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Windows: Basic DOS Commands

Intro to Programming

CD - Changes (switches directories) Usage: cd [path] MD Creates a new directory RMDIR Deletes a directory

C:\DOCUME~1\PPP>cd C:\DOCUME~1\PPP C:\DOCUME~1\PPP>cd .. C:\DOCUME~1>cd \ C:\>md temp C:\>cd temp C:\TEMP>cd .. C:\>rmdir temp

HELP Displays help info CLS - Clears the screen DIR Displays the list of files and subdirectories in a directory EXIT Quits the command interpreter TYPE Displays the contents of a file MORE Displays output one screen at a time EDIT - Editor Example: C:\>help cd C:\>help C:\>help more | more C:\>edit a.txt C:\>more a.txt C:\>dir *.mp3

ECHO Displays messages COPY Copies files to another location RENAME Renames a file or directory DEL Deletes a file MOVE Moves files, renames directories Example: C:\>echo Hello, World! Hello, World! C:\>copy A:\High_Hopes.mp3 D:\Music\Time.mp3 C:\>rename High_Hopes.mp3 brain_damage.mp3 C:\>del brain_damage.mp3 C:\>move temp1 temp2 C:\>move Keep_Talking.mp3 D:\Music\

FIND Finds a string in a file COMP Compares two files ATTRIB Displays or changes file attributes Some others: TIME, DATE, PATH, START, TREE, COLOR

All the DOS commands can be viewed by typing help at the DOS prompt

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