September 2, 2012 True Vine Baptist Church Worship Service Sermon Notes Text: Nehemiah 2:12-20 Title: Let us Build

together Build – Gk. Banah – make, repair, set up Building requires: 1. Plan 2. Process 3. People The strong and sure foundation is in Jesus and in His Word. – Luke 6:47-49 I. Let us build with Concern v.12,17 Concern is a very important requirement in building relationships. a. "god had put' - it is from God it is God's will b. in my heart" - a quality to be in every person's heart c. to do - a quality to be exercised Reproach - dishonour, insult, abuse , reviling Lack of concern for others will mean a ground for reproach from non-believers “One another” is in the Bible 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Love one another – John 13:34 Preferring one another – Rom.12:10 Receive one another – Rom.15:7 Admonish one another – rom.15;14 salute one another greet one another serve one another

8. forgiving one another 9. forbearing one another 10. comfort one another 11. edify one another 12. exhort one another 13. consider one another Heb.10,24, heb.3:13, 1thess 5:11, I Thess 4:18, Eph.4:32,. Eph.4;2 People in this community will not be attracted even if this church has the biggest church building in this area, but they will be attracted if each member is showing concern for one another. II. Let us build with communication -v.17,v.18, told v.20- said Communicate - impart, give or exchange information Ex. the building of tower of Babel Gen.11:1-7 We are in the age of information technology but still many are uninformed, misinformed and having misunderstandings. When Nehemiah communicated the result was good. Result - v.18 "let us rise up, and build III. Let us Build with Commitment v.19-20 We need to develop our commitment to one another Let us be committed to love one another I John 4:7, 20-21

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