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A Worshipper of Divine Beauty. A Slave of Divine Majesty. A Martyr of Divine Love. May his legacy live on!
he Followers were hushed in t'o silence, on the 25 September O,shocked by the sudden death of their spiritual master, Hazrat adim Ghulam Jilani Baba Kalyar The news spread like wildfire . throughout Sufi circles globally, and Indian Media. Thousands attended the funeral, including parliament members and representatives from almost every rna j or shrine in India. By their very appearance, the multitudes of all classes-rich, poor, men, women, young, old, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, all bore testimony of his demand and popularity. He was the most revered leader in the Saabri Silsila in recent times. His relationship with Sikhs and Hindus made him one of the most loved Muslim leaders in India. It raised eyebrows whenever groups of Sikh spiritual elders with their followers visit . Baba J ilani blessings and discussions All sorts of people would consult him with their problems seeking his advice and prayers. All were treated equally. In between performing his duties at the shrine he would be seen kissing little babies, hugging the goats or just clowning to entertain the children of the Dargah. His quarters were abuzz at meal times daily as he entertained the visitors and local faqeers. There was never a dull moment.

The Khanqah of Baba Jilani was world renowned. It was sort after by Peers, Sufis, Qalandars and ordinary people. Everyone would arrive with anticipation. Sometimes the master of the h ouse would be in a chastising mood and at other times in a jovial mood. Yet nobody could resist his charm and attraction. After the serving of meals, tea and paan would follow. Non regulars who braved the paan would look forward to the next one while the ha:rdcore would only leave after fully satisfying their tobacco cravings. A daily trip to Roorkee, the closest town, would yield the needs of the kitchen (langarkhana) for each day. He would personally choose his items having an eye for fresh ness and quality.


But by far, the most enduring picture of Hazrat Jilani Baba b e against the. backdrop of the Mazaar of Hazrat Saabir Paak wh ere h e performed his every duty as khadim with dedication and commitment. H e stood out at all ceremonies, from the Thursday khatams to the annual Urs, his face singled out for attention by the crowds. His awesome six foot four inch frame cut an i:listributed sweets (niy az) to the outstretched hands.

Khadim Jilani Baba

distributing alms to the many devotees

Yet a daily visit to the Mazaar at Tahajudd time was his most prized duty. Contemplative moments alone with Allah and His Wali, where he would pour out his heart and lift his hands in supplication.

Khadim Ghulam Jilani 4@b was the only child of Hazrat Khadim Rafiq Ali Shah 4@b and Mushtaree bhegum(Rah). The childless mother, it is reported, reached an advanced age when she was blessed with a dream of the Spiritual Emperor, Hazrat • Makhdoom Allauddin Saabir Kalyari 4@k,. In the dream she found herself expressing the desire to have a child, whereupon Hazrat Saabir Paak foretol? . r that she would have a son. He told her that the son would .be his own son. Hazrat Ghulam Jilani born on the 5th of Muharram Sharief 1354 AH(9th April 1935), and was immediately taken to the Qabr Sharief of the Saint, placed at the feet, and offered as a lifetime devotee and servant .

The house where Hazrat J ilani Baba

bqrn, in Roorkee, is today

Khadim Rafiq Ali Shah Mushtaree Begum and their beloved son, Khadim Ghulam Jilani Baba &


Khadim Ghulam Jilani his last at the age of seventy five (75), having fulfilled the vows of both his parents, serving the Mazaar and the spiritual mission of Hazrat Saabir for the better part of his life. But, arguably, his greatest accomplishment was his re-capturing of the Shrine of Hazrat Khwaja Shamsuddin In Panipat. This was a modern day miracle, considering that the site had fallen into the hands of Sikhs, who acquired also its legal ownership rites. They converted the entrance foyer in to a Sikh temple while the Azaan of the adjoining Mosque fell silent. Despite this, Jilani Baba would proceed every year with a small group of faithfulls to perform the Urs, putting up in the Musjid and conducting the ceremonies in the Mazaar. In 2005, after years of heated wranglings and futile representations at legal and political levels, the owners agreed to sell to the honoured Saabri Khadim. In what seemed to be a race against time, Jilani Baba his followers and patrons of the Auliya Allah, into collection drives and fundraisers throughout the World. Construction work began at a furious pace and the landscape of Panipat was soon enhanced with a new landmark feature, in the form of the renovated shrine of a thirteenth century Sufi Saint, who was the first ambassador of the Saabri Silsila. The Mosque was re-opened, and other facilities were also included, making it one of the lmest in India today. had extended his energy and time in to the Almighty, he was found wanting in caring for his aw:rr ""'lT"""" he was finally confined to .a wheelehau he still

The final moment arrived when the great Sufi Master went about serving his daily breakfast-guests their meal, after having taken a bath and visited the Qabr Sharief of his iconic chief, Hazrat Saabir Paak He lay down to rest and passed away in his sleep. May bless him and grant him the highest abode in Jannah. We have lost a true leader of Islam, and with his demise is the end of a golden period of the Saabiriya Mashaaikh. A man of great stature who lived his life according to the Shariah of Hazrat Muhammad while guiding thousands of lovers of Hazrat Sabir Paak Those who were fortunate enough to have met him agree that he was one of the m ost remarkable of people you could meet. Despite being a mountain of knowledge, he was a man of deep humility and pure, sincere service to others., May Allah shower his blessings and mercy on the blessed Mazaar Shareef of Hazrat J ilani Baba May the sayaa (shade) of Hazrat Saabir Paak continue to descend on him and may t he saaya of our Beloved Bab aji continue to d escend on mureeds · and well wishers. Am een !
'·· ..... the Aulia(friend s) of Allah , no fear shall come upon them fiol' 1!a1hhey (AI Q,w xau l0:6Z....


by Khadim Ghulam Jilani Baba Sabiri Kalyari


There was a certain delight in both the moon and the ones of moonlike beauty but the peak of the moons beauty emerged after the movement of the Prophet's fingers This beauty of the moon when it split In rapturous love of the Prophet Also from these generosities of Muhammad's Siddique U mar U sman and Haydar shared In the assembly of the Prophets, his arrival Was the 14th moon eclipsing the stars in the constellation And the All Powerful gazed through a vision of love To the sound of subhanallazi asraa recited from Quran


by Khadim Ghulam Jilani Baba Sabiri Kalyari


What do I tell you of nests and birds of the garden I am the Saabrie nightingale and Kalyar is my garden Unique is the grandeur of the royal court of my Saabir In stature, every royal guard is greater than Alexander the great Amongst all the beloved of Allah, yours is a unique station Wherever you are my Saabir of creation hearkens there With the flood of grief I am almost losing my life, Ali Ahmed Allauddin Saabir my only life support You are the beloved of Baba Farid and the darling of the Holy Prophet your face reflects the light of divine majesty The king of the spheres of Allahs knowledge, the crowned king of Kalyar resolve my difficulties as you have resolved the difficulties of thousands In the sight of him who has been endowed with the servitude of your royal court, the kings of the world are worthless and of no use.

Behold! Verily, the Aulia(friends) of Allah, no fear shall come upon them nor shall they grieve (AI Quran 10:62)

Under a straggly mango tree In the orchards of enchanting Kalyar, Restful space, chosen spot. Where ancient sages paused to reflect, Here lies in tranquility such a holy orie Whose fragrance is swept by breezes far And a hue, like the fruit, gold and crimson A halo greeting the bowing moon. A slave is silenced by the untimely Autumn, Barren seems the earth and quiet the wind, Deaf to the nightingale-song of Spring, While the palace gates open for the King. Now there is a concert where the Sufis sing, Jilani is the soul of th.e garden! -Irshad

Khaadi·m e Makhdoom Saabir Waaliye H. o murshid pir e man Sha(1he Jilaani

Ilaahi ta-buwad khurshid-o-maahi Chiragh-e-Chishtiya ra roshina'i Ilaahi ta-buwad khurshid-o-a.khtar Rahe roshan Chiragh-e- Chisht-e- Kalyar


0 Allah, for as long as the Sun and Aloon remain Let the Chishti Lamp illwninating remain . . . Let the Chi. hti Lamp of Kal_-rar illuminating remain

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