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Minimum Age at 1st Dose

Number of Dose Doses 1 dose 0.05 mL

Minimum Interval Between Doses



Reason BCG given at earliest possible age protects the possibility of TB meningitis and other TB [3] infections in which infants are prone An early start with DPT reduces the chance [4] of severe pertussis. The extent of protection against polio is increased the earlier the OPV is given. [5] Keeps the Philippines polio-free. An early start of Hepatitis B vaccine reduces the chance of being infected and becoming [6] a carrier. Prevents liver cirrhosis and liver cancer which are more likely to develop if infected [7][8] with Hepatitis B early in life. About 9,000 die of complications of Hepatits B. 10% of Filipinos have Hepatitis B [9] infection

Birth or Bacillus Calmetteanytime after Gurin birth DiphtheriaPertussis-Tetanus Vaccine Oral Polio Vaccine 3 weeks old

none 6 weeks(DPT 1), 10 weeks (DPT 2), 14 weeks (DPT 3) 4 weeks


Right deltoid region of the arm

3 doses 0.5 mL

Upper outer portion Intramuscular of the thigh, Vastus Lateralis (L-R-L) Oral Mouth

6 weeks old

3 doses

2-3 drops

Hepatitis B Vaccine

6 weeks

3 doses 0.5 mL

4 weeks interval

Upper outer portion Intramuscular of the thigh, Vastus Lateralis (R-L-R)

Measles Vaccine 9 months old (not MMR) 1 dose 0.5 mL none

Upper outer portion Subcutaneous of the arms, Right deltiod

At least 85% of measles can be prevented by [10] immunization at this age.