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The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Cast List

If you are cast, please read the information at the bottom carefully. If you were not cast, please try again. There were many difficult decisions.
The Adults (in order of appearance) Rona Lisa Peretti Vice-Principal Douglas Panch Mitch Mahoney The Spellers (in order of appearance) Chip Tolentino Dylan Lambert Logainne Schwarzandgrubenniere (Schwatzy) Caroline Schell Leaf Coneybear Nathan Murphy William Barfee Gabriel Kearns Marcy Park Canny Aligno Olive Ostrovky Laura Loustalot The Families (also Spelling Bee Audience) Carl Grubenniere Dawn Schwarz Leafs Dad Leafs Mom Olives Dad Olives Mom Leafs Siblings Graham Bryant Bella Garza Graham Bryant Leslie Nolley Graham Bryant Stefanie Culver Ashley Holt (Marigold) Lia Markantonis (Pinecone) Gwen Whitley (Landscape) Cami Dejesus (Raisin) Nicolas Villasana (Paul) Janelle Walker Schuyler Link Branlyn Jones

Important! Please read carefully and follow the instructions. Spelling Bee will rehearse next week on Tuesday, Sept. 4th at 4:00 6:30, Wednesday, Sept. 5th at 4 6:30, and Friday, Sept. 6th at 3:15 5:30. Partial rehearsal schedules will be handed out at the end of next week. Please consult with your parents/guardians and bring the dates and times of any conflicts you may have for the period of time between September 4th and October 5th to Tuesdays rehearsal. Please come in with as few conflicts as possible. None would be best. Too many conflicts may affect your ability to be in the show. You may NOT have a conflict from October 6th though October 14th.