Kerr 1001 sat 8:30 9:00 9:15 9:45 Python for Humans - Kenneth Reitz 10:30 Understanding Decorators in 12 Easy Steps Simeon Franklin Iterator

and Generator Tutorial - Matthew Frazier 12:00 registration welcome keynote

Kerr 2001

Porting to Python 3 - A.M Kuchling

Fuzz Testing with Python - Al Snow

11:15 Emacs for Python Programming - Vinod Kurup

13:30 CPython w/ Visual Studio 2010 - William Sams 14:15 Python Debugging Fundamentals - Chris Calloway 15:00 15:15

Maintaining Your Sanity While Maintaining Your Open Source App - Mark Lavin Building Your First MongoDB Application - Randall Hunt

break Python in Embedded Software Development Chris Church The PyCon 5K: Open Race Tracking with Python and Arduino - Wayne Witzel III break Python applications on Heroku - Flaviu Simihaian


Pickle and Redis - Tim Hopper

16:45 17:00

lightning talks
18:00 sun 8: 30 9:00 end of day

keynote / announcements / break
9:45 Geography, Django, and the Web - Jeff Heard 10:30
Knowledge Discovery in Neglected Disease Databases: Using Python for Data Visualization, Analysis and Mining - Paul J Kowalczyk, PhD

Integrating New-to-Django Designers into Your Development Cycle - David Ray Working with Designers - Julia Elman


Real-time Web: Gevent and - Rick Copeland

Django on Windows - Michael Manfre

Kerr 1001 12:00

Kerr 2001




Why Python Makes Such a Good First Language Barry Peddycord III
An Engineer, a Physicist and a Python Programmer Walk into a Bar: A Case Study on Building Scientific Python Applications in Academia - Dr. Brian J. Soher with Philip Semanchuk

Ansible: Radically Simple DevOps Automation Michael DeHaan Sysadmining Python to the Moon - Fred Alger


15:00 15:15

break Building RESTful Web Services with CherryPy Joseph S. Tate Flasky Goodness - Kenneth Reitz Bringing Python to a Company - Brian Painter Raspberry Pi: From Kindergartners to Mad Scientists - Francois Dion break


16:45 17:00

lightning talks
18:00 end

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