History is an account of many events that occur within time.

Perhaps one of the most depressing times, bestowed upon American history, is the period of oppression of the African Americans. This period, though rather cast and long, is one that will always be a part of the history of this country, as well as a part of the people that had the experience of it, perished or not. Richard Wright is one such person felt the harsh views of oppression in the South, in the 1920’s. Wright was a person that took the upper hand on oppression and proceeded to do something most African Americans had chosen not to do, rather they were simply too scared to do; he educated himself. Being an inquisitive person, Wright decided that he was going to learn about a man, to which had faced oppression himself. Wright felt perplexed about this such man that was in the oppressed eye of the public; he was white. However, regardless of how much he yearned for the ability to learn, there was a hurdle placed in front of him, the lack of a library card. With the help of a “co-worker,” Wright was able to take books out of the library, and proceed to educate himself. This education allowed Wright finally able to understand the oppression placed before him in a new way. He gained the knowledge to understand his surrounding, to be able to think in ways that he never knew before. However, with this gained knowledge, Wright became unhappy with the life to which he was leading. He was not fulfilling his potential in the grand scheme of things. Although he felt the wrath of oppression, Wright was able to gain an understanding and a freedom; he contained the knowledge. Knowledge is such a

powerful tool, that allows the human kind to have a relative power over another human being, as well the stupidity one is felt that surrounds them.