAtives AmericAn AnnAls of tHe deAf AmericAn AntHroPologist AmericAn AntiQuitY AmericAn bAnKruPtcY lAW JournAl AmericAn beHAviorAl scientist AmericAn business lAW JournAl AmericAn criminAl lAW revieW AmericAn economic revieW AmericAn educAtionAl reseArcH JournAl

ISSN 1067-5671 0742-3322 0886-1099 0001-9720 0001-9909 1569-2094 1017-6772 1993-8233 0795-4778 1994-8220 0002-0184 0002-0206 0065-4124 0002-0397 0144-686X 1359-1789 0096-140X 1360-7863 1382-5585 0169-5150 0139-570X 0002-1482 0889-048X 1695-9752 1090-7165 0954-0121 0899-9546 1087-2914 1608-5906 1944-7515 1535-7414 0304-3754 0002-726X 0002-7294 0002-7316 0027-9048 0002-7642 0002-7766 0164-0364 0002-8282 0002-8312

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE AmericAn etHnologist AmericAn HistoricAl revieW AmericAn indiAn And AlAsKA nAtive mentAl HeAltH reseArcH AmericAn JournAl of AgriculturAl economics AmericAn JournAl of bioetHics AmericAn JournAl of clinicAl HYPnosis AmericAn JournAl of communitY PsYcHologY AmericAn JournAl of comPArAtive lAW AmericAn JournAl of drug And AlcoHol Abuse AmericAn JournAl of economics And sociologY AmericAn JournAl of educAtion AmericAn JournAl of evAluAtion AmericAn JournAl of fAmilY tHerAPY AmericAn JournAl of geriAtric PsYcHiAtrY AmericAn JournAl of HeAltH beHAvior AmericAn JournAl of HeAltH Promotion AmericAn JournAl of HumAn biologY AmericAn JournAl of internAtionAl lAW AmericAn JournAl of lAW & medicine AmericAn JournAl of mAnAged cAre AmericAn JournAl of mens HeAltH AmericAn JournAl of nursing AmericAn JournAl of occuPAtionAl tHerAPY AmericAn JournAl of ortHoPsYcHiAtrY AmericAn JournAl of PHYsicAl AntHroPologY AmericAn JournAl of PoliticAl science AmericAn JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY AmericAn JournAl of PsYcHologY AmericAn JournAl of Public HeAltH AmericAn JournAl of sociologY AmericAn JournAl of sPeecH-lAnguAge PAtHologY AmericAn JournAl on Addictions AmericAn lAW And economics revieW AmericAn PoliticAl science revieW AmericAn Politics reseArcH AmericAn PsYcHologist AmericAn revieW of Public AdministrAtion AmericAn sociologicAl revieW AmericAn sPeecH AmfiteAtru economic Amme idAresi dergisi AnAles de PsicologiA AnAles del sistemA sAnitArio de nAvArrA AndAmios ISSN 0094-0496 0002-8762 0893-5394 0002-9092 1526-5161 0002-9157 0091-0562 0002-919X 0095-2990 0002-9246 0195-6744 1098-2140 0192-6187 1064-7481 1087-3244 0890-1171 1042-0533 0002-9300 0098-8588 1088-0224 1557-9883 0002-936X 0272-9490 0002-9432 0002-9483 0092-5853 0002-953X 0002-9556 0090-0036 0002-9602 1058-0360 1055-0496 1465-7252 0003-0554 1532-673X 0003-066X 0275-0740 0003-1224 0003-1283 1582-9146 1300-1795 0212-9728 1137-6627 1870-0063 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE AnnAls of beHAviorAl medicine AnnAls of clinicAl PsYcHiAtrY AnnAls of dYsleXiA AnnAls of economics And finAnce AnnAls of regionAl science AnnAls of science AnnAls of tHe AmericAn AcAdemY of PoliticAl And sociAl science AnnAls of tHe AssociAtion of AmericAn geogrAPHers AnnAls of tourism reseArcH Annee PsYcHologiQue AnnuAl revieW of AntHroPologY AnnuAl revieW of APPlied linguistics AnnuAl revieW of clinicAl PsYcHologY AnnuAl revieW of economics AnnuAl revieW of environment And resources AnnuAl revieW of finAnciAl economics AnnuAl revieW of informAtion science And tecHnologY AnnuAl revieW of lAW And sociAl science AnnuAl revieW of PoliticAl science AnnuAl revieW of PsYcHologY AnnuAl revieW of Public HeAltH AnnuAl revieW of resource economics AnnuAl revieW of sociologY AntHroPologicAl forum AntHroPologicAl notebooKs AntHroPologicAl QuArterlY AntHroPologicAl tHeorY AntHroPologie AntHroPologiscHer Anzeiger AntHroPologist AntHroPologY & educAtion QuArterlY AntHroPologY And ArcHeologY of eurAsiA AntHroPologY soutHern AfricA AntHroPos AntiPode AntiQuitY Antitrust lAW JournAl AnuArio de estudios medievAles AnXietY stress And coPing APPlied & Preventive PsYcHologY APPlied cognitive PsYcHologY APPlied develoPmentAl science APPlied economics APPlied economics letters ISSN 0883-6612 1040-1237 0736-9387 1529-7373 0570-1864 0003-3790 0002-7162 0004-5608 0160-7383 0003-5033 0084-6570 0267-1905 1548-5943 1941-1383 1543-5938 1941-1367 0066-4200 1550-3585 1094-2939 0066-4308 0163-7525 1941-1340 0360-0572 0066-4677 1408-032X 0003-5491 1463-4996 0003-5521 0003-5548 0972-0073 0161-7761 1061-1959 0258-0144 0257-9774 0066-4812 0003-598X 0003-6056 0066-5061 1061-5806 0962-1849 0888-4080 1088-8691 0003-6846 1350-4851 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE APPlied ergonomics APPlied geogrAPHY APPlied linguistics APPlied meAsurement in educAtion APPlied nursing reseArcH APPlied PsYcHolinguistics APPlied PsYcHologicAl meAsurement APPlied PsYcHologY-An internAtionAl revieWPsYcHologie APPliQuee-revue internAtionAle APPlied PsYcHoPHYsiologY And biofeedbAcK AQuicHAn ArcHAeologY in oceAniA ArcHives euroPeennes de sociologie ArcHives of clinicAl neuroPsYcHologY ArcHives of generAl PsYcHiAtrY ArcHives of PsYcHiAtric nursing ArcHives of seXuAl beHAvior Arctic AntHroPologY AreA Argos ArgumentA oeconomicA Armed forces & societY Arts in PsYcHotHerAPY AsiA euroPe JournAl AsiA PAcific educAtion revieW AsiA PAcific JournAl of AntHroPologY AsiA PAcific JournAl of educAtion AsiA PAcific JournAl of HumAn resources AsiA PAcific JournAl of mAnAgement AsiA PAcific JournAl of sociAl WorK And develoPment AsiA PAcific lAW revieW AsiA PAcific vieWPoint AsiAn And PAcific migrAtion JournAl AsiAn business & mAnAgement AsiAn cAse reseArcH JournAl AsiAn economic JournAl AsiAn economic PAPers AsiAn economic PolicY revieW AsiAn JournAl of communicAtion AsiAn JournAl of sociAl PsYcHologY AsiAn JournAl of sociAl science AsiAn JournAl of tecHnologY innovAtion AsiAn JournAl of Womens studies AsiAn JournAl of Wto & internAtionAl HeAltH lAW And PolicY ISSN 0003-6870 0143-6228 0142-6001 0895-7347 0897-1897 0142-7164 0146-6216 0269-994X 1090-0586 1657-5997 0003-8121 0003-9756 0887-6177 0003-990X 0883-9417 0004-0002 0066-6939 0004-0894 0254-1637 1233-5835 0095-327X 0197-4556 1610-2932 1598-1037 1444-2213 0218-8791 1038-4111 0217-4561 0218-5385 1019-2557 1360-7456 0117-1968 1472-4782 0218-9275 1351-3958 1535-3516 1832-8105 0129-2986 1367-2223 1568-4849 1976-1597 1225-9276 1819-5164 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE AsiAn PersPective AsiAn surveY AsiAn Women AsiAn-PAcific economic literAture AsiA-PAcific educAtion reseArcHer AsiA-PAcific JournAl of Accounting & economics AsiA-PAcific JournAl of finAnciAl studies AsiA-PAcific JournAl of Public HeAltH AsiA-PAcific JournAl of teAcHer educAtion Asist monogrAPH series Aslib Proceedings Assessment Assessment & evAluAtion in HigHer educAtion AssistenzA infermieristicA e ricercA Assistive tecHnologY Astin bulletin AttAcHment & HumAn develoPment Attention PercePtion & PsYcHoPHYsics Auditing-A JournAl of PrActice & tHeorY AugmentAtive And AlternAtive communicAtion AustrAlAsiAn JournAl of educAtionAl tecHnologY AustrAlAsiAn JournAl of environmentAl mAnAgement AustrAlAsiAn JournAl on Ageing AustrAlAsiAn PsYcHiAtrY AustrAliAn AboriginAl studies AustrAliAn AcAdemic & reseArcH librAries AustrAliAn Accounting revieW AustrAliAn And neW zeAlAnd JournAl of criminologY AustrAliAn And neW zeAlAnd JournAl of fAmilY tHerAPY AustrAliAn And neW zeAlAnd JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY AustrAliAn And neW zeAlAnd JournAl of Public HeAltH AustrAliAn economic HistorY revieW AustrAliAn economic PAPers AustrAliAn economic revieW AustrAliAn educAtionAl reseArcHer AustrAliAn feminist studies AustrAliAn geogrAPHer AustrAliAn JournAl of Adult leArning AustrAliAn JournAl of AdvAnced nursing AustrAliAn JournAl of AgriculturAl And resource economics AustrAliAn JournAl of AntHroPologY ISSN 0258-9184 0004-4687 1225-925X 0818-9935 0119-5646 1608-1625 2041-9945 1010-5395 1359-866X ****-**** 0001-253X 1073-1911 0260-2938 1592-5986 1040-0435 0515-0361 1461-6734 1943-3921 0278-0380 0743-4618 1449-3098 1448-6563 1440-6381 1039-8562 0729-4352 0004-8623 1035-6908 0004-8658 0814-723X 0004-8674 1326-0200 0004-8992 0004-900X 0004-9018 0311-6999 0816-4649 0004-9182 1443-1394 0813-0531 1364-985X 1035-8811 .


TITLE AustrAliAn JournAl of eArlY cHildHood AustrAliAn JournAl of educAtion AustrAliAn JournAl of guidAnce And counselling AustrAliAn JournAl of internAtionAl AffAirs AustrAliAn JournAl of linguistics AustrAliAn JournAl of mAnAgement AustrAliAn JournAl of PoliticAl science AustrAliAn JournAl of PrimArY HeAltH AustrAliAn JournAl of PsYcHologY AustrAliAn JournAl of Public AdministrAtion AustrAliAn JournAl of rurAl HeAltH AustrAliAn JournAl of sociAl issues AustrAliAn librArY JournAl AustrAliAn PsYcHologist AustrAliAn sociAl WorK Autism Autism reseArcH b e JournAl of economic AnAlYsis & PolicY b e JournAl of mAcroeconomics b e JournAl of tHeoreticAl economics bAltic JournAl of economics bAltic JournAl of mAnAgement bAriAtric nursing And surgicAl PAtient cAre bAsic And APPlied sociAl PsYcHologY beHAvior AnAlYst beHAvior genetics beHAvior modificAtion beHAvior reseArcH metHods beHAvior tHerAPY beHAviorAl And brAin sciences beHAviorAl disorders beHAviorAl interventions beHAviorAl medicine beHAviorAl PsYcHologY-PsicologiA conductuAl beHAviorAl sciences & tHe lAW beHAviour & informAtion tecHnologY beHAviour cHAnge beHAviour reseArcH And tHerAPY beHAviourAl And cognitive PsYcHotHerAPY beHAviourAl Processes bericHte zur WissenscHAftsgescHicHte berliner JournAl fur soziologie betriebsWirtscHAftlicHe forscHung und PrAXis biJdrAgen tot de tAAl- lAnd- en volKenKunde bilig

ISSN 0312-5033 0004-9441 1037-2911 1035-7718 0726-8602 0312-8962 1036-1146 1448-7527 0004-9530 0313-6647 1038-5282 0157-6321 0004-9670 0005-0067 1447-0748 1362-3613 1939-3792 1935-1682 1935-1690 1935-1704 ****-**** 1746-5265 1557-1459 0197-3533 0738-6729 0001-8244 0145-4455 1554-351X 0005-7894 0140-525X 0198-7429 1072-0847 0896-4289 1132-9483 0735-3936 0144-929X 0813-4839 0005-7967 1352-4658 0376-6357 0170-6233 0863-1808 0340-5370 0006-2294 1301-0549


TITLE bilinguAlism-lAnguAge And cognition biodemogrAPHY And sociAl biologY bioetHics biologicAl PsYcHologY biologY & PHilosoPHY biosecuritY And bioterrorism-biodefense strAtegY PrActice And science birtH-issues in PerinAtAl cAre blAcK scHolAr bmc medicAl etHics bodY & societY bodY imAge bolemA-mAtHemAtics educAtion bulletin-boletim de educAcAo mAtemAticA boletin de lA AsociAcion de geogrAfos esPAnoles boston universitY lAW revieW brAin And cognition brAin And lAnguAge britisH educAtionAl reseArcH JournAl britisH JournAl for tHe HistorY of science britisH JournAl for tHe PHilosoPHY of science britisH JournAl of clinicAl PsYcHologY britisH JournAl of criminologY britisH JournAl of develoPmentAl disAbilities britisH JournAl of develoPmentAl PsYcHologY britisH JournAl of educAtionAl PsYcHologY britisH JournAl of educAtionAl studies britisH JournAl of educAtionAl tecHnologY britisH JournAl of guidAnce & counselling britisH JournAl of HeAltH PsYcHologY britisH JournAl of industriAl relAtions britisH JournAl of mAnAgement britisH JournAl of mAtHemAticAl & stAtisticAl PsYcHologY britisH JournAl of middle eAstern studies britisH JournAl of music educAtion britisH JournAl of PoliticAl science britisH JournAl of Politics & internAtionAl relAtions britisH JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY britisH JournAl of PsYcHologY britisH JournAl of religious educAtion britisH JournAl of sociAl PsYcHologY britisH JournAl of sociAl WorK britisH JournAl of sociologY britisH JournAl of sociologY of educAtion

ISSN 1366-7289 1948-5565 0269-9702 0301-0511 0169-3867 1538-7135 0730-7659 0006-4246 1472-6939 1357-034X 1740-1445 0103-636X 0212-9426 0006-8047 0278-2626 0093-934X 0141-1926 0007-0874 0007-0882 0144-6657 0007-0955 0969-7950 0261-510X 0007-0998 0007-1005 0007-1013 0306-9885 1359-107X 0007-1080 1045-3172 0007-1102 1353-0194 0265-0517 0007-1234 1369-1481 0007-1250 0007-1269 0141-6200 0144-6665 0045-3102 0007-1315 0142-5692


TITLE brooKings PAPers on economic ActivitY buffAlo lAW revieW bulletin of economic reseArcH bulletin of indonesiAn economic studies bulletin of lAtin AmericAn reseArcH bulletin of tHe Atomic scientists bulletin of tHe HistorY of medicine bulletin of tHe menninger clinic business & societY business etHics QuArterlY business HistorY business HistorY revieW business lAWYer cAdernos de sAude PublicA cAdmo cAlidoscoPio cAliforniA lAW revieW cAliforniA mAnAgement revieW cAmbridge JournAl of economics cAmbridge QuArterlY of HeAltHcAre etHics cAmbridge revieW of internAtionAl AffAirs cAnAdiAn geogrAPHer-geogrAPHe cAnAdien cAnAdiAn JournAl of AdministrAtive sciences-revue cAnAdienne des sciences de l AdministrAtion cAnAdiAn JournAl of AgriculturAl economics-revue cAnAdienne d Agroeconomie cAnAdiAn JournAl of beHAviourAl science-revue cAnAdienne des sciences du comPortement cAnAdiAn JournAl of criminologY And criminAl Justice cAnAdiAn JournAl of develoPment studies-revue cAnAdienne d etudes du develoPPement cAnAdiAn JournAl of economics-revue cAnAdienne d economiQue cAnAdiAn JournAl of eXPerimentAl PsYcHologYrevue cAnAdienne de PsYcHologie eXPerimentAle cAnAdiAn JournAl of informAtion And librArY science-revue cAnAdienne des sciences de l informAtion et de bibliotHeconomie cAnAdiAn JournAl of PoliticAl science-revue cAnAdienne de science PolitiQue cAnAdiAn JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY-revue cAnAdienne de PsYcHiAtrie cAnAdiAn JournAl of Public HeAltH-revue cAnAdienne de sAnte PubliQue cAnAdiAn JournAl of sociologY-cAHiers cAnAdiens de sociologie

ISSN 0007-2303 0023-9356 0307-3378 0007-4918 0261-3050 0096-3402 0007-5140 0025-9284 0007-6503 1052-150X 0007-6791 0007-6805 0007-6899 0102-311X 1122-5165 1679-8740 0008-1221 0008-1256 0309-166X 0963-1801 0955-7571 0008-3658 0825-0383 0008-3976 0008-400X 1707-7753 0225-5189 0008-4085 1196-1961 1195-096X

0008-4239 0706-7437 0008-4263 0318-6431

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE cAnAdiAn JournAl on Aging-revue cAnAdienne du vieillissement cAnAdiAn modern lAnguAge revieW-revue cAnAdienne des lAngues vivAntes cAnAdiAn PsYcHologY-PsYcHologie cAnAdienne cAnAdiAn Public AdministrAtion-AdministrAtion PubliQue du cAnAdA cAnAdiAn Public PolicY-AnAlYse de PolitiQues cAnAdiAn revieW of sociologY-revue cAnAdienne de sociologie cAncer nursing cAreer develoPment QuArterlY cArtogrAPHic JournAl cArtogrAPHY And geogrAPHic informAtion science cAtHolic universitY lAW revieW centro JournAl cePAl revieW cesifo economic studies cesKoslovensKA PsYcHologie cesKY lid-etHnologicKY cAsoPis cHemistrY educAtion reseArcH And PrActice cHild & fAmilY beHAvior tHerAPY cHild & fAmilY sociAl WorK cHild Abuse & neglect cHild And Adolescent PsYcHiAtric clinics of nortH AmericA cHild cAre HeAltH And develoPment cHild develoPment cHild develoPment PersPectives cHild indicAtors reseArcH cHild lAnguAge teAcHing & tHerAPY cHild mAltreAtment cHild PsYcHiAtrY & HumAn develoPment cHild WelfAre cHildHood-A globAl JournAl of cHild reseArcH cHildren & societY cHildren And YoutH services revieW cHildrens HeAltH cAre cHinA & World economY cHinA economic revieW cHinA JournAl cHinA QuArterlY cHinA revieW-An interdisciPlinArY JournAl on greAter cHinA cHinese educAtion And societY cHinese JournAl of internAtionAl lAW cHinese lAW And government ISSN 0714-9808 0008-4506 0708-5591 0008-4840 0317-0861 1755-6171 0162-220X 0889-4019 0008-7041 1523-0406 1530-6119 1538-6279 0251-2920 1610-241X 0009-062X 0009-0794 1109-4028 0731-7107 1356-7500 0145-2134 1056-4993 0305-1862 0009-3920 1750-8592 1874-897X 0265-6590 1077-5595 0009-398X 0009-4021 0907-5682 0951-0605 0190-7409 0273-9615 1671-2234 1043-951X 1324-9347 0305-7410 1680-2012 1061-1932 1540-1650 0009-4609 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE cHinese sociologY And AntHroPologY cHungArA-revistA de AntroPologiA cHilenA cienciA & sAude coletivA cin-comPuters informAtics nursing circulo de linguisticA APlicAdA A lA comunicAcion cities citizensHiP studies citY & communitY civil szemle climAte PolicY clinicAl cHild And fAmilY PsYcHologY revieW clinicAl JournAl of oncologY nursing clinicAl linguistics & PHonetics clinicAl neuroPsYcHologist clinicAl nurse sPeciAlist clinicAl nursing reseArcH clinicAl PsYcHologY & PsYcHotHerAPY clinicAl PsYcHologY revieW clinicAl PsYcHologY-science And PrActice clinicAl sociAl WorK JournAl cognition cognition & emotion cognition And instruction cognitive And beHAviorAl PrActice cognitive develoPment cognitive linguistics cognitive neuroPsYcHologY cognitive Processing cognitive PsYcHologY cognitive science cognitive sYstems reseArcH cognitive tHerAPY And reseArcH college & reseArcH librAries collegiAn collegium AntroPologicum columbiA JournAl of lAW And sociAl Problems columbiA JournAl of trAnsnAtionAl lAW columbiA lAW revieW commentArY common mArKet lAW revieW communicAtion monogrAPHs communicAtion reseArcH communicAtion tHeorY communist And Post-communist studies communitY mentAl HeAltH JournAl ISSN 0009-4625 0716-1182 1413-8123 1538-2931 1576-4737 0264-2751 1362-1025 1535-6841 1786-3341 1469-3062 1096-4037 1092-1095 0269-9206 1385-4046 0887-6274 1054-7738 1063-3995 0272-7358 0969-5893 0091-1674 0010-0277 0269-9931 0737-0008 1077-7229 0885-2014 0936-5907 0264-3294 1612-4782 0010-0285 0364-0213 1389-0417 0147-5916 0010-0870 1322-7696 0350-6134 0010-1923 0010-1931 0010-1958 0010-2601 0165-0750 0363-7751 0093-6502 1050-3293 0967-067X 0010-3853 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE comPArAtive educAtion comPArAtive educAtion revieW comPArAtive PoliticAl studies comPArAtive Politics comPArAtive studies in societY And HistorY comPetition PolicY internAtionAl comPreHensive PsYcHiAtrY comPutAtionAl And mAtHemAticAl orgAnizAtion tHeorY comPutAtionAl economics comPutAtionAl linguistics comPuter Assisted lAnguAge leArning comPuters & educAtion comPuters environment And urbAn sYstems comPuters in HumAn beHAvior comunicAcion Y sociedAd comunicAr configurAtions conflict mAnAgement And PeAce science consciousness And cognition contemPorArY Accounting reseArcH contemPorArY economic PolicY contemPorArY educAtionAl PsYcHologY contemPorArY nurse contemPorArY PAcific contemPorArY PoliticAl tHeorY contemPorArY PsYcHoAnAlYsis contemPorArY sociologY-A JournAl of revieWs continuitY And cHAnge continuum-JournAl of mediA & culturAl studies contributions to indiAn sociologY convergenciA-revistA de cienciAs sociAles cooPerAtion And conflict cornell HosPitAlitY QuArterlY cornell internAtionAl lAW JournAl cornell lAW revieW corPorAte governAnce-An internAtionAl revieW corPus linguistics And linguistic tHeorY counseling PsYcHologist creAtivitY reseArcH JournAl crime & delinQuencY crime And Justice-A revieW of reseArcH crime lAW And sociAl cHAnge crime mediA culture criminAl beHAviour And mentAl HeAltH ISSN 0305-0068 0010-4086 0010-4140 0010-4159 0010-4175 1554-0189 0010-440X 1381-298X 0927-7099 0891-2017 0958-8221 0360-1315 0198-9715 0747-5632 0214-0039 1134-3478 1063-1801 0738-8942 1053-8100 0823-9150 1074-3529 0361-476X 1037-6178 1043-898X 1470-8914 0010-7530 0094-3061 0268-4160 1030-4312 0069-9667 1405-1435 0010-8367 1938-9655 0010-8812 0010-8847 0964-8410 1613-7027 0011-0000 1040-0419 0011-1287 0192-3234 0925-4994 1741-6590 0957-9664 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE criminAl Justice And beHAvior criminAl lAW revieW criminologY criminologY & criminAl Justice crisis-tHe JournAl of crisis intervention And suicide Prevention criticAl AsiAn studies criticAl cAre nurse criticAl revieW criticAl sociAl PolicY criticAl studies in mediA communicAtion critiQue of AntHroPologY cross-culturAl reseArcH cuAdernos de economiA Y direccion de lA emPresA culturA Y educAcion culturAl AntHroPologY culturAl diversitY & etHnic minoritY PsYcHologY culturAl geogrAPHies culturAl sociologY culturAl studies culture & PsYcHologY culture HeAltH & seXuAlitY culture medicine And PsYcHiAtrY current AntHroPologY current directions in PsYcHologicAl science current HistorY current oPinion in PsYcHiAtrY current PsYcHologY current sociologY curriculum inQuirY curriculum mAtters custos e Agronegocio cYberPsYcHologY & beHAvior dAdos-revistA de cienciAs sociAis dAedAlus deAtH studies decision AnAlYsis decision sciences defence And PeAce economics demogrAPHic reseArcH demogrAPHY denver universitY lAW revieW dePression And AnXietY develoPing economies develoPing World bioetHics ISSN 0093-8548 0011-135X 0011-1384 1748-8958 0227-5910 1467-2715 0279-5442 0891-3811 0261-0183 1529-5036 0308-275X 1069-3971 1138-5758 1135-6405 0886-7356 1099-9809 1474-4740 1749-9755 0950-2386 1354-067X 1369-1058 0165-005X 0011-3204 0963-7214 0011-3530 0951-7367 1046-1310 0011-3921 0362-6784 1177-1828 ****-**** 1094-9313 0011-5258 0011-5266 0748-1187 1545-8490 0011-7315 1024-2694 1435-9871 0070-3370 0883-9409 1091-4269 0012-1533 1471-8731 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE develoPment And cHAnge develoPment And PsYcHoPAtHologY develoPment PolicY revieW develoPment soutHern AfricA develoPmentAl neuroPsYcHologY develoPmentAl PsYcHologY develoPmentAl revieW develoPmentAl science deviAnce et societe deviAnt beHAvior diAcHronicA diAgnosticA diAlectologiA et geolinguisticA didActicA slovenicA-PedAgosKA obzorJA differences-A JournAl of feminist culturAl studies disAbilitY & societY disAbilitY And reHAbilitAtion disAster medicine And Public HeAltH PrePAredness disAster Prevention And mAnAgement disAsters discourse & communicAtion discourse & societY discourse Processes discourse studies disP dissent distAnce educAtion drug And AlcoHol revieW drugs-educAtion Prevention And PolicY drustvenA istrAzivAnJA duKe lAW JournAl dve domovini-tWo HomelAnds dYnAmis dYsleXiA e & m eKonomie A mAnAgement eArlY cHildHood reseArcH QuArterlY eArlY educAtion And develoPment eArlY intervention in PsYcHiAtrY eArtH sciences HistorY eAst euroPeAn Politics And societies eAst euroPeAn QuArterlY eAstern euroPeAn countrYside eAstern euroPeAn economics eAting beHAviors ecologicAl economics ISSN 0012-155X 0954-5794 0950-6764 0376-835X 8756-5641 0012-1649 0273-2297 1363-755X 0378-7931 0163-9625 0176-4225 0012-1924 0942-4040 0353-1392 1040-7391 0968-7599 0963-8288 1935-7893 0965-3562 0361-3666 1750-4813 0957-9265 0163-853X 1461-4456 0251-3625 0012-3846 0158-7919 0959-5236 0968-7637 1330-0288 0012-7086 0353-6777 0211-9536 1076-9242 1212-3609 0885-2006 1040-9289 1751-7885 0736-623X 0888-3254 0012-8449 1232-8855 0012-8775 1471-0153 0921-8009 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE ISSN 1040-7413 0046-1121 1933-527X 0747-4938 0266-4666 0012-9682 1368-4221 0717-3830 1665-2045 1120-2890 0143-831X 0424-267X 0013-0079 0891-2424 0013-0095 0013-0117 0095-2583 0013-0133 0264-9993 0266-4658 0013-0249 0953-5314 0938-2259 0013-0427 1570-677X 0266-2671 0165-1765 0272-7757 0967-0750 0013-063X 0308-5147 1525-2531 0256-0054 1139-613X 1547-0350 0013-1245 1682-3206 0013-161X 0013-1644 0162-3737 0360-1277 0013-1784 0895-9048 0046-1520 ecologicAl PsYcHologY ecologY lAW QuArterlY econ JournAl WAtcH econometric revieWs econometric tHeorY econometricA econometrics JournAl economiA cHilenA economiA meXicAnA-nuevA ePocA economiA PoliticA economic And industriAl democrAcY economic comPutAtion And economic cYbernetics studies And reseArcH economic develoPment And culturAl cHAnge economic develoPment QuArterlY economic geogrAPHY economic HistorY revieW economic inQuirY economic JournAl economic modelling economic PolicY economic record economic sYstems reseArcH economic tHeorY economicA economics & HumAn biologY economics And PHilosoPHY economics letters economics of educAtion revieW economics of trAnsition economist-netHerlAnds economY And societY econtent ecQuid novi-AfricAn JournAlism studies educAcion XX1 educAtion And trAining in develoPmentAl disAbilities educAtion And urbAn societY educAtion As cHAnge educAtionAl AdministrAtion QuArterlY educAtionAl And PsYcHologicAl meAsurement educAtionAl evAluAtion And PolicY AnAlYsis educAtionAl gerontologY educAtionAl leAdersHiP educAtionAl PolicY educAtionAl PsYcHologist .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE ISSN 0144-3410 1040-726X 0013-1881 0013-1911 0305-5698 1436-4522 1736-2563 1302-597X 1300-1337 0013-3035 0013-3205 1331-677X 0261-3794 1567-4223 0264-0473 0013-5984 1540-496X 1042-9247 1528-3542 0377-7332 0140-9883 0195-6574 0301-4215 0889-4906 0013-8266 0046-208X 1175-8708 0212-4521 1467-2227 0898-5626 1042-2587 0013-9157 0013-9165 1355-770X 0308-518X 0265-8135 0263-774X 0263-7758 0956-2478 0924-6460 1752-4032 1350-4622 0163-4275 1084-5453 educAtionAl PsYcHologY educAtionAl PsYcHologY revieW educAtionAl reseArcH educAtionAl revieW educAtionAl studies educAtionAl tecHnologY & societY eesti rAKenduslingvistiKA uHingu AAstArAAmAt egitim ArAstirmAlAri-eurAsiAn JournAl of educAtionAl reseArcH egitim ve bilim-educAtion And science eKonomicKY cAsoPis eKonomistA eKonomsKA istrAzivAnJA-economic reseArcH electorAl studies electronic commerce reseArcH And APPlicAtions electronic librArY elementArY scHool JournAl emerging mArKets finAnce And trAde emJ-engineering mAnAgement JournAl emotion emPiricAl economics energY economics energY JournAl energY PolicY englisH for sPecific PurPoses englisH HistoricAl revieW englisH in AustrAliA englisH teAcHing-PrActice And critiQue ensenAnzA de lAs cienciAs enterPrise & societY entrePreneursHiP And regionAl develoPment entrePreneursHiP tHeorY And PrActice environment environment And beHAvior environment And develoPment economics environment And PlAnning A environment And PlAnning b-PlAnning & design environment And PlAnning c-government And PolicY environment And PlAnning d-societY & sPAce environment And urbAnizAtion environmentAl & resource economics environmentAl communicAtion-A JournAl of nAture And culture environmentAl educAtion reseArcH environmentAl etHics environmentAl HistorY .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE environmentAl imPAct Assessment revieW environmentAl Politics environmentAl vAlues environnement risQues & sAnte ePidemiologiA & Prevenzione ePidemiologiA e PsicHiAtriA sociAle-An internAtionAl JournAl for ePidemiologY And PsYcHiAtric sciences erde erdKunde ergonomics ese-estudios sobre educAcion estudios constitucionAles estudios de economiA estudios de PsicologiA estudios sobre el mensAJe Periodistico etHics etHics & beHAvior etHics And informAtion tecHnologY etHioPiAn JournAl of HeAltH develoPment etHnic And rAciAl studies etHnicities etHnicitY & HeAltH etHnogrAPHY etHnoHistorY etHnologY etHnos etHos etr&d-educAtionAl tecHnologY reseArcH And develoPment eurAsiAn geogrAPHY And economics eure-revistA lAtinoAmericAnA de estudios urbAno regionAles euroPeAn Accounting revieW euroPeAn Addiction reseArcH euroPeAn business orgAnizAtion lAW revieW euroPeAn cHild & Adolescent PsYcHiAtrY euroPeAn constitutionAl lAW revieW euroPeAn eArlY cHildHood educAtion reseArcH JournAl euroPeAn eAting disorders revieW euroPeAn economic revieW euroPeAn finAnciAl mAnAgement euroPeAn HistorY QuArterlY euroPeAn integrAtion online PAPers-eioP euroPeAn JournAl of Ageing euroPeAn JournAl of cArdiovAsculAr nursing ISSN 0195-9255 0964-4016 0963-2719 1635-0421 1120-9763 1121-189X 0013-9998 0014-0015 0014-0139 1578-7001 0718-0195 0304-2758 0210-9395 1134-1629 0014-1704 1050-8422 1388-1957 1021-6790 0141-9870 1468-7968 1355-7858 1466-1381 0014-1801 0014-1828 0014-1844 0091-2131 1042-1629 1538-7216 0250-7161 0963-8180 1022-6877 1566-7529 1018-8827 1574-0196 1350-293X 1072-4133 0014-2921 1354-7798 0265-6914 1027-5193 1613-9372 1474-5151 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE euroPeAn JournAl of cognitive PsYcHologY euroPeAn JournAl of communicAtion euroPeAn JournAl of criminologY euroPeAn JournAl of culturAl studies euroPeAn JournAl of develoPmentAl PsYcHologY euroPeAn JournAl of educAtion euroPeAn JournAl of finAnce euroPeAn JournAl of HeAltH economics euroPeAn JournAl of industriAl relAtions euroPeAn JournAl of internAtionAl lAW euroPeAn JournAl of internAtionAl mAnAgement euroPeAn JournAl of internAtionAl relAtions euroPeAn JournAl of lAW And economics euroPeAn JournAl of mArKeting euroPeAn JournAl of migrAtion And lAW euroPeAn JournAl of oncologY nursing euroPeAn JournAl of PersonAlitY euroPeAn JournAl of PoliticAl economY euroPeAn JournAl of PoliticAl reseArcH euroPeAn JournAl of PoPulAtion-revue euroPeenne de demogrAPHie euroPeAn JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY euroPeAn JournAl of PsYcHologicAl Assessment euroPeAn JournAl of PsYcHologY of educAtion euroPeAn JournAl of Public HeAltH euroPeAn JournAl of sociAl PsYcHologY euroPeAn JournAl of sociAl tHeorY euroPeAn JournAl of teAcHer educAtion euroPeAn JournAl of tHe HistorY of economic tHougHt euroPeAn JournAl of trAnsPort And infrAstructure reseArcH euroPeAn JournAl of Womens studies euroPeAn JournAl of WorK And orgAnizAtionAl PsYcHologY euroPeAn lAW JournAl euroPeAn lAW revieW euroPeAn mAnAgement JournAl euroPeAn PHYsicAl educAtion revieW euroPeAn PlAnning studies euroPeAn PoliticAl science euroPeAn PsYcHiAtrY euroPeAn PsYcHologist euroPeAn revieW of AgriculturAl economics euroPeAn revieW of APPlied PsYcHologY-revue euroPeenne de PsYcHologie APPliQuee ISSN 0954-1446 0267-3231 1477-3708 1367-5494 1740-5629 0141-8211 1351-847X 1618-7598 0959-6801 0938-5428 1751-6757 1354-0661 0929-1261 0309-0566 1388-364X 1462-3889 0890-2070 0176-2680 0304-4130 0168-6577 0213-6163 1015-5759 0256-2928 1101-1262 0046-2772 1368-4310 0261-9768 0967-2567 1567-7133 1350-5068 1359-432X 1351-5993 0307-5400 0263-2373 1356-336X 0965-4313 1680-4333 0924-9338 1016-9040 0165-1587 1162-9088 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE euroPeAn revieW of economic HistorY euroPeAn revieW of sociAl PsYcHologY euroPeAn societies euroPeAn sociologicAl revieW euroPeAn sPort mAnAgement QuArterlY euroPeAn union Politics euroPeAn urbAn And regionAl studies euroPe-AsiA studies evAluAtion & tHe HeAltH Professions evAluAtion And ProgrAm PlAnning evAluAtion revieW evolution And HumAn beHAvior evolution PsYcHiAtriQue evolutionArY AntHroPologY evolutionArY PsYcHologY eXcePtionAl cHildren eXcePtionAlitY eXPerimentAl And clinicAl PsYcHoPHArmAcologY eXPerimentAl economics eXPerimentAl PsYcHologY eXPlorAtions in economic HistorY fAmilies in societY-tHe JournAl of contemPorArY sociAl services fAmilY & communitY HeAltH fAmilY business revieW fAmilY lAW QuArterlY fAmilY Process fAmilY relAtions federAl reserve bAnK of st louis revieW feminism & PsYcHologY feminist economics feminist revieW feminist studies feministiscHe studien field metHods filosofiJA-sociologiJA finAnce A uver-czecH JournAl of economics And finAnce finAnce And stocHAstics finAnce reseArcH letters finAnciAl AnAlYsts JournAl finAnciAl mAnAgement finAnzArcHiv fiscAl studies focus on Autism And otHer develoPmentAl disAbilities ISSN 1361-4916 1046-3283 1461-6696 0266-7215 1618-4742 1465-1165 0969-7764 0966-8136 0163-2787 0149-7189 0193-841X 1090-5138 0014-3855 1060-1538 1474-7049 0014-4029 0936-2835 1064-1297 1386-4157 1618-3169 0014-4983 1044-3894 0160-6379 0894-4865 0014-729X 0014-7370 0197-6664 0014-9187 0959-3535 1354-5701 0141-7789 0046-3663 0723-5186 1525-822X 0235-7186 0015-1920 0949-2984 1544-6123 0015-198X 0046-3892 0015-2218 0143-5671 1088-3576 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE focus on eXcePtionAl cHildren foliA linguisticA foliA linguisticA HistoricA foliA PHoniAtricA et logoPAedicA food And drug lAW JournAl food PolicY forbes fordHAm lAW revieW foreign AffAirs foreign lAnguAge AnnAls fortune forum der PsYcHoAnAlYse forum-A JournAl of APPlied reseArcH in contemPorArY Politics frontiers-A JournAl of Women studies functions of lAnguAge future of cHildren futures futurist gAcetA sAnitAriA gAiA-ecologicAl PersPectives for science And societY gAmes And economic beHAvior gAstroenterologY nursing gedrAg & orgAnisAtie gender & societY gender And educAtion gender PlAce And culture gender WorK And orgAnizAtion generAl HosPitAl PsYcHiAtrY generAtions-JournAl of tHe AmericAn societY on Aging genevA PAPers on risK And insurAnce-issues And PrActice genevA risK And insurAnce revieW geodetsKi vestniK geoforum geogrAfie geogrAfisK tidssKrift-dAnisH JournAl of geogrAPHY geogrAfisKA AnnAler series b-HumAn geogrAPHY geogrAPHicAl AnAlYsis geogrAPHicAl JournAl geogrAPHicAl reseArcH geogrAPHicAl revieW geogrAPHiscHe zeitscHrift geogrAPHY ISSN 0015-511X 0165-4004 0168-647X 1021-7762 1064-590X 0306-9192 0015-6914 0015-704X 0015-7120 0015-718X 0015-8259 0178-7667 1540-8884 0160-9009 0929-998X 1054-8289 0016-3287 0016-3317 0213-9111 0940-5550 0899-8256 1042-895X 0921-5077 0891-2432 0954-0253 0966-369X 0968-6673 0163-8343 0738-7806 1018-5895 1554-964X 0351-0271 0016-7185 1212-0014 0016-7223 0435-3684 0016-7363 0016-7398 1745-5863 0016-7428 0016-7479 0016-7487 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE geoPolitics george WAsHington lAW revieW georgetoWn lAW JournAl geriAtric nursing geriAtrics & gerontologY internAtionAl germAn economic revieW germAn studies revieW gerontologist gestion Y PoliticA PublicA gesture gesundHeitsWesen gifted cHild QuArterlY globAl economic revieW globAl environmentAl cHAnge-HumAn And PolicY dimensions globAl environmentAl Politics globAl governAnce globAl netWorKs-A JournAl of trAnsnAtionAl AffAirs glQ-A JournAl of lesbiAn And gAY studies governAnce-An internAtionAl JournAl of PolicY AdministrAtion And institutions government And oPPosition government informAtion QuArterlY govor grouP & orgAnizAtion mAnAgement grouP decision And negotiAtion grouP dYnAmics-tHeorY reseArcH And PrActice grouP Processes & intergrouP relAtions groWtH And cHAnge gruPPendYnAmiK und orgAnisAtionsberAtung gruPPenPsYcHotHerAPie und gruPPendYnAmiK HAbitAt internAtionAl HAcettePe universitesi egitim fAKultesi dergisiHAcettePe universitY JournAl of educAtion HAciendA PublicA esPAnolA HArm reduction JournAl HArvArd business revieW HArvArd civil rigHts-civil liberties lAW revieW HArvArd educAtionAl revieW HArvArd environmentAl lAW revieW HArvArd internAtionAl lAW JournAl HArvArd JournAl of lAW And Public PolicY HArvArd JournAl on legislAtion HArvArd lAW revieW HArvArd revieW of PsYcHiAtrY ISSN 1465-0045 0016-8076 0016-8092 0197-4572 1444-1586 1465-6485 0149-7952 0016-9013 1405-1079 1568-1475 0941-3790 0016-9862 1226-508X 0959-3780 1526-3800 1075-2846 1470-2266 1064-2684 0952-1895 0017-257X 0740-624X 0352-7565 1059-6011 0926-2644 1089-2699 1368-4302 0017-4815 1618-7849 0017-4947 0197-3975 1300-5340 0210-1173 1477-7517 0017-8012 0017-8039 0017-8055 0147-8257 0017-8063 0193-4872 0017-808X 0017-811X 1067-3229 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE HAstings center rePort HAstings lAW JournAl HeAltH HeAltH & PlAce HeAltH & sociAl cAre in tHe communitY HeAltH & sociAl WorK HeAltH AffAirs HeAltH And QuAlitY of life outcomes HeAltH cAre AnAlYsis HeAltH cAre finAncing revieW HeAltH cAre for Women internAtionAl HeAltH cAre mAnAgement revieW HeAltH communicAtion HeAltH economics HeAltH educAtion & beHAvior HeAltH educAtion JournAl HeAltH educAtion reseArcH HeAltH eXPectAtions HeAltH informAtion And librAries JournAl HeAltH informAtion mAnAgement JournAl HeAltH PolicY HeAltH PolicY And PlAnning HeAltH Promotion internAtionAl HeAltH Promotion JournAl of AustrAliA HeAltH PsYcHologY HeAltH risK & societY HeAltH services reseArcH HeAltH sociologY revieW Herd-HeAltH environments reseArcH & design JournAl Hermes Heroin Addiction And relAted clinicAl Problems HigH AbilitY studies HigHer educAtion HigHer educAtion reseArcH & develoPment HisPAniA-A JournAl devoted to tHe teAcHing of sPAnisH And Portuguese HisPAnic JournAl of beHAviorAl sciences HistoriA criticA HistoriA mAtHemAticA HistoriA Y PoliticA HistoricAl mAteriAlism-reseArcH in criticAl mArXist tHeorY HistoricAl sociAl reseArcH-HistoriscHe soziAlforscHung HistoricAl studies in tHe nAturAl sciences ISSN 0093-0334 0017-8322 1363-4593 1353-8292 0966-0410 0360-7283 0278-2715 1477-7525 1065-3058 0195-8631 0739-9332 0361-6274 1041-0236 1057-9230 1090-1981 0017-8969 0268-1153 1369-6513 1471-1834 1833-3583 0168-8510 0268-1080 0957-4824 1036-1073 0278-6133 1369-8575 0017-9124 1446-1242 1937-5867 0767-9513 1592-1638 1359-8139 0018-1560 0729-4360 0018-2133 0739-9863 0121-1617 0315-0860 1575-0361 1465-4466 0172-6404 1939-1811 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE HistorY And PHilosoPHY of tHe life sciences HistorY of educAtion HistorY of PoliticAl economY HistorY of PsYcHiAtrY HistorY of PsYcHologY HistorY of science HistorY of tHe HumAn sciences HistorY WorKsHoP JournAl HitotsubAsHi JournAl of economics Homicide studies Homme Homo-JournAl of comPArAtive HumAn biologY Housing PolicY debAte Housing studies HumAn communicAtion reseArcH HumAn develoPment HumAn ecologY HumAn ecologY revieW HumAn fActors HumAn fActors And ergonomics in mAnufActuring & service industries HumAn movement science HumAn nAture-An interdisciPlinArY biosociAl PersPective HumAn orgAnizAtion HumAn PerformAnce HumAn relAtions HumAn resource mAnAgement HumAn resources for HeAltH HumAn rigHts QuArterlY HumAn studies Humor-internAtionAl JournAl of Humor reseArcH HYle ibericA icon-internAtionAl JournAl of constitutionAl lAW identities-globAl studies in culture And PoWer ids bulletin-institute of develoPment studies ieee trAnsActions on engineering mAnAgement ieee trAnsActions on ProfessionAl communicAtion iic-internAtionAl revieW of intellectuAl ProPertY And comPetition lAW iKtisAt isletme ve finAns imA JournAl of mAnAgement mAtHemAtics imf stAff PAPers imPlementAtion science indePendent revieW ISSN 0391-9714 0046-760X 0018-2702 0957-154X 1093-4510 0073-2753 0952-6951 1363-3554 0018-280X 1088-7679 0439-4216 0018-442X 1051-1482 0267-3037 0360-3989 0018-716X 0300-7839 1074-4827 0018-7208 1090-8471 0167-9457 1045-6767 0018-7259 0895-9285 0018-7267 0090-4848 1478-4491 0275-0392 0163-8548 0933-1719 1433-5158 1139-7241 1474-2640 1070-289X 0265-5012 0018-9391 0361-1434 0018-9855 1300-610X 1471-678X 1020-7635 1748-5908 1086-1653 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE indiAn JournAl of gender studies indiAn JournAl of sociAl WorK indiAnA lAW JournAl indogermAniscHe forscHungen industriAl & lAbor relAtions revieW industriAl And corPorAte cHAnge industriAl mArKeting mAnAgement industriAl relAtions industrY And innovAtion infAnciA Y APrendizAJe infAncY infAnt And cHild develoPment infAnt beHAvior & develoPment infAnt mentAl HeAltH JournAl infAnts And Young cHildren informAcAo & sociedAde-estudos informAcios tArsAdAlom informAtion & mAnAgement informAtion develoPment informAtion economics And PolicY informAtion Processing & mAnAgement informAtion reseArcH-An internAtionAl electronic JournAl informAtion societY informAtion sYstems JournAl informAtion sYstems reseArcH informAtion tecHnologY & mAnAgement informAtion tecHnologY And librAries inJurY Prevention innovAr-revistA de cienciAs AdministrAtivAs Y sociAles innovAtion-mAnAgement PolicY & PrActice innovAtions in educAtion And teAcHing internAtionAl innovAtion-tHe euroPeAn JournAl of sociAl science reseArcH inQuirY-An interdisciPlinArY JournAl of PHilosoPHY inQuirY-tHe JournAl of HeAltH cAre orgAnizAtion Provision And finAncing instructionAl science insurAnce mAtHemAtics & economics integrAtive PsYcHologicAl And beHAviorAl science intellectuAl And develoPmentAl disAbilities intelligence interActing WitH comPuters interAction studies ISSN 0971-5215 0019-5634 0019-6665 0019-7262 0019-7939 0960-6491 0019-8501 0019-8676 1366-2716 0210-3702 1525-0008 1522-7227 0163-6383 0163-9641 0896-3746 0104-0146 1587-8694 0378-7206 1741-6469 0167-6245 0306-4573 1368-1613 0197-2243 1350-1917 1047-7047 1385-951X 0730-9295 1353-8047 0121-5051 1447-9338 1470-3297 1351-1610 0020-174X 0046-9580 0020-4277 0167-6687 1932-4502 1934-9491 0160-2896 0953-5438 1572-0373 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE interActive leArning environments inter-AsiA culturAl studies interculturAl PrAgmAtics interdisciPlinArY science revieWs interfAces interlending & document suPPlY internAsJonAl PolitiKK internAtionAl AffAirs internAtionAl business revieW internAtionAl develoPment PlAnning revieW internAtionAl economic revieW internAtionAl environmentAl Agreements-Politics lAW And economics internAtionAl finAnce internAtionAl interActions internAtionAl JournAl internAtionAl JournAl for eQuitY in HeAltH internAtionAl JournAl for QuAlitY in HeAltH cAre internAtionAl JournAl for tHe PsYcHologY of religion internAtionAl JournAl of Advertising internAtionAl JournAl of Aging & HumAn develoPment internAtionAl JournAl of Art & design educAtion internAtionAl JournAl of AviAtion PsYcHologY internAtionAl JournAl of beHAviorAl develoPment internAtionAl JournAl of beHAviorAl medicine internAtionAl JournAl of bilinguAlism internAtionAl JournAl of centrAl bAnKing internAtionAl JournAl of circumPolAr HeAltH internAtionAl JournAl of clinicAl And eXPerimentAl HYPnosis internAtionAl JournAl of clinicAl And HeAltH PsYcHologY internAtionAl JournAl of cognitive tHerAPY internAtionAl JournAl of comPArAtive sociologY internAtionAl JournAl of comPuter-suPPorted collAborAtive leArning internAtionAl JournAl of conflict mAnAgement internAtionAl JournAl of corPus linguistics internAtionAl JournAl of disAbilitY develoPment And educAtion internAtionAl JournAl of drug PolicY internAtionAl JournAl of eAting disorders internAtionAl JournAl of economic tHeorY internAtionAl JournAl of educAtionAl develoPment internAtionAl JournAl of electronic commerce ISSN 1049-4820 1464-9373 1612-295X 0308-0188 0092-2102 0264-1615 0020-577X 0020-5850 0969-5931 1474-6743 0020-6598 1567-9764 1367-0271 0305-0629 0020-7020 1475-9276 1353-4505 1050-8619 0265-0487 0091-4150 1476-8062 1050-8414 0165-0254 1070-5503 1367-0069 1815-4654 1239-9736 0020-7144 1697-2600 1937-1209 0020-7152 1556-1607 1044-4068 1384-6655 1034-912X 0955-3959 0276-3478 1742-7355 0738-0593 1086-4415 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE ISSN 1076-9307 0169-2070 0020-7276 1365-8816 0885-6230 0020-7284 1389-6563 1476-072X 0749-6753 0020-7314 0278-4319 0958-5192 1044-7318 1071-5819 0169-8141 0167-7187 0268-4012 0147-1767 1368-2822 0160-2527 1756-0616 0950-3846 1367-5567 1460-8545 0143-7720 1470-7853 1445-8330 1049-8931 0020-7438 1470-949X 1322-7114 0020-7489 1077-3525 1080-3548 0306-624X 0144-3577 internAtionAl JournAl of finAnce & economics internAtionAl JournAl of forecAsting internAtionAl JournAl of gAme tHeorY internAtionAl JournAl of geogrAPHicAl informAtion science internAtionAl JournAl of geriAtric PsYcHiAtrY internAtionAl JournAl of grouP PsYcHotHerAPY internAtionAl JournAl of HeAltH cAre finAnce & economics internAtionAl JournAl of HeAltH geogrAPHics internAtionAl JournAl of HeAltH PlAnning And mAnAgement internAtionAl JournAl of HeAltH services internAtionAl JournAl of HosPitAlitY mAnAgement internAtionAl JournAl of HumAn resource mAnAgement internAtionAl JournAl of HumAn-comPuter interAction internAtionAl JournAl of HumAn-comPuter studies internAtionAl JournAl of industriAl ergonomics internAtionAl JournAl of industriAl orgAnizAtion internAtionAl JournAl of informAtion mAnAgement internAtionAl JournAl of interculturAl relAtions internAtionAl JournAl of lAnguAge & communicAtion disorders internAtionAl JournAl of lAW And PsYcHiAtrY internAtionAl JournAl of lAW crime And Justice internAtionAl JournAl of leXicogrAPHY internAtionAl JournAl of logistics-reseArcH And APPlicAtions internAtionAl JournAl of mAnAgement revieWs internAtionAl JournAl of mAnPoWer internAtionAl JournAl of mArKet reseArcH internAtionAl JournAl of mentAl HeAltH nursing internAtionAl JournAl of metHods in PsYcHiAtric reseArcH internAtionAl JournAl of middle eAst studies internAtionAl JournAl of mobile communicAtions internAtionAl JournAl of nursing PrActice internAtionAl JournAl of nursing studies internAtionAl JournAl of occuPAtionAl And environmentAl HeAltH internAtionAl JournAl of occuPAtionAl sAfetY And ergonomics internAtionAl JournAl of offender tHerAPY And comPArAtive criminologY internAtionAl JournAl of oPerAtions & Production mAnAgement .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE internAtionAl JournAl of osteoArcHAeologY internAtionAl JournAl of Press-Politics internAtionAl JournAl of ProJect mAnAgement internAtionAl JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY in medicine internAtionAl JournAl of PsYcHoAnAlYsis internAtionAl JournAl of PsYcHologY internAtionAl JournAl of PsYcHoPHYsiologY internAtionAl JournAl of Public HeAltH internAtionAl JournAl of Public oPinion reseArcH internAtionAl JournAl of QuAlitAtive studies on HeAltH And Well-being internAtionAl JournAl of reHAbilitAtion reseArcH internAtionAl JournAl of reseArcH in mArKeting internAtionAl JournAl of science educAtion internAtionAl JournAl of selection And Assessment internAtionAl JournAl of sociAl PsYcHiAtrY internAtionAl JournAl of sociAl reseArcH metHodologY internAtionAl JournAl of sociAl WelfAre internAtionAl JournAl of sPeecH lAnguAge And tHe lAW internAtionAl JournAl of sPeecH-lAnguAge PAtHologY internAtionAl JournAl of sPort finAnce internAtionAl JournAl of sPort PsYcHologY internAtionAl JournAl of sPorts mArKeting & sPonsorsHiP internAtionAl JournAl of sPorts science & coAcHing internAtionAl JournAl of sustAinAble trAnsPortAtion internAtionAl JournAl of tecHnologY mAnAgement internAtionAl JournAl of tourism reseArcH internAtionAl JournAl of trAnsPort economics internAtionAl JournAl of urbAn And regionAl reseArcH internAtionAl JournAl of urologicAl nursing internAtionAl lAbour revieW internAtionAl mArKeting revieW internAtionAl migrAtion internAtionAl migrAtion revieW internAtionAl nursing revieW internAtionAl orgAnizAtion internAtionAl PersPectives on seXuAl And reProductive HeAltH internAtionAl PoliticAl science revieW internAtionAl PsYcHogeriAtrics internAtionAl Public mAnAgement JournAl ISSN 1047-482X 1940-1612 0263-7863 0091-2174 0020-7578 0020-7594 0167-8760 1661-8556 0954-2892 1748-2623 0342-5282 0167-8116 0950-0693 0965-075X 0020-7640 1364-5579 1369-6866 1748-8885 1754-9507 1558-6235 0047-0767 1464-6668 1747-9541 1556-8318 0267-5730 1099-2340 0391-8440 0309-1317 1749-7701 0020-7780 0265-1335 0020-7985 0197-9183 0020-8132 0020-8183 1944-0391 0192-5121 1041-6102 1096-7494 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE internAtionAl regionAl science revieW internAtionAl relAtions internAtionAl relAtions of tHe AsiA-PAcific internAtionAl revieW for tHe sociologY of sPort internAtionAl revieW of AdministrAtive sciences internAtionAl revieW of economics & finAnce internAtionAl revieW of lAW And economics internAtionAl revieW of PsYcHiAtrY internAtionAl revieW of reseArcH in mentAl retArdAtion internAtionAl revieW of sociAl HistorY internAtionAl revieW of tHe red cross internAtionAl securitY internAtionAl smAll business JournAl internAtionAl sociAl WorK internAtionAl sociologY internAtionAl studies QuArterlY internAtionAl tAX And Public finAnce internAtionAle PolitiK internet And HigHer educAtion interPreter And trAnslAtor trAiner intersecciones en AntroPologiA intervention in scHool And clinic investigAcion bibliotecologicA investigAcion economicA investigAciones economicAs investment AnAlYsts JournAl inzinerine eKonomiKA-engineering economics ioWA lAW revieW irAniAn JournAl of Public HeAltH irisH educAtionAl studies isis isrAel AffAirs isrAel JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY And relAted sciences issues & studies issues in lAW & medicine issues in science And tecHnologY JAHrbucHer fur nAtionAloKonomie und stAtistiK JAnAc-JournAl of tHe AssociAtion of nurses in Aids cAre JAPAn And tHe World economY JAPAn JournAl of nursing science JAPAnese economic revieW JAPAnese JournAl of educAtionAl PsYcHologY JAPAnese JournAl of PoliticAl science JAPAnese PsYcHologicAl reseArcH ISSN 0160-0176 0047-1178 1470-482X 1012-6902 0020-8523 1059-0560 0144-8188 0954-0261 0074-7750 0020-8590 1816-3831 0162-2889 0266-2426 0020-8728 0268-5809 0020-8833 0927-5940 1430-175X 1096-7516 1750-399X 1666-2105 1053-4512 0187-358X 0185-1667 0210-1521 1029-3523 1392-2785 0021-0552 0304-4556 0332-3315 0021-1753 1353-7121 0333-7308 1013-2511 8756-8160 0748-5492 0021-4027 1055-3290 0922-1425 1742-7932 1352-4739 0021-5015 1468-1099 0021-5368 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE JAssA-tHe finsiA JournAl of APPlied finAnce JAsss-tHe JournAl of ArtificiAl societies And sociAl simulAtion JAvnost-tHe Public Jcms-JournAl of common mArKet studies JeziKoslovlJe Jognn-JournAl of obstetric gYnecologic And neonAtAl nursing JournAl for eAst euroPeAn mAnAgement studies JournAl for reseArcH in mAtHemAtics educAtion JournAl for sPeciAlists in PediAtric nursing JournAl for tHe scientific studY of religion JournAl for tHe tHeorY of sociAl beHAviour JournAl of AbnormAl cHild PsYcHologY JournAl of AbnormAl PsYcHologY JournAl of AcAdemic librAriAnsHiP JournAl of Accounting & economics JournAl of Accounting And Public PolicY JournAl of Accounting reseArcH JournAl of Addictions nursing JournAl of Addictive diseAses JournAl of Adolescence JournAl of Adolescent & Adult literAcY JournAl of Adolescent HeAltH JournAl of Adolescent reseArcH JournAl of Adult develoPment JournAl of AdvAnced nursing JournAl of Advertising JournAl of Advertising reseArcH JournAl of Affective disorders JournAl of AfricAn economies JournAl of AfricAn HistorY JournAl of AfricAn lAnguAges And linguistics JournAl of AfricAn lAW JournAl of Aging And HeAltH JournAl of Aging And PHYsicAl ActivitY JournAl of Aging studies JournAl of AgrAriAn cHAnge JournAl of AgriculturAl & environmentAl etHics JournAl of AgriculturAl And resource economics JournAl of AgriculturAl economics JournAl of Air trAnsPort mAnAgement JournAl of AmericAn college HeAltH JournAl of AmericAn HistorY JournAl of AnAlYticAl PsYcHologY JournAl of AntHroPologicAl ArcHAeologY ISSN 0313-5934 1460-7425 1318-3222 0021-9886 1331-7202 0884-2175 0949-6181 0021-8251 1539-0136 0021-8294 0021-8308 0091-0627 0021-843X 0099-1333 0165-4101 0278-4254 0021-8456 1088-4602 1055-0887 0140-1971 1081-3004 1054-139X 0743-5584 1068-0667 0309-2402 0091-3367 0021-8499 0165-0327 0963-8024 0021-8537 0167-6164 0021-8553 0898-2643 1063-8652 0890-4065 1471-0358 1187-7863 1068-5502 0021-857X 0969-6997 0744-8481 0021-8723 0021-8774 0278-4165 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE JournAl of AntHroPologicAl reseArcH JournAl of AntHroPologicAl sciences JournAl of AnXietY disorders JournAl of APPlied beHAvior AnAlYsis JournAl of APPlied communicAtion reseArcH JournAl of APPlied develoPmentAl PsYcHologY JournAl of APPlied econometrics JournAl of APPlied economics JournAl of APPlied gerontologY JournAl of APPlied PsYcHologY JournAl of APPlied reseArcH in intellectuAl disAbilities JournAl of APPlied sociAl PsYcHologY JournAl of APPlied sPort PsYcHologY JournAl of ArcHAeologicAl metHod And tHeorY JournAl of ArcHAeologicAl science JournAl of ArcHitecturAl And PlAnning reseArcH JournAl of AsiAn studies JournAl of AustrAliAn PoliticAl economY JournAl of Autism And develoPmentAl disorders JournAl of bAlKAn And neAr eAstern studies JournAl of bAltic science educAtion JournAl of bAltic studies JournAl of bAnKing & finAnce JournAl of beHAvior tHerAPY And eXPerimentAl PsYcHiAtrY JournAl of beHAviorAl decision mAKing JournAl of beHAviorAl HeAltH services & reseArcH JournAl of beHAviorAl medicine JournAl of beliefs & vAlues-studies in religion & educAtion JournAl of bioetHicAl inQuirY JournAl of biosociAl science JournAl of blAcK PsYcHologY JournAl of blAcK studies JournAl of britisH studies JournAl of broAdcAsting & electronic mediA JournAl of business & economic stAtistics JournAl of business & industriAl mArKeting JournAl of business And PsYcHologY JournAl of business And tecHnicAl communicAtion JournAl of business economics And mAnAgement JournAl of business etHics JournAl of business finAnce & Accounting JournAl of business logistics JournAl of business reseArcH ISSN 0091-7710 1827-4765 0887-6185 0021-8855 0090-9882 0193-3973 0883-7252 1514-0326 0733-4648 0021-9010 1360-2322 0021-9029 1041-3200 1072-5369 0305-4403 0738-0895 0021-9118 0156-5826 0162-3257 1944-8953 1648-3898 0162-9778 0378-4266 0005-7916 0894-3257 1094-3412 0160-7715 1361-7672 1176-7529 0021-9320 0095-7984 0021-9347 0021-9371 0883-8151 0735-0015 0885-8624 0889-3268 1050-6519 1611-1699 0167-4544 0306-686X 0735-3766 0148-2963 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE JournAl of business venturing JournAl of business-to-business mArKeting JournAl of cArdiovAsculAr nursing JournAl of cAreer Assessment JournAl of cAreer develoPment JournAl of cHild & Adolescent substAnce Abuse JournAl of cHild And fAmilY studies JournAl of cHild lAnguAge JournAl of cHild PsYcHologY And PsYcHiAtrY JournAl of cHinese linguistics JournAl of clAssificAtion JournAl of clinicAl And eXPerimentAl neuroPsYcHologY JournAl of clinicAl cHild And Adolescent PsYcHologY JournAl of clinicAl etHics JournAl of clinicAl nursing JournAl of clinicAl PsYcHiAtrY JournAl of clinicAl PsYcHologY JournAl of clinicAl PsYcHologY in medicAl settings JournAl of cognition And develoPment JournAl of cognitive And beHAviorAl PsYcHotHerAPies JournAl of cognitive neuroscience JournAl of college student develoPment JournAl of communicAtion JournAl of communicAtion disorders JournAl of communitY & APPlied sociAl PsYcHologY JournAl of communitY HeAltH JournAl of communitY HeAltH nursing JournAl of communitY PsYcHologY JournAl of comPArAtive economics JournAl of comPArAtive fAmilY studies JournAl of comPArAtive germAnic linguistics JournAl of comPArAtive PsYcHologY JournAl of comPutAtionAl finAnce JournAl of comPuter Assisted leArning JournAl of comPuter-mediAted communicAtion JournAl of conflict resolution JournAl of consciousness studies JournAl of constructivist PsYcHologY JournAl of consulting And clinicAl PsYcHologY JournAl of consumer AffAirs JournAl of consumer PsYcHologY JournAl of consumer reseArcH JournAl of contemPorArY AsiA ISSN 0883-9026 1051-712X 0889-4655 1069-0727 0894-8453 1067-828X 1062-1024 0305-0009 0021-9630 0091-3723 0176-4268 1380-3395 1537-4416 1046-7890 0962-1067 0160-6689 0021-9762 1068-9583 1524-8372 1584-7101 0898-929X 0897-5264 0021-9916 0021-9924 1052-9284 0094-5145 0737-0016 0090-4392 0147-5967 0047-2328 1383-4924 0735-7036 1460-1559 0266-4909 1083-6101 0022-0027 1355-8250 1072-0537 0022-006X 0022-0078 1057-7408 0093-5301 0047-2336 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE JournAl of contemPorArY cHinA JournAl of contemPorArY etHnogrAPHY JournAl of contemPorArY HistorY JournAl of corPorAte finAnce JournAl of counseling And develoPment JournAl of counseling PsYcHologY JournAl of creAtive beHAvior JournAl of credit risK JournAl of criminAl Justice JournAl of criminAl lAW & criminologY JournAl of cross-culturAl PsYcHologY JournAl of culturAl economics JournAl of curriculum studies JournAl of deAf studies And deAf educAtion JournAl of democrAcY JournAl of derivAtives JournAl of develoPment economics JournAl of develoPment studies JournAl of develoPmentAl And beHAviorAl PediAtrics JournAl of develoPmentAl And PHYsicAl disAbilities JournAl of documentAtion JournAl of drug educAtion JournAl of drug issues JournAl of eArlY Adolescence JournAl of eArlY intervention JournAl of eAst AsiAn linguistics JournAl of eAst AsiAn studies JournAl of eAstern AfricAn studies JournAl of econometrics JournAl of economic beHAvior & orgAnizAtion JournAl of economic dYnAmics & control JournAl of economic educAtion JournAl of economic geogrAPHY JournAl of economic groWtH JournAl of economic HistorY JournAl of economic ineQuAlitY JournAl of economic issues JournAl of economic literAture JournAl of economic PersPectives JournAl of economic PolicY reform JournAl of economic PsYcHologY JournAl of economic surveYs JournAl of economic tHeorY JournAl of economics ISSN 1067-0564 0891-2416 0022-0094 0929-1199 0748-9633 0022-0167 0022-0175 1744-6619 0047-2352 0091-4169 0022-0221 0885-2545 0022-0272 1081-4159 1045-5736 1074-1240 0304-3878 0022-0388 0196-206X 1056-263X 0022-0418 0047-2379 0022-0426 0272-4316 1053-8151 0925-8558 1598-2408 1753-1055 0304-4076 0167-2681 0165-1889 0022-0485 1468-2702 1381-4338 0022-0507 1569-1721 0021-3624 0022-0515 0895-3309 1748-7870 0167-4870 0950-0804 0022-0531 0931-8658 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE JournAl of economics & mAnAgement strAtegY JournAl of ect JournAl of educAtion PolicY JournAl of educAtionAl And beHAviorAl stAtistics JournAl of educAtionAl And PsYcHologicAl consultAtion JournAl of educAtionAl meAsurement JournAl of educAtionAl PsYcHologY JournAl of educAtionAl reseArcH JournAl of emergencY nursing JournAl of emotionAl And beHAviorAl disorders JournAl of emPiricAl finAnce JournAl of emPiricAl reseArcH on HumAn reseArcH etHics JournAl of emPloYment counseling JournAl of engineering And tecHnologY mAnAgement JournAl of engineering educAtion JournAl of environmentAl economics And mAnAgement JournAl of environmentAl PlAnning And mAnAgement JournAl of environmentAl PolicY & PlAnning JournAl of environmentAl PsYcHologY JournAl of ePidemiologY And communitY HeAltH JournAl of etHnic And migrAtion studies JournAl of euroPeAn Public PolicY JournAl of euroPeAn sociAl PolicY JournAl of evolutionArY economics JournAl of eXPerimentAl cHild PsYcHologY JournAl of eXPerimentAl educAtion JournAl of eXPerimentAl PsYcHologY-AnimAl beHAvior Processes JournAl of eXPerimentAl PsYcHologY-APPlied JournAl of eXPerimentAl PsYcHologY-generAl JournAl of eXPerimentAl PsYcHologY-HumAn PercePtion And PerformAnce JournAl of eXPerimentAl PsYcHologY-leArning memorY And cognition JournAl of eXPerimentAl sociAl PsYcHologY JournAl of fAmilY HistorY JournAl of fAmilY issues JournAl of fAmilY nursing JournAl of fAmilY PlAnning And reProductive HeAltH cAre JournAl of fAmilY PsYcHologY JournAl of fAmilY studies ISSN 1058-6407 1095-0680 0268-0939 1076-9986 1047-4412 0022-0655 0022-0663 0022-0671 0099-1767 1063-4266 0927-5398 1556-2646 0022-0787 0923-4748 1069-4730 0095-0696 0964-0568 1523-908X 0272-4944 0143-005X 1369-183X 1350-1763 0958-9287 0936-9937 0022-0965 0022-0973 0097-7403 1076-898X 0096-3445 0096-1523 0278-7393 0022-1031 0363-1990 0192-513X 1074-8407 1471-1893 0893-3200 1322-9400 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE JournAl of fAmilY tHerAPY JournAl of fAmilY violence JournAl of finAnce JournAl of finAnciAl And QuAntitAtive AnAlYsis JournAl of finAnciAl econometrics JournAl of finAnciAl economics JournAl of finAnciAl intermediAtion JournAl of finAnciAl mArKets JournAl of finAnciAl services reseArcH JournAl of fluencY disorders JournAl of forecAsting JournAl of forensic PsYcHiAtrY & PsYcHologY JournAl of forensic PsYcHologY PrActice JournAl of forest economics JournAl of frencH lAnguAge studies JournAl of futures mArKets JournAl of gAmbling studies JournAl of gender studies JournAl of generAl PsYcHologY JournAl of genetic PsYcHologY JournAl of geogrAPHicAl sYstems JournAl of geogrAPHY JournAl of geogrAPHY in HigHer educAtion JournAl of germAnic linguistics JournAl of gerontologicAl nursing JournAl of globAl informAtion mAnAgement JournAl of HAPPiness studies JournAl of HeAd trAumA reHAbilitAtion JournAl of HeAltH And sociAl beHAvior JournAl of HeAltH cAre for tHe Poor And underserved JournAl of HeAltH communicAtion JournAl of HeAltH economics JournAl of HeAltH Politics PolicY And lAW JournAl of HeAltH PsYcHologY JournAl of HeAltH services reseArcH & PolicY JournAl of HeAltHcAre mAnAgement JournAl of HigHer educAtion JournAl of HistoricAl geogrAPHY JournAl of HistoricAl PrAgmAtics JournAl of HistoricAl sociologY JournAl of Home economics reseArcH JournAl of HomelAnd securitY And emergencY mAnAgement JournAl of HomoseXuAlitY JournAl of HosPice & PAlliAtive nursing ISSN 0163-4445 0885-7482 0022-1082 0022-1090 1479-8409 0304-405X 1042-9573 1386-4181 0920-8550 0094-730X 0277-6693 1478-9949 1522-8932 1104-6899 0959-2695 0270-7314 1050-5350 0958-9236 0022-1309 0022-1325 1435-5930 0022-1341 0309-8265 1470-5427 0098-9134 1062-7375 1389-4978 0885-9701 0022-1465 1049-2089 1081-0730 0167-6296 0361-6878 1359-1053 1355-8196 1096-9012 0022-1546 0305-7488 1566-5852 0952-1909 1118-0021 1547-7355 0091-8369 1522-2179 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE JournAl of HosPitAlitY leisure sPort & tourism educAtion JournAl of Housing economics JournAl of HumAn evolution JournAl of HumAn resources JournAl of HumAnistic PsYcHologY JournAl of individuAl differences JournAl of industriAl economics JournAl of industriAl relAtions JournAl of informAtion science JournAl of informAtion tecHnologY JournAl of informetrics JournAl of institutionAl And tHeoreticAl economics-zeitscHrift fur die gesAmte stAAtsWissenscHAft JournAl of intellectuAl & develoPmentAl disAbilitY JournAl of intellectuAl disAbilitY reseArcH JournAl of intellectuAl ProPertY rigHts JournAl of interActive mArKeting JournAl of interdisciPlinArY HistorY JournAl of internAtionAl business studies JournAl of internAtionAl develoPment JournAl of internAtionAl economic lAW JournAl of internAtionAl economics JournAl of internAtionAl mAnAgement JournAl of internAtionAl mArKeting JournAl of internAtionAl moneY And finAnce JournAl of internAtionAl relAtions And develoPment JournAl of internAtionAl trAde & economic develoPment JournAl of interPersonAl violence JournAl of interProfessionAl cAre JournAl of isrAeli HistorY JournAl of JAPAnese studies JournAl of KnoWledge mAnAgement JournAl of KoreA trAde JournAl of KoreAn AcAdemY of nursing JournAl of lAbor economics JournAl of lAbor reseArcH JournAl of lAnguAge And Politics JournAl of lAnguAge And sociAl PsYcHologY JournAl of lAnguAge identitY And educAtion JournAl of lAtin AmericAn studies JournAl of lAW & economics JournAl of lAW And societY ISSN 1473-8376 1051-1377 0047-2484 0022-166X 0022-1678 1614-0001 0022-1821 0022-1856 0165-5515 0268-3962 1751-1577 0932-4569 1366-8250 0964-2633 0971-7544 1094-9968 0022-1953 0047-2506 0954-1748 1369-3034 0022-1996 1075-4253 1069-031X 0261-5606 1408-6980 0963-8199 0886-2605 1356-1820 1353-1042 0095-6848 1367-3270 1229-828X 2005-3673 0734-306X 0195-3613 1569-2159 0261-927X 1534-8458 0022-216X 0022-2186 0263-323X .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE JournAl of lAW economics & orgAnizAtion JournAl of lAW medicine & etHics JournAl of leArning disAbilities JournAl of legAl educAtion JournAl of legAl medicine JournAl of legAl studies JournAl of leisure reseArcH JournAl of librAriAnsHiP And informAtion science JournAl of linguistic AntHroPologY JournAl of linguistics JournAl of literAcY reseArcH JournAl of loss & trAumA JournAl of mAcroeconomics JournAl of mAnAgement JournAl of mAnAgement & orgAnizAtion JournAl of mAnAgement informAtion sYstems JournAl of mAnAgement inQuirY JournAl of mAnAgement studies JournAl of mAnAgeriAl PsYcHologY JournAl of mAPs JournAl of mAritAl And fAmilY tHerAPY JournAl of mAritime lAW And commerce JournAl of mArKeting JournAl of mArKeting reseArcH JournAl of mArriAge And tHe fAmilY JournAl of mAteriAl culture JournAl of mAtHemAticAl economics JournAl of mAtHemAticAl PsYcHologY JournAl of mAtHemAticAl sociologY JournAl of mediA economics JournAl of medicAl etHics JournAl of medicine And PHilosoPHY JournAl of memorY And lAnguAge JournAl of mentAl HeAltH JournAl of mentAl HeAltH PolicY And economics JournAl of midWiferY & Womens HeAltH JournAl of mind And beHAvior JournAl of miXed metHods reseArcH JournAl of modern AfricAn studies JournAl of modern HistorY JournAl of monetArY economics JournAl of moneY credit And bAnKing JournAl of morAl educAtion JournAl of motor beHAvior ISSN 8756-6222 1073-1105 0022-2194 0022-2208 0194-7648 0047-2530 0022-2216 0961-0006 1055-1360 0022-2267 1086-296X 1532-5024 0164-0704 0149-2063 1833-3672 0742-1222 1056-4926 0022-2380 0268-3946 1744-5647 0194-472X 0022-2410 0022-2429 0022-2437 0022-2445 1359-1835 0304-4068 0022-2496 0022-250X 0899-7764 0306-6800 0360-5310 0749-596X 0963-8237 1091-4358 1526-9523 0271-0137 1558-6898 0022-278X 0022-2801 0304-3932 0022-2879 0305-7240 0022-2895 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE JournAl of multiculturAl counseling And develoPment JournAl of multilinguAl And multiculturAl develoPment JournAl of music tHerAPY JournAl of nervous And mentAl diseAse JournAl of neurolinguistics JournAl of neuroPsYcHologY JournAl of neuroscience nursing JournAl of nonverbAl beHAvior JournAl of nursing AdministrAtion JournAl of nursing cAre QuAlitY JournAl of nursing educAtion JournAl of nursing scHolArsHiP JournAl of occuPAtionAl And orgAnizAtionAl PsYcHologY JournAl of occuPAtionAl HeAltH PsYcHologY JournAl of occuPAtionAl reHAbilitAtion JournAl of officiAl stAtistics JournAl of oPerAtionAl risK JournAl of oPerAtions mAnAgement JournAl of orgAnizAtionAl beHAvior JournAl of orgAnizAtionAl beHAvior mAnAgement JournAl of orgAnizAtionAl cHAnge mAnAgement JournAl of PAcific rim PsYcHologY JournAl of PAlestine studies JournAl of PAlliAtive cAre JournAl of PeAce reseArcH JournAl of PeAsAnt studies JournAl of PediAtric HeAltH cAre JournAl of PediAtric oncologY nursing JournAl of PediAtric PsYcHologY JournAl of Pension economics & finAnce JournAl of PerinAtAl & neonAtAl nursing JournAl of PersonAlitY JournAl of PersonAlitY And sociAl PsYcHologY JournAl of PersonAlitY Assessment JournAl of PersonAlitY disorders JournAl of PHilosoPHY of educAtion JournAl of PHonetics JournAl of Pidgin And creole lAnguAges JournAl of PlAnning educAtion And reseArcH JournAl of PlAnning literAture JournAl of PolicY AnAlYsis And mAnAgement JournAl of PolicY modeling ISSN 0883-8534 0143-4632 0022-2917 0022-3018 0911-6044 1748-6645 0888-0395 0191-5886 0002-0443 1057-3631 0148-4834 1527-6546 0963-1798 1076-8998 1053-0487 0282-423X 1744-6740 0272-6963 0894-3796 0160-8061 0953-4814 1834-4909 0377-919X 0825-8597 0022-3433 0306-6150 0891-5245 1043-4542 0146-8693 1474-7472 0893-2190 0022-3506 0022-3514 0022-3891 0885-579X 0309-8249 0095-4470 0920-9034 0739-456X 0885-4122 0276-8739 0161-8938 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE ISSN 1612-5681 0022-3808 0963-8016 0022-3816 0933-1433 0095-4918 1098-3007 0160-3477 0378-2166 0737-6782 0895-562X 8755-7223 1351-0126 0022-3956 1180-4882 0279-1072 0734-2829 0145-3378 0090-6905 0022-3980 0091-6471 1433-0237 0882-2689 0269-8803 0279-3695 0734-7332 0167-482X 0022-3999 1053-1858 1097-3923 0047-2727 1741-3842 1078-4659 0197-5897 0743-9156 1062-726X 0748-4518 0929-6174 0895-5638 0896-5803 0951-6328 JournAl of Politeness reseArcH-lAnguAge beHAviour culture JournAl of PoliticAl economY JournAl of PoliticAl PHilosoPHY JournAl of Politics JournAl of PoPulAtion economics JournAl of Portfolio mAnAgement JournAl of Positive beHAvior interventions JournAl of Post KeYnesiAn economics JournAl of PrAgmAtics JournAl of Product innovAtion mAnAgement JournAl of ProductivitY AnAlYsis JournAl of ProfessionAl nursing JournAl of PsYcHiAtric And mentAl HeAltH nursing JournAl of PsYcHiAtric reseArcH JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY & neuroscience JournAl of PsYcHoActive drugs JournAl of PsYcHoeducAtionAl Assessment JournAl of PsYcHoHistorY JournAl of PsYcHolinguistic reseArcH JournAl of PsYcHologY JournAl of PsYcHologY And tHeologY JournAl of PsYcHologY in AfricA JournAl of PsYcHoPAtHologY And beHAviorAl Assessment JournAl of PsYcHoPHYsiologY JournAl of PsYcHosociAl nursing And mentAl HeAltH services JournAl of PsYcHosociAl oncologY JournAl of PsYcHosomAtic obstetrics And gYnecologY JournAl of PsYcHosomAtic reseArcH JournAl of Public AdministrAtion reseArcH And tHeorY JournAl of Public economic tHeorY JournAl of Public economics JournAl of Public HeAltH JournAl of Public HeAltH mAnAgement And PrActice JournAl of Public HeAltH PolicY JournAl of Public PolicY & mArKeting JournAl of Public relAtions reseArcH JournAl of QuAntitAtive criminologY JournAl of QuAntitAtive linguistics JournAl of reAl estAte finAnce And economics JournAl of reAl estAte reseArcH JournAl of refugee studies .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE JournAl of regionAl science JournAl of regulAtorY economics JournAl of reHAbilitAtion JournAl of reHAbilitAtion reseArcH And develoPment JournAl of religion & HeAltH JournAl of reProductive And infAnt PsYcHologY JournAl of reseArcH in crime And delinQuencY JournAl of reseArcH in PersonAlitY JournAl of reseArcH in reAding JournAl of reseArcH in science teAcHing JournAl of reseArcH on Adolescence JournAl of retAiling JournAl of risK JournAl of risK And insurAnce JournAl of risK And uncertAintY JournAl of risK reseArcH JournAl of rurAl HeAltH JournAl of rurAl studies JournAl of sAfetY reseArcH JournAl of scHolArlY PublisHing JournAl of scHool HeAltH JournAl of scHool nursing JournAl of scHool PsYcHologY JournAl of science educAtion And tecHnologY JournAl of second lAnguAge Writing JournAl of semAntics JournAl of service mAnAgement JournAl of service reseArcH JournAl of services mArKeting JournAl of seX & mAritAl tHerAPY JournAl of seX reseArcH JournAl of smAll business mAnAgement JournAl of sociAl And clinicAl PsYcHologY JournAl of sociAl And PersonAl relAtionsHiPs JournAl of sociAl HistorY JournAl of sociAl issues JournAl of sociAl PolicY JournAl of sociAl PsYcHologY JournAl of sociAl service reseArcH JournAl of sociAl WorK educAtion JournAl of sociAl WorK PrActice JournAl of sociolinguistics JournAl of sociologY JournAl of soutHeAst AsiAn studies ISSN 0022-4146 0922-680X 0022-4154 0748-7711 0022-4197 0264-6838 0022-4278 0092-6566 0141-0423 0022-4308 1050-8392 0022-4359 1465-1211 0022-4367 0895-5646 1366-9877 0890-765X 0743-0167 0022-4375 1198-9742 0022-4391 1059-8405 0022-4405 1059-0145 1060-3743 0167-5133 1757-5818 1094-6705 0887-6045 0092-623X 0022-4499 0047-2778 0736-7236 0265-4075 0022-4529 0022-4537 0047-2794 0022-4545 0148-8376 1043-7797 0265-0533 1360-6441 1440-7833 0022-4634 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE ISSN 0305-7070 0022-4669 1092-4388 0895-2779 0193-7235 0888-4773 1527-0025 0140-2390 1028-3153 1937-1888 0740-5472 1465-9891 0966-9582 0022-4871 0273-5024 0892-9912 0092-0703 0890-8567 1041-2972 1093-6793 0002-8614 1067-5027 0194-4363 0003-0651 1532-2882 1354-7860 1536-9323 0886-3520 0022-4995 1542-4766 0022-5002 0022-5010 0022-5045 1043-4070 0022-5061 0025-1003 0889-1583 1050-8406 1536-5050 JournAl of soutHern AfricAn studies JournAl of sPeciAl educAtion JournAl of sPeecH lAnguAge And HeAring reseArcH JournAl of sPort & eXercise PsYcHologY JournAl of sPort & sociAl issues JournAl of sPort mAnAgement JournAl of sPorts economics JournAl of strAtegic studies JournAl of studies in internAtionAl educAtion JournAl of studies on AlcoHol And drugs JournAl of substAnce Abuse treAtment JournAl of substAnce use JournAl of sustAinAble tourism JournAl of teAcHer educAtion JournAl of teAcHing in PHYsicAl educAtion JournAl of tecHnologY trAnsfer JournAl of tHe AcAdemY of mArKeting science JournAl of tHe AmericAn AcAdemY of cHild And Adolescent PsYcHiAtrY JournAl of tHe AmericAn AcAdemY of nurse PrActitioners JournAl of tHe AmericAn AcAdemY of PsYcHiAtrY And tHe lAW JournAl of tHe AmericAn geriAtrics societY JournAl of tHe AmericAn medicAl informAtics AssociAtion JournAl of tHe AmericAn PlAnning AssociAtion JournAl of tHe AmericAn PsYcHoAnAlYtic AssociAtion JournAl of tHe AmericAn societY for informAtion science And tecHnologY JournAl of tHe AsiA PAcific economY JournAl of tHe AssociAtion for informAtion sYstems JournAl of tHe coPYrigHt societY of tHe usA JournAl of tHe economic And sociAl HistorY of tHe orient JournAl of tHe euroPeAn economic AssociAtion JournAl of tHe eXPerimentAl AnAlYsis of beHAvior JournAl of tHe HistorY of biologY JournAl of tHe HistorY of medicine And Allied sciences JournAl of tHe HistorY of seXuAlitY JournAl of tHe HistorY of tHe beHAviorAl sciences JournAl of tHe internAtionAl PHonetic AssociAtion JournAl of tHe JAPAnese And internAtionAl economies JournAl of tHe leArning sciences JournAl of tHe medicAl librArY AssociAtion .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE JournAl of tHe oPerAtionAl reseArcH societY JournAl of tHe PHilosoPHY of sPort JournAl of tHe PolYnesiAn societY JournAl of tHe roYAl AntHroPologicAl institute JournAl of tHe roYAl stAtisticAl societY series A-stAtistics in societY JournAl of tHeoreticAl Politics JournAl of trAnsculturAl nursing JournAl of trAnsPort economics And PolicY JournAl of trAnsPort geogrAPHY JournAl of trAumA & dissociAtion JournAl of trAumAtic stress JournAl of trAvel reseArcH JournAl of urbAn AffAirs JournAl of urbAn economics JournAl of urbAn HistorY JournAl of urbAn PlAnning And develoPment-Asce JournAl of urbAn tecHnologY JournAl of vAlue inQuirY JournAl of visuAl imPAirment & blindness JournAl of vocAtionAl beHAvior JournAl of Women & Aging JournAl of Women Politics & PolicY JournAl of Womens HeAltH JournAl of World business JournAl of World trAde JournAl of Wound ostomY And continence nursing JournAl of YoutH And Adolescence JournAl of YoutH studies JournAlism & mAss communicAtion QuArterlY JournAlism studies JournAls of gerontologY series A-biologicAl sciences And medicAl sciences JournAls of gerontologY series b-PsYcHologicAl sciences And sociAl sciences Judgment And decision mAKing JudicAture Justice QuArterlY Justice sYstem JournAl Juvenile And fAmilY court JournAl Kedi JournAl of educAtionAl PolicY KennedY institute of etHics JournAl KindHeit und entWicKlung KinesiologY KnoWledge orgAnizAtion ISSN 0160-5682 0094-8705 0032-4000 1359-0987 0964-1998 0951-6298 1043-6596 0022-5258 0966-6923 1529-9732 0894-9867 0047-2875 0735-2166 0094-1190 0096-1442 0733-9488 1063-0732 0022-5363 0145-482X 0001-8791 0895-2841 1554-477X 1540-9996 1090-9516 1011-6702 1071-5754 0047-2891 1367-6261 1077-6990 1461-670X 1079-5006 1079-5014 1930-2975 0022-5800 0741-8825 0098-261X 0161-7109 1739-4341 1054-6863 0942-5403 1331-1441 0943-7444 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE Kolner zeitscHrift fur soziologie und soziAlPsYcHologie KoreA observer KoreAn JournAl of defense AnAlYsis KriminAlistiK KriminologiscHes JournAl KurAm ve uYgulAmAdA egitim bilimleri KYKlos lAbor HistorY lAbour economics lAbour HistorY lAnd economics lAnd use PolicY lAndscAPe And urbAn PlAnning lAndscAPe reseArcH lAnguAge lAnguAge & communicAtion lAnguAge AcQuisition lAnguAge And cognitive Processes lAnguAge And interculturAl communicAtion lAnguAge And linguistics lAnguAge And literAture lAnguAge And sPeecH lAnguAge Assessment QuArterlY lAnguAge AWAreness lAnguAge culture And curriculum lAnguAge in societY lAnguAge leArning lAnguAge leArning & tecHnologY lAnguAge mAtters lAnguAge PolicY lAnguAge Problems & lAnguAge PlAnning lAnguAge sciences lAnguAge sPeecH And HeAring services in scHools lAnguAge teAcHing lAnguAge teAcHing reseArcH lAnguAge testing lAnguAge vAriAtion And cHAnge lAterAlitY lAtin AmericAn PersPectives lAtin AmericAn Politics And societY lAtin AmericAn reseArcH revieW lAW & PolicY lAW & societY revieW lAW And HumAn beHAvior ISSN 0023-2653 0023-3919 1016-3271 0023-4699 0341-1966 1303-0485 0023-5962 0023-656X 0927-5371 0023-6942 0023-7639 0264-8377 0169-2046 0142-6397 0097-8507 0271-5309 1048-9223 0169-0965 1470-8477 1606-822X 0963-9470 0023-8309 1543-4303 0965-8416 0790-8318 0047-4045 0023-8333 1094-3501 1022-8195 1568-4555 0272-2690 0388-0001 0161-1461 0261-4448 1362-1688 0265-5322 0954-3945 1357-650X 0094-582X 1531-426X 0023-8791 0265-8240 0023-9216 0147-7307 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE lAW And PHilosoPHY lAW And sociAl inQuirY-JournAl of tHe AmericAn bAr foundAtion lAW librArY JournAl leAdersHiP QuArterlY leArned PublisHing leArning & beHAvior leArning And individuAl differences leArning And instruction leArning And motivAtion leArning disAbilitY QuArterlY legAl And criminologicAl PsYcHologY legislAtive studies QuArterlY leisure sciences leisure studies leX locAlis-JournAl of locAl self-government leXiKos librArY & informAtion science reseArcH librArY And informAtion science librArY collections AcQuisitions & tecHnicAl services librArY Hi tecH librArY JournAl librArY QuArterlY librArY resources & tecHnicAl services librArY trends libri linguA linguistic inQuirY linguistic revieW linguisticA PrAgensiA linguisticA urAlicA linguistics linguistics And PHilosoPHY lJetoPis sociJAlnog rAdA locAl government studies long rAnge PlAnning m&som-mAnufActuring & service oPerAtions mAnAgement mAcroeconomic dYnAmics mAgAllAniA mAgHreb-mAcHreK mAlAYsiAn JournAl of librArY & informAtion science mAn in indiA mAnA-estudos de AntroPologiA sociAl mAnAgement Accounting reseArcH ISSN 0167-5249 0897-6546 0023-9283 1048-9843 0953-1513 1543-4494 1041-6080 0959-4752 0023-9690 0731-9487 1355-3259 0362-9805 0149-0400 0261-4367 1581-5374 1684-4904 0740-8188 0373-4447 1464-9055 0737-8831 0363-0277 0024-2519 0024-2527 0024-2594 0024-2667 0024-3841 0024-3892 0167-6318 0862-8432 0868-4731 0024-3949 0165-0157 1846-5412 0300-3930 0024-6301 1523-4614 1365-1005 0718-0209 1762-3162 1394-6234 0025-1569 0104-9313 1044-5005 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE mAnAgement And orgAnizAtion revieW mAnAgement communicAtion QuArterlY mAnAgement decision mAnAgement internAtionAl revieW mAnAgement leArning mAnAgement science mAncHester scHool mAnKind QuArterlY mArine PolicY mArine resource economics mArKeting letters mArKeting science mAss communicAtion And societY mAternAl And cHild HeAltH JournAl mAtHemAticAl finAnce mAtHemAticAl PoPulAtion studies mAtHemAticAl sociAl sciences mcn-tHe AmericAn JournAl of mAternAl-cHild nursing meAsurement And evAluAtion in counseling And develoPment mediA culture & societY mediA internAtionAl AustrAliA mediA PsYcHologY medicAl AntHroPologY medicAl AntHroPologY QuArterlY medicAl cAre medicAl cAre reseArcH And revieW medicAl HistorY medicc revieW medicine HeAltH cAre And PHilosoPHY medicine science And tHe lAW mediterrAneAn HistoricAl revieW mediterrAneAn Politics melbourne universitY lAW revieW memorY memorY & cognition men And mAsculinities merrill-PAlmer QuArterlY-JournAl of develoPmentAl PsYcHologY metAPHor And sYmbol micHigAn lAW revieW middle eAst JournAl middle eAst PolicY middle eAstern studies midWiferY ISSN 1740-8776 0893-3189 0025-1747 0938-8249 1350-5076 0025-1909 1463-6786 0025-2344 0308-597X 0738-1360 0923-0645 0732-2399 1520-5436 1092-7875 0960-1627 0889-8480 0165-4896 0361-929X 0748-1756 0163-4437 1329-878X 1521-3269 0145-9740 0745-5194 0025-7079 1077-5587 0025-7273 1555-7960 1386-7423 0025-8024 0951-8967 1362-9395 0025-8938 0965-8211 0090-502X 1097-184X 0272-930X 1092-6488 0026-2234 0026-3141 1061-1924 0026-3206 0266-6138 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE milbAnK QuArterlY militArY lAW revieW militArY PsYcHologY millennium-JournAl of internAtionAl studies mind & lAnguAge minervA minnesotA lAW revieW minnesotA sYmPosiA on cHild PsYcHologY mis QuArterlY mis QuArterlY eXecutive mit sloAn mAnAgement revieW mitteilungen der osterreicHiscHen geogrAPHiscHen gesellscHAft mobilizAtion modern AsiAn studies modern cHinA modern lAnguAge JournAl monAtsscHrift fur Kriminologie und strAfrecHtsreform monogrAPHs of tHe societY for reseArcH in cHild develoPment montHlY lAbor revieW montHlY revieW-An indePendent sociAlist mAgAzine motivAtion And emotion mouvement sociAl movimento multilinguA-JournAl of cross-culturAl And interlAnguAge communicAtion multivAriAte beHAviorAl reseArcH music educAtion reseArcH music PercePtion musicAe scientiAe nArrAtive inQuirY nAtion nAtionAl tAX JournAl nAtions And nAtionAlism nAturAl lAnguAge & linguistic tHeorY nAturAl lAnguAge semAntics nAturAl resources forum nAturAl resources JournAl nebrAsKA sYmPosium on motivAtion negotiAtion JournAl nePHrologY nursing JournAl netHerlAnds QuArterlY of HumAn rigHts neurobiologY of leArning And memorY neuroPsYcHologiA ISSN 0887-378X 0026-4040 0899-5605 0305-8298 0268-1064 0026-4695 0026-5535 0076-9266 0276-7783 1540-1960 1532-9194 0029-9138 1086-671X 0026-749X 0097-7004 0026-7902 0026-9301 0037-976X 0098-1818 0027-0520 0146-7239 0027-2671 0104-754X 0167-8507 0027-3171 1461-3808 0730-7829 1029-8649 1387-6740 0027-8378 0028-0283 1354-5078 0167-806X 0925-854X 0165-0203 0028-0739 0146-7875 0748-4526 1526-744X 0169-3441 1074-7427 0028-3932 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE neuroPsYcHologY neuroPsYcHologY revieW neuroreHAbilitAtion neW educAtionAl revieW neW genetics And societY neW ideAs in PsYcHologY neW left revieW neW mediA & societY neW PersPectives on turKeY neW PoliticAl economY neW rePublic neW tecHnologY WorK And emPloYment neW YorK universitY lAW revieW neW zeAlAnd geogrAPHer neW zeAlAnd JournAl of PsYcHologY nicotine & tobAcco reseArcH nonProfit And voluntArY sector QuArterlY nordic JournAl of linguistics nordic JournAl of music tHerAPY nordic JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY nordic PsYcHologY norsK geogrAfisK tidssKrift-norWegiAn JournAl of geogrAPHY nortH KoreAn revieW nortHWestern universitY lAW revieW notre dAme lAW revieW nouvelles Questions feministes nuncius-JournAl of tHe HistorY of science nurse educAtion todAY nurse educAtor nursing & HeAltH sciences nursing clinics of nortH AmericA nursing economics nursing etHics nursing HistorY revieW nursing inQuirY nursing outlooK nursing PHilosoPHY nursing reseArcH nursing science QuArterlY oceAn develoPment And internAtionAl lAW oceAniA odgoJne znAnosti-educAtionAl sciences omegA-internAtionAl JournAl of mAnAgement science omegA-JournAl of deAtH And dYing ISSN 0894-4105 1040-7308 1053-8135 1732-6729 1463-6778 0732-118X 0028-6060 1461-4448 1305-3299 1356-3467 0028-6583 0268-1072 0028-7881 0028-8144 0112-109X 1462-2203 0899-7640 0332-5865 0803-9828 0803-9488 1901-2276 0029-1951 1551-2789 0029-3571 0745-3515 0248-4951 0394-7394 0260-6917 0363-3624 1441-0745 0029-6465 0746-1739 0969-7330 1062-8061 1320-7881 0029-6554 1466-7681 0029-6562 0894-3184 0090-8320 0029-8077 1846-1204 0305-0483 0030-2228 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE ISSN 0190-535X 0146-5422 1468-4527 0923-7992 0168-2601 0030-364X 1350-5084 1086-0266 1047-7039 0170-8406 0749-5978 0090-2616 1094-4281 0744-6020 0369-7827 1615-5548 0030-6428 1539-4492 0305-9049 0030-7653 0266-903X 0305-4985 0030-851X 0817-8038 1361-374X 1225-4657 0951-2748 0927-538X 0030-9230 1524-9042 1452-595X 1405-7425 1056-8190 0486-2902 1529-5192 oncologY nursing forum online online informAtion revieW oPen economies revieW oPen House internAtionAl oPerAtions reseArcH orgAnizAtion orgAnizAtion & environment orgAnizAtion science orgAnizAtion studies orgAnizAtionAl beHAvior And HumAn decision Processes orgAnizAtionAl dYnAmics orgAnizAtionAl reseArcH metHods ortHoPAedic nursing osiris osterreicHiscHe zeitscHrift fur PolitiKWissenscHAft osteuroPA otJr-occuPAtion PArticiPAtion And HeAltH oXford bulletin of economics And stAtistics oXford economic PAPers-neW series oXford revieW of economic PolicY oXford revieW of educAtion PAcific AffAirs PAcific economic bulletin PAcific economic revieW PAcific focus PAcific revieW PAcific-bAsin finAnce JournAl PAedAgogicA HistoricA PAin mAnAgement nursing PAnoeconomicus PAPeles de PoblAcion PAPers in regionAl science PAPers of tHe regionAl science AssociAtion PArenting-science And PrActice PArliAmentArY AffAirs PArtY Politics PAst & Present PAtient educAtion And counseling PAtterns of PreJudice PedAgogiscHe studien Pensee PercePtion PercePtuAl And motor sKills 0031-2290 1354-0688 0031-2746 0738-3991 0031-322X 0165-0645 0031-4773 0301-0066 0031-5125 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE Perfiles lAtinoAmericAnos PersonAl relAtionsHiPs PersonAlitY And individuAl differences PersonAlitY And sociAl PsYcHologY bulletin PersonAlitY And sociAl PsYcHologY revieW Personnel PsYcHologY Personnel revieW PersPectivAs em cienciA dA informAcAo PersPectives in educAtion PersPectives in PsYcHiAtric cAre PersPectives in Public HeAltH PersPectives on PsYcHologicAl science PersPectives on seXuAl And reProductive HeAltH Pflege PHArmAcoeconomics PHi deltA KAPPAn PHiliPPine PoliticAl science JournAl PHilosoPHicAl PsYcHologY PHilosoPHY & Public AffAirs PHilosoPHY of science PHilosoPHY of tHe sociAl sciences PHoneticA PHonologY PHYsicAl revieW sPeciAl toPics-PHYsics educAtion reseArcH PHYsics in PersPective PHYsiologY & beHAvior PlAins AntHroPologist Poetics Policing & societY Policing-An internAtionAl JournAl of Police strAtegies & mAnAgement PolicY And Politics PolicY revieW PolicY sciences PolicY studies JournAl PolisH sociologicAl revieW PoliticA Y gobierno PoliticAl AnAlYsis PoliticAl beHAvior PoliticAl communicAtion PoliticAl geogrAPHY PoliticAl PsYcHologY PoliticAl QuArterlY PoliticAl reseArcH QuArterlY PoliticAl science ISSN 0188-7653 1350-4126 0191-8869 0862-8408 1088-8683 0031-5826 0048-3486 1981-5344 0258-2236 0031-5990 1757-9139 1745-6916 1538-6341 1012-5302 1170-7690 0031-7217 0115-4451 0951-5089 0048-3915 0031-8248 0048-3931 0031-8388 0952-6757 1554-9178 1422-6944 0031-9384 0032-0447 0304-422X 1043-9463 1363-951X 0305-5736 0146-5945 0032-2687 0190-292X 1231-1413 1665-2037 1047-1987 0190-9320 1058-4609 0962-6298 0162-895X 0032-3179 1065-9129 0032-3187 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE ISSN 0032-3195 0032-3217 0090-5917 0032-3233 0032-3292 0258-9346 0032-3470 0295-2319 0032-3497 0032-4663 0098-7921 0199-0039 0032-468X 0167-5923 1544-8444 0032-4728 1697-7467 1531-2542 1617-982X 1463-1377 1060-586X 1897-7499 0079-4848 1018-2101 1210-0455 1269-1763 0032-7034 1389-4986 0032-8855 1075-8216 1895-6912 0921-4771 1386-6710 0033-0124 0735-7028 0033-0337 0309-1325 0305-9006 0102-7972 0211-2159 0214-9915 0048-5705 0205-9592 1049-0965 PoliticAl science QuArterlY PoliticAl studies PoliticAl tHeorY PoliticKA eKonomie Politics & societY PolitiKon PolitiscHe viertelJAHresscHrift PolitiX PolitY PoPulAtion PoPulAtion And develoPment revieW PoPulAtion And environment PoPulAtion bulletin PoPulAtion reseArcH And PolicY revieW PoPulAtion sPAce And PlAce PoPulAtion studies-A JournAl of demogrAPHY PortA linguArum PortAl-librAries And tHe AcAdemY Portuguese economic JournAl Post-communist economies Post-soviet AffAirs PoznAn studies in contemPorArY linguistics PrAeHistoriscHe zeitscHrift PrAgmAtics PrAgue economic PAPers PrAtiQues PsYcHologiQues PrAXis der KinderPsYcHologie und KinderPsYcHiAtrie Prevention science Prison JournAl Problems of Post-communism ProblemY eKorozWoJu Probus ProfesionAl de lA informAcion ProfessionAl geogrAPHer ProfessionAl PsYcHologY-reseArcH And PrActice ProgrAm-electronic librArY And informAtion sYstems Progress in HumAn geogrAPHY Progress in PlAnning PsicologiA-refleXAo e criticA PsicologicA PsicotHemA PsiHologiJA PsiKHologicHesKii zHurnAl Ps-PoliticAl science & Politics .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE PsYcHe-zeitscHrift fur PsYcHoAnAlYse und iHre AnWendungen PsYcHiAtriA dAnubinA PsYcHiAtric AnnAls PsYcHiAtric clinics of nortH AmericA PsYcHiAtric QuArterlY PsYcHiAtric reHAbilitAtion JournAl PsYcHiAtric services PsYcHiAtrie de l enfAnt PsYcHiAtriscHe PrAXis PsYcHiAtrY PsYcHologY And lAW PsYcHiAtrY reseArcH PsYcHiAtrY-interPersonAl And biologicAl Processes PsYcHoAnAlYtic diAlogues PsYcHoAnAlYtic inQuirY PsYcHoAnAlYtic PsYcHologY PsYcHoAnAlYtic QuArterlY PsYcHoAnAlYtic studY of tHe cHild PsYcHologiA PsYcHologicA belgicA PsYcHologicAl Assessment PsYcHologicAl bulletin PsYcHologicAl inQuirY PsYcHologicAl medicine PsYcHologicAl metHods PsYcHologicAl record PsYcHologicAl rePorts PsYcHologicAl reseArcH-PsYcHologiscHe forscHung PsYcHologicAl revieW PsYcHologicAl science PsYcHologie du trAvAil et des orgAnisAtions PsYcHologie frAncAise PsYcHologie in erzieHung und unterricHt PsYcHologiscHe rundscHAu PsYcHologist PsYcHologY & HeAltH PsYcHologY & mArKeting PsYcHologY And Aging PsYcHologY And PsYcHotHerAPY-tHeorY reseArcH And PrActice PsYcHologY crime & lAW PsYcHologY HeAltH & medicine PsYcHologY in tHe scHools PsYcHologY of Addictive beHAviors PsYcHologY of leArning And motivAtion PsYcHologY of music ISSN 0033-2623 0353-5053 0048-5713 0193-953X 0033-2720 1095-158X 1075-2730 0079-726X 0303-4259 1321-8719 0165-1781 0033-2747 1048-1885 0735-1690 0736-9735 0033-2828 0079-7308 0033-2852 0033-2879 1040-3590 0033-2909 1047-840X 0033-2917 1082-989X 0033-2933 0033-2941 0340-0727 0033-295X 0956-7976 1420-2530 0033-2984 0342-183X 0033-3042 0952-8229 0887-0446 0742-6046 0882-7974 1476-0835 1068-316X 1354-8506 0033-3085 0893-164X 0079-7421 0305-7356 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE PsYcHologY of sPort And eXercise PsYcHologY of Women QuArterlY PsYcHologY Public PolicY And lAW PsYcHometriKA PsYcHonomic bulletin & revieW PsYcHo-oncologY PsYcHoPAtHologY PsYcHoPHYsiologY PsYcHosomAtic medicine PsYcHosomAtics PsYcHotHerAPeut PsYcHotHerAPie PsYcHosomAtiK mediziniscHe PsYcHologie PsYcHotHerAPY PsYcHotHerAPY And PsYcHosomAtics PsYcHotHerAPY reseArcH Public AdministrAtion Public AdministrAtion And develoPment Public AdministrAtion revieW Public cHoice Public culture Public HeAltH Public HeAltH genomics Public HeAltH nursing Public HeAltH rePorts Public mAnAgement revieW Public moneY & mAnAgement Public oPinion QuArterlY Public Personnel mAnAgement Public relAtions revieW Public understAnding of science Publius-tHe JournAl of federAlism PunisHment & societY-internAtionAl JournAl of PenologY Qme-QuAntitAtive mArKeting And economics QuAlitAtive HeAltH reseArcH QuAlitAtive inQuirY QuAlitAtive reseArcH QuAlitAtive sociologY QuAlitY & QuAntitY QuAntitAtive finAnce QuArterlY JournAl of economics QuArterlY JournAl of eXPerimentAl PsYcHologY QuArterlY JournAl of PoliticAl science QuArterlY JournAl of sPeecH Quest ISSN 1469-0292 0361-6843 1076-8971 0033-3123 1069-9384 1057-9249 0254-4962 0048-5772 0033-3174 0033-3182 0935-6185 0937-2032 0033-3204 0033-3190 1050-3307 0033-3298 0271-2075 0033-3352 0048-5829 0899-2363 0033-3506 1662-4246 0737-1209 0033-3549 1471-9037 0954-0962 0033-362X 0091-0260 0363-8111 0963-6625 0048-5950 1462-4745 1570-7156 1049-7323 1077-8004 1468-7941 0162-0436 0033-5177 1469-7688 0033-5533 1747-0218 1554-0626 0033-5630 0033-6297 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE r & d mAnAgement rAce & clAss rAce etHnicitY And educAtion rAdicAl PHilosoPHY rAe-revistA de AdministrAcAo de emPresAs rAnd JournAl of economics rAtionAlitY And societY rbgn-revistA brAsileirA de gestAo de negocios reAding And Writing reAding reseArcH QuArterlY reAding teAcHer reAl estAte economics recAll recHercHes economiQues de louvAin-louvAin economic revieW recHt & PsYcHiAtrie reference & user services QuArterlY regionAl environmentAl cHAnge regionAl science And urbAn economics regionAl studies regulAtion & governAnce reHAbilitAtion counseling bulletin reHAbilitAtion nursing reHAbilitAtion PsYcHologY relAtions industrielles-industriAl relAtions remediAl And sPeciAl educAtion reProductive HeAltH mAtters reseArcH And PrActice for Persons WitH severe disAbilities reseArcH evAluAtion reseArcH in Autism sPectrum disorders reseArcH in develoPmentAl disAbilities reseArcH in HigHer educAtion reseArcH in nursing & HeAltH reseArcH in orgAnizAtionAl beHAvior reseArcH in science educAtion reseArcH in sociAl & AdministrAtive PHArmAcY reseArcH in tHe teAcHing of englisH reseArcH on Aging reseArcH on lAnguAge And sociAl interAction reseArcH on sociAl WorK PrActice reseArcH PolicY reseArcH QuArterlY for eXercise And sPort reseArcH-tecHnologY mAnAgement resource And energY economics resources PolicY ISSN 0033-6807 0306-3968 1361-3324 0300-211X 0034-7590 0741-6261 1043-4631 1806-4892 0922-4777 0034-0553 0034-0561 1080-8620 0958-3440 0770-4518 0724-2247 1094-9054 1436-3798 0166-0462 0034-3404 1748-5983 0034-3552 0278-4807 0090-5550 0034-379X 0741-9325 0968-8080 0274-9483 0958-2029 1750-9467 0891-4222 0361-0365 0160-6891 0191-3085 0157-244X 1551-7411 0034-527X 0164-0275 0835-1813 1049-7315 0048-7333 0270-1367 0895-6308 0928-7655 0301-4207 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE restAurAtor-internAtionAl JournAl for tHe PreservAtion of librArY And ArcHivAl mAteriAl revieW of Accounting studies revieW of AgriculturAl economics revieW of centrAl And eAst euroPeAn lAW revieW of develoPment economics revieW of economic dYnAmics revieW of economic studies revieW of economics And stAtistics revieW of educAtionAl reseArcH revieW of environmentAl economics And PolicY revieW of finAnce revieW of finAnciAl studies revieW of generAl PsYcHologY revieW of HigHer educAtion revieW of income And WeAltH revieW of industriAl orgAnizAtion revieW of internAtionAl PoliticAl economY revieW of internAtionAl studies revieW of netWorK economics revieW of Public Personnel AdministrAtion revieW of religious reseArcH revieW of reseArcH in educAtion revieW of World economics reviJA zA KriminAlistiKo in KriminologiJo reviJA zA sociJAlnu PolitiKu revistA ArgentinA de clinicA PsicologicA revistA brAsileirA de PoliticA internAcionAl revistA brAsileirA de PsiQuiAtriA revistA dA escolA de enfermAgem dA usP revistA de cercetAre si interventie sociAlA revistA de cienciA PoliticA revistA de cienciAs sociAles revistA de derecHo comunitArio euroPeo revistA de economiA APlicAdA revistA de economiA mundiAl revistA de educAcion revistA de estudios Politicos revistA de estudios sociAles revistA de geogrAfiA norte grAnde revistA de HistoriA economicA revistA de PsicodidActicA revistA de PsicologiA del dePorte revistA de PsicologiA sociAl revistA de sAude PublicA ISSN 0034-5806 1380-6653 1058-7195 0925-9880 1363-6669 1094-2025 0034-6527 0034-6535 0034-6543 1750-6816 1572-3097 0893-9454 1089-2680 0162-5748 0034-6586 0889-938X 0969-2290 0260-2105 1446-9022 0734-371X 0034-673X 0091-732X 1610-2878 0034-690X 1330-2965 0327-6716 0034-7329 1516-4446 0080-6234 1583-3410 0716-1417 1315-9518 1138-4026 1133-455X 1576-0162 0034-8082 0048-7694 0123-885X 0379-8682 0212-6109 1136-1034 1132-239X 0213-4748 0034-8910 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE revistA del clAd reformA Y democrAciA revistA esPAnolA de derecHo constitucionAl revistA esPAnolA de documentAcion cientificA revistA esPAnolA de finAnciAcion Y contAbilidAdsPAnisH JournAl of finAnce And Accounting revistA esPAnolA de investigAciones sociologicAs revistA esPAnolA de linguisticA APlicAdA revistA esPAnolA de PedAgogiA revistA esPAnolA de sAlud PublicA revistA iberoAmericAnA de diAgnostico Y evAluAcion-e AvAliAcAo PsicologicA revistA internAcionAl de sociologiA revistA lAtino-AmericAnA de enfermAgem revistA lAtinoAmericAnA de investigAcion en mAtemAticA educAtivA-relime revistA lAtinoAmericAnA de PsicologiA revistA lAtinoAmericAnA de PsicoPAtologiA fundAmentAl revistA lusofonA de educAcAo revistA meXicAnA de PsicologiA revistA PAnAmericAnA de sAlud PublicA-PAn AmericAn JournAl of Public HeAltH revistA romAnA de bioeticA revistA signos revistA venezolAnA de gerenciA revue d economie PolitiQue revue d etudes comPArAtives est-ouest revue de geogrAPHie AlPine-JournAl of AlPine reseArcH revue frAncAise de linguistiQue APPliQuee revue frAncAise de sociologie revue internAtionAle de PsYcHologie sociAleinternAtionAl revieW of sociAl PsYcHologY revue roumAine de linguistiQue-romAniAn revieW of linguistics rHetoric societY QuArterlY rilce-revistA de filologiA HisPAnicA risK AnAlYsis rivistA di PsicHiAtriA rivistA di PsicoAnAlisi rlA-revistA de linguisticA teoricA Y APlicAdA roAd & trAnsPort reseArcH romAniAn JournAl of economic forecAsting romAniAn JournAl of PoliticAl science rurAl sociologY russiAn educAtion And societY russiAn Politics And lAW ISSN 1315-2378 0211-5743 0210-0614 0210-2412 0210-5233 0213-2028 0034-9461 1135-5727 1135-3848 0034-9712 0104-1169 1665-2436 0120-0534 1415-4714 1645-7250 0185-6073 1020-4989 1583-5170 0035-0451 1315-9984 0373-2630 0338-0599 0035-1121 1386-1204 0035-2969 0992-986X 0035-3957 0277-3945 0213-2370 0272-4332 0035-6484 0035-6492 0033-698X 1037-5783 1582-6163 1582-456X 0036-0112 1060-9393 1061-1940 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE rutgers lAW revieW sAHArA J-JournAl of sociAl AsPects of Hiv-Aids sAlud colectivA sAlud mentAl sAlud PublicA de meXico sAude e sociedAde scAndiA scAndinAviAn ActuAriAl JournAl scAndinAviAn JournAl of cAring sciences scAndinAviAn JournAl of economics scAndinAviAn JournAl of educAtionAl reseArcH scAndinAviAn JournAl of HosPitAlitY And tourism scAndinAviAn JournAl of mAnAgement scAndinAviAn JournAl of occuPAtionAl tHerAPY scAndinAviAn JournAl of PsYcHologY scAndinAviAn JournAl of Public HeAltH scAndinAviAn JournAl of WorK environment & HeAltH scAndinAviAn PoliticAl studies scHizoPHreniA bulletin scHizoPHreniA reseArcH scHool effectiveness And scHool imProvement scHool PsYcHologY internAtionAl scHool PsYcHologY QuArterlY scHool PsYcHologY revieW science & educAtion science & societY science And engineering etHics science communicAtion science educAtion science in conteXt science tecHnologY & HumAn vAlues sciences sociAles et sAnte scientific studies of reAding scientist scientometrics scottisH geogrAPHicAl JournAl scottisH JournAl of PoliticAl economY scriPtA novA-revistA electronicA de geogrAfiA Y cienciAs sociAles second lAnguAge reseArcH securities regulAtion lAW JournAl securitY diAlogue securitY studies self And identitY seoul JournAl of KoreAn studies ISSN 0036-0465 1729-0376 1669-2381 0185-3325 0036-3634 0104-1290 0036-5483 0346-1238 0283-9318 0347-0520 0031-3831 1502-2250 0956-5221 1103-8128 0036-5564 1403-4948 0355-3140 0080-6757 0586-7614 0920-9964 0924-3453 0143-0343 1045-3830 0279-6015 0926-7220 0036-8237 1353-3452 1075-5470 0036-8326 0269-8897 0162-2439 0294-0337 1088-8438 0890-3670 0138-9130 1470-2541 0036-9292 1138-9788 0267-6583 0097-9554 0967-0106 0963-6412 1529-8868 1225-0201 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE ISSN 0098-7913 0264-2069 0360-0025 1079-0632 1448-5028 1363-4607 0146-1044 0097-9740 0217-5908 0129-7619 0037-6779 0350-6894 0037-7031 0921-898X 1046-4964 0037-7317 1464-9365 0964-6639 0301-2212 0037-766X 0176-1714 0278-016X 0037-7686 0961-205X 0253-3952 0037-7732 0951-631X 0303-8300 0885-7466 0378-8733 0265-0525 0144-5596 1172-4382 1072-4745 0037-7791 0933-7954 1864-9335 0190-2725 0037-783X 0277-9536 0894-4393 0145-5532 0539-0184 1369-1465 seriAls revieW service industries JournAl seX roles seXuAl Abuse-A JournAl of reseArcH And treAtment seXuAl HeAltH seXuAlities seXuAlitY And disAbilitY signs singAPore economic revieW singAPore JournAl of troPicAl geogrAPHY slAvic revieW slAvisticnA reviJA slovo A slovesnost smAll business economics smAll grouP reseArcH smitH college studies in sociAl WorK sociAl & culturAl geogrAPHY sociAl & legAl studies sociAl beHAvior And PersonAlitY sociAl biologY sociAl cHoice And WelfAre sociAl cognition sociAl comPAss sociAl develoPment sociAl dYnAmics-A JournAl of tHe centre for AfricAn studies universitY of cAPe toWn sociAl forces sociAl HistorY of medicine sociAl indicAtors reseArcH sociAl Justice reseArcH sociAl netWorKs sociAl PHilosoPHY & PolicY sociAl PolicY & AdministrAtion sociAl PolicY JournAl of neW zeAlAnd sociAl Politics sociAl Problems sociAl PsYcHiAtrY And PsYcHiAtric ePidemiologY sociAl PsYcHologY sociAl PsYcHologY QuArterlY sociAl reseArcH sociAl science & medicine sociAl science comPuter revieW sociAl science HistorY sociAl science informAtion sur les sciences sociAles sociAl science JAPAn JournAl .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE sociAl science JournAl sociAl science QuArterlY sociAl science reseArcH sociAl service revieW sociAl studies of science sociAl WorK sociAl WorK in HeAltH cAre sociAl WorK reseArcH sociedAde e culturA societY societY & AnimAls societY & nAturAl resources socio-economic revieW sociologiA sociologiA rurAlis sociologicAl forum sociologicAl inQuirY sociologicAl metHodologY sociologicAl metHods & reseArcH sociologicAl PersPectives sociologicAl QuArterlY sociologicAl reseArcH online sociologicAl revieW sociologicAl sPectrum sociologicAl tHeorY sociologicAl tHeorY And metHods sociologicKY cAsoPis-czecH sociologicAl revieW sociologie du trAvAil sociologiJA i Prostor sociologisK forsKning sociologus sociologY of educAtion sociologY of HeAltH & illness sociologY of religion sociologY of sPort JournAl sociologY-tHe JournAl of tHe britisH sociologicAl AssociAtion sotsiologicHesKie issledovAniYA soutH AfricAn geogrAPHicAl JournAl soutH AfricAn JournAl for reseArcH in sPort PHYsicAl educAtion And recreAtion soutH AfricAn JournAl of business mAnAgement soutH AfricAn JournAl of economic And mAnAgement sciences soutH AfricAn JournAl of economics soutH AfricAn JournAl of educAtion ISSN 0362-3319 0038-4941 0049-089X 0037-7961 0306-3127 0037-8046 0098-1389 1070-5309 1980-8194 0147-2011 1063-1119 0894-1920 1475-1461 0049-1225 0038-0199 0884-8971 0038-0245 0081-1750 0049-1241 0731-1214 0038-0253 1360-7804 0038-0261 0273-2173 0735-2751 0913-1442 0038-0288 0038-0296 1846-5226 0038-0342 0038-0377 0038-0407 0141-9889 1069-4404 0741-1235 0038-0385 0132-1625 0373-6245 0379-9069 0378-9098 1015-8812 0038-2280 0256-0100 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE soutH AfricAn JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY soutH AfricAn JournAl of PsYcHologY soutH AfricAn JournAl on HumAn rigHts soutH euroPeAn societY And Politics soutHeAst euroPeAn And blAcK seA studies soutHern AfricAn linguistics And APPlied lAnguAge studies soutHern cAliforniA lAW revieW soutHern economic JournAl soziAle Welt-zeitscHrift fur soziAlWissenscHAftlicHe forscHung und PrAXis sPAce PolicY sPAnisH economic revieW sPAnisH JournAl of PsYcHologY sPAtiAl cognition And comPutAtion sPAtiAl vision sPort educAtion And societY sPort PsYcHologist stAnford JournAl of internAtionAl lAW stAnford lAW revieW stAte Politics & PolicY QuArterlY strAtegic mAnAgement JournAl strAtegic orgAnizAtion stress And HeAltH structurAl eQuAtion modeling-A multidisciPlinArY JournAl studiA PsYcHologicA studiA socJologiczne studies in AmericAn PoliticAl develoPment studies in comPArAtive internAtionAl develoPment studies in conflict & terrorism studies in eAst euroPeAn tHougHt studies in fAmilY PlAnning studies in HigHer educAtion studies in HistorY And PHilosoPHY of science studies in lAnguAge studies in nonlineAr dYnAmics And econometrics studies in PHilosoPHY And educAtion studies in second lAnguAge AcQuisition studies in sYmbolic interAction studies on etHno-medicine substAnce Abuse treAtment Prevention And PolicY substAnce use & misuse sud-ouest euroPeen suicide And life-tHreAtening beHAvior suPPlY cHAin mAnAgement-An internAtionAl JournAl ISSN 1608-9685 0081-2463 0258-7203 1360-8746 1468-3857 1607-3614 0038-3910 0038-4038 0038-6073 0265-9646 1435-5469 1138-7416 1387-5868 0169-1015 1357-3322 0888-4781 0731-5082 0038-9765 1532-4400 0143-2095 1476-1270 1532-3005 1070-5511 0039-3320 0039-3371 0898-588X 0039-3606 1057-610X 0925-9392 0039-3665 0307-5079 0039-3681 0378-4177 1081-1826 0039-3746 0272-2631 0163-2396 0973-5070 1747-597X 1082-6084 1276-4930 0363-0234 1359-8546 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE suPreme court revieW surveY metHodologY survivAl sustAinAble develoPment suvremenA PsiHologiJA sWiss JournAl of PsYcHologY sWiss PoliticAl science revieW sWs-rundscHAu sYmbolic interAction sYntAX And semAntics sYntHese sYstem dYnAmics revieW sYstemic PrActice And Action reseArcH sYstems reseArcH And beHAviorAl science szociologiAi szemle teAcHers college record teAcHing And teAcHer educAtion teAcHing in HigHer educAtion teAcHing of PsYcHologY teAcHing sociologY tecHnicAl communicAtion tecHnologicAl And economic develoPment of economY tecHnologicAl forecAsting And sociAl cHAnge tecHnologY AnAlYsis & strAtegic mAnAgement tecHnologY And culture tecHnovAtion telecommunicAtions PolicY temPo PsicAnAlitico temPo sociAl teoriA de lA educAcion terminologY terrorism And PoliticAl violence tesol QuArterlY teXAs lAW revieW teXt & tAlK teXto & conteXto enfermAgem tHeoreticAl criminologY tHeoreticAl linguistics tHeoreticAl medicine And bioetHics tHeorY & PsYcHologY tHeorY And decision tHeorY And societY tHeorY culture & societY tHeorY into PrActice ISSN 0081-9557 0714-0045 0039-6338 0968-0802 1331-9264 1421-0185 1424-7755 1013-1469 0195-6086 0092-4563 0039-7857 0883-7066 1094-429X 1092-7026 1216-2051 0161-4681 0742-051X 1356-2517 0098-6283 0092-055X 0049-3155 1392-8619 0040-1625 0953-7325 0040-165X 0166-4972 0308-5961 0101-4838 0103-2070 1130-3743 0929-9971 0954-6553 0039-8322 0040-4411 1860-7330 0104-0707 1362-4806 0301-4428 1386-7415 0959-3543 0040-5833 0304-2421 0263-2764 0040-5841 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE ISSN 0250-4952 1354-6783 0143-6597 0040-716X 1384-6930 0040-747X 0040-7585 0961-463X 0964-4563 0271-1214 0882-7524 0271-8294 1478-3363 1354-8166 1461-6688 0261-5177 0082-5638 1538-9588 1406-0922 0020-2754 1363-4615 1648-4460 0103-3786 1355-6509 0967-070X 0144-1647 0049-4488 0041-1612 0965-8564 0191-2615 1361-9209 1366-5545 1369-8478 0041-1655 1812-8602 1221-1249 1842-2845 1524-8380 1294-6303 0041-1868 1364-6613 tHerAPie fAmiliAle tHinKing & reAsoning tHird World QuArterlY tidssKrift for sAmfunnsforsKning tiJdscHrift voor communicAtieWetenscHAP tiJdscHrift voor economiscHe en sociAle geogrAfie tiJdscHrift voor recHtsgescHiedenis-revue d Histoire du droit-tHe legAl HistorY revieW time & societY tobAcco control toPics in eArlY cHildHood sPeciAl educAtion toPics in geriAtric reHAbilitAtion toPics in lAnguAge disorders totAl QuAlitY mAnAgement & business eXcellence tourism economics tourism geogrAPHies tourism mAnAgement trAbAJos de PreHistoriA trAffic inJurY Prevention trAmes-JournAl of tHe HumAnities And sociAl sciences trAnsActions of tHe institute of britisH geogrAPHers trAnsculturAl PsYcHiAtrY trAnsformAtions in business & economics trAnsinformAcAo trAnslAtor trAnsPort PolicY trAnsPort revieWs trAnsPortAtion trAnsPortAtion JournAl trAnsPortAtion reseArcH PArt A-PolicY And PrActice trAnsPortAtion reseArcH PArt b-metHodologicAl trAnsPortAtion reseArcH PArt d-trAnsPort And environment trAnsPortAtion reseArcH PArt e-logistics And trAnsPortAtion revieW trAnsPortAtion reseArcH PArt f-trAffic PsYcHologY And beHAviour trAnsPortAtion science trAnsPortmetricA trAnsYlvAniAn revieW trAnsYlvAniAn revieW of AdministrAtive sciences trAumA violence & Abuse trAvAil genre et societes trAvAil HumAin trends in cognitive sciences .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE trimestre economico turK geriAtri dergisi-turKisH JournAl of geriAtrics turK PsiKiYAtri dergisi turK PsiKoloJi dergisi turKisH online JournAl of educAtionAl tecHnologY turKisH studies tYdsKrif vir die suid-AfriKAAnse reg tYdsKrif vir geestesWetensKAPPe uclA lAW revieW uluslArArAsi ilisKiler-internAtionAl relAtions universiA business revieW universitAs PsYcHologicA universitY of cHicAgo lAW revieW universitY of cincinnAti lAW revieW universitY of illinois lAW revieW universitY of PennsYlvAniA JournAl of internAtionAl economic lAW universitY of PennsYlvAniA JournAl of internAtionAl lAW universitY of PennsYlvAniA lAW revieW universitY of PittsburgH lAW revieW urbAn AffAirs revieW urbAn educAtion urbAn forestrY & urbAn greening urbAn geogrAPHY urbAn lAWYer urbAn studies vAlue in HeAltH vAnderbilt lAW revieW verHAltenstHerAPie viAl-vigo internAtionAl JournAl of APPlied linguistics violence AgAinst Women virginiA lAW revieW visuAl cognition visuAl communicAtion voltA revieW voProsY PsiKHologii WAr in HistorY WAsHington lAW revieW WAsHington QuArterlY West euroPeAn Politics Western JournAl of nursing reseArcH Wisconsin lAW revieW Women & HeAltH Women & tHerAPY ISSN 0041-3011 1304-2947 1300-2163 1300-4433 1303-6521 1468-3849 0257-7747 0041-4751 0041-5650 1304-7310 1698-5117 1657-9267 0041-9494 0009-6881 0276-9948 1086-7872 1086-7872 0041-9907 0041-9915 1078-0874 0042-0859 1618-8667 0272-3638 0042-0905 0042-0980 1098-3015 0042-2533 1016-6262 1697-0381 1077-8012 0042-6601 1350-6285 1470-3572 0042-8639 0042-8841 0968-3445 0043-0617 0163-660X 0140-2382 0193-9459 0043-650X 0363-0242 0270-3149 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE Womens HeAltH issues Womens studies internAtionAl forum WorK And occuPAtions WorK And stress WorK emPloYment And societY WorK-A JournAl of Prevention Assessment & reHAbilitAtion World bAnK economic revieW World bAnK reseArcH observer World develoPment World economY World englisHes World PolicY JournAl World Politics World PsYcHiAtrY World trAde revieW WorldvieWs on evidence-bAsed nursing Written communicAtion YAle lAW JournAl YeArbooK of PHYsicAl AntHroPologY Young YoutH & societY YoutH violence And Juvenile Justice zborniK rAdovA eKonomsKog fAKultetA u riJeciProceedings of riJeKA fAcultY of economics zdrAvstveno vArstvo zeitgescHicHte zeitscHrift fur Arbeits-und orgAnisAtionsPsYcHologie zeitscHrift fur bibliotHeKsWesen und bibliogrAPHie zeitscHrift fur diAleKtologie und linguistiK zeitscHrift fur entWicKlungsPsYcHologie und PAdAgogiscHe PsYcHologie zeitscHrift fur erzieHungsWissenscHAft zeitscHrift fur etHnologie zeitscHrift fur evAluAtion zeitscHrift fur fAmilienforscHung zeitscHrift fur gerontologie und geriAtrie zeitscHrift fur gesundHeitsPsYcHologie zeitscHrift fur Kinder-und JugendPsYcHiAtrie und PsYcHotHerAPie zeitscHrift fur KliniscHe PsYcHologie und PsYcHotHerAPie zeitscHrift fur PAdAgogiK zeitscHrift fur PAdAgogiscHe PsYcHologie zeitscHrift fur PersonAlforscHung zeitscHrift fur PersonAlPsYcHologie ISSN 1049-3867 0277-5395 0730-8884 0267-8373 0950-0170 1051-9815 0258-6770 0257-3032 0305-750X 0378-5920 0883-2919 0740-2775 0043-8871 1723-8617 1474-7456 1545-102X 0741-0883 0044-0094 0096-848X 1103-3088 0044-118X 1541-2040 1331-8004 0351-0026 0256-5250 0932-4089 0044-2380 0044-1449 0049-8637 1434-663X 0044-2666 1619-5515 1437-2940 0948-6704 0943-8149 1422-4917 1616-3443 0044-3247 1010-0652 0179-6437 1617-6391 .

WEB OF SCIENCE® - SOCIAL SCIENCES CItAtION INdEx SOURCE PUBLICAtIONS TITLE zeitscHrift fur PsYcHiAtrie PsYcHologie und PsYcHotHerAPie zeitscHrift fur PsYcHologie-JournAl of PsYcHologY zeitscHrift fur PsYcHosomAtiscHe medizin und PsYcHotHerAPie zeitscHrift fur seXuAlforscHung zeitscHrift fur soziologie zeitscHrift fur soziologie der erzieHung und soziAlisAtion zeitscHrift fur sPortPsYcHologie zeitscHrift fur sPrAcHWissenscHAft zeitscHrift fur WirtscHAftsgeogrAPHie zYgon ISSN 1661-4747 0044-3409 1438-3608 0932-8114 0340-1804 1436-1957 1612-5010 0721-9067 0044-3751 0591-2385 .

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