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June 15, 2004

Brian, I am not sure if you have been receiving my emails or not, as I have not yet had any responses, if I do not get a reply to this one in the next day or so, I will send you the original via courier. First, I would like to apologize for combining my follow-up for the monies owed to me with the significantly more pressing issue concerning Mama. They are unrelated issues, and I will treat them as such in the future. Second, I would like to acknowledge that I know I am asking for a lot from you in a short period of time. Mama has made what I would call a stunning recovery since you and I chatted yesterday afternoon and I saw her only 6 hours earlier. And as such, I need to make sure all her options are open to her, so may I please have you address the following issues of; 1. Your large equipment/go-carts removal 2. Grand Prix removal As you stated in your May 27th email; "I have already undertaken to Mama that I will move it before the summer so you can expect no fight from me." While I am grateful for not getting a fight and for your acknowledgment, but here we stand 17 days after you made this statement and I have yet to hear another word of this undertaking. Brian, I believe I am doing the right thing and that Mama made the decision to make me her power of attorney because she had at least a limited faith in my ability to carry out those responsibilities. It is for that reason that I am devoting every fibre of my being and every resource to my avail, to seeing that she live out what ever time (and I pray that is many years) she has left in a environment that she would be happiest and most comfortable. Regards, Paul Burchell