Yes. Portugal. he/she/it is. .PRESENT SIMPLE AFFIRMATIVE NEGATIVE Full form Short form Full form I am I´m You are You´re You are not She is She´s She is not He is He´s He is not It is It´s It is not We are We´re We are not You are You´re You are not They are They´re They are not I am not INTERROGATIVE Short form I´m not Am I? You aren´t Are you? She isn´t Is she? He isn´t Is he? It isn´t Is it? We aren´t Are we? You aren´t Are you? They aren´t Are they? SHORT ANSWERS Are you Portuguese? Is she/he/it fat? Are we/you/they French? Affirmative Affirmative Affirmative Yes. we/you/they/ aren´t. • My birthday is on 1st July. • They are my friends VERB TO BE . we/you/they are Negative Negative Negative No. he/she/it isn´t No. I´m not No. I am Yes.Read these examples attentively: • I´m from Lisbon.

• You / from Greece? ________________________________ C) Write questions with these words: Use am ./ No. • My brother _____ a student. ________________. ______________.Is your mother a teacher? • You / from Portugal? ______________________________________ • The children/ at school? ____________________________________ • It / hot outside? __________________________________________ • Mary and I/ good students? ________________________________ • You / my best friend? _____________________________________ D) Write short answers: • Are you a good student? Yes./ No. ________________. • Are we in the same class? Yes. ______________. ______________. Mark and John aren´t French. ________________________________ • The cat and the dog _____ cute. • Are you and me actors? Yes. is or are. ________________. • Susan and Kevin _____ my best friends. is or are./ No./ No.A) Fill in the blanks with am. • Their house/ big. Use isn´t aren't. ________________. • Is Mark your brother? Yes. ______________. Follow the example: • Mark and John / French. • My name _____ Mary. ________________________________ • My uncle and I _____ teachers. . B) Write full sentences. ______________. ______________. ________________./ No./ No. Follow the example: • Your mother/ a teacher? . • Are they married? Yes. ________________. • My sister and I / same class. • My hands _____ very cold. • Daisy _____ my dog. • My parents _____ Susan and Bill. • My sister _____ 14 years old. ______________./ No. I _____ a teacher. • Are they your cousins? Yes. • Is it hot today? Yes. etc. ________________.

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