Shikha Pankaj Kamboj Abhishek Kalla Nahid Siddique Juhily Tandav

S. Dabur is dedicated towards providing nature-based solutions for a healthy and holistic lifestyle.DABUR      Dabur India Limited is a leading Indian consumer goods company with a turnover of Rs.8 million retail outlets all over India VISION: "Dedicated to the health and well being of every household”  .K. 2834. Products marketed in over 60 countries Wide and deep market penetration with 50 C&F agents.Burman set up Dabur in 1884 in Calcutta to produce and dispense Ayurvedic medicines. For the past 125 years.11 Crore (FY09) Dr. more than 5000 distributors and over 2.

PRODUCT MIX  A Product mix (Product Assortment) is the set of all products and items a particular seller offers for Sale.  The Depth of a product mix refers to how many variants are offered of each product in the line.  The Length of a product mix refers to the total number of items in the mix. The Width of a product mix refers to how many different product lines the company carries.  The Consistency is the degree to which product lines are related  .

LENGTH AND WIDTH Hair Oils Shampoo Oral Care Skin care Health Supplements Dabur Chyawanpras h Dabur Amla Hair Oil Dabur Vatika Shampoo Dabur Red Toothpaste Gulabari Skin Care Vatika Hair Oil Babool Toothpaste Promise Dabur Uveda Dabur Honey Dabur Anmol Dabur Glucose Meswak .

DEPTH Hair Oil Amla Vatika Anmol Flower Magic Mustard Enriched Coconut Enriched Almond .

DEPTH Shampoo Vatika Smooth & Silky Black Shine Dandruff Control Total Protect Root Strengthening .

DEPTH Skin Care Gulabari Uveda Gulab Jal Rose Touch Face Freshener Hydrating Moisturizing Cream Hydrating rose lotion 2 in 1 Moisturiser Clarifying Face wash Moisturising Face wash .

Health Supplements Chyawanpraksh Juices Glucose Junior Chaywanprash Real Activ Glucon-D Glucoplus-C .

 . The product line discussed are broadly classified in the above two category. Shampoo.  Hair oils.CONSISTENCY Dabur India mainly focus Personal Care and Health Care.  Health Supplements comes under Health Care. Oral and Skin Care comes under Personal Care.

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