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MERIT Higher Education Consultants

# 739, 10th main, 4th block Jayanagar, Bangalore-11. Ph: 32719245

(On an Rs.20/- Stamp paper)

I,--------------------------- S/O------------------------hereby Solemnly affirm as follows 1. That I am the father of <<name of the student>> a citizen of India and holder of passport No---------------------. My son/ daughter has been granted admission in the <<Name of the program>> at<<name of the university>> 2. I am sponsoring my son/ daughter for his/ her education in <<name of the country>> 3. The cost of his/ her education is <<cost of the course>> as indicated in his/ her Admission letter 4. My son / daughter shall be proceeding to <<name of the country>> with the sole intention of completing his / her course. His / her additional qualification and exposure in <<name of the country>> are bound to enhance his/ her career opportunities here. 5. I hereby undertake to maintain, sustain and render all financial assistance to him / her so as to enable him / her to continue his / her studies un- interrupted. For this purpose, I will not hesitate to utilize / realize the aforementioned income / properties for the purpose of his / her Education in << name of the country>>. Hence, he / she will not be public charge to the government of <<name of the country>>

Solemnly affirmed on this the <<date>> At <<place>>