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From the novel 'Step By Wicked Step' by Anne Fine, I like Claudia from the story the Green

Pyjamas. I like Claudia because she is kind, loyal and she can be very mature and wise. Claudia is a very kind girl. During her father's birthday party, Claudia wears her green pyjamas given by her father's girlfriend, Stella. She decides to do this because she feels that the guests in the party are very rude when they refuse to talk to Stella. They act like Stella is invisible and Claudia feels angry because Stella is actually a very nice person. Other than that, Claudia is also a loyal daughter to her mother.She knows that her mother hates the fact that her father is happy with a new woman in his life so she pretends that she is unhappy when she has to go to her father's house. Claudia also refuses to accept Stella's kindness because she wants to show that she is loyal to her mother. Lastly, Claudia shows that she is very mature and wise. Claudia feels that the guests for her father's birthday party are very rude. They do not want to acknowledge that Stella is her father's new love by giving her a cold shoulder during the party. Claudia is very angry with all those immature adults so she decides to give all of them a lesson by wearing her new green pyjamas and showing it off in front of the guess, hinting that Stella and her are very close. The guests are ashamed so they start to treat Stella nicely after the incident. From these three reasons, I choose Claudia as the character I like the most. Claudia shows that she is a good daughter to both her mother and father and she is also kind enough to accept Stella as her future step mother.