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035 Spanish Gustar Gustar plus a noun means to like something.

Literally, it means to please and takes an indirect object, so the construction of the sentence will be different than that of English. The verb will only be conjugated in the third person singular or plural because it is agreeing with the noun or infinitive that follows it, not the subject. Me gusta(n) - I like Te gusta(n) - you like Le gusta(n) - you/he/she likes Nos gusta(n) - we like Os gusta(n) - you like Les gusta(n) - you/they like Gusta is used with singular nouns or an infinitive, while gustan is used with plural nouns. It is also possible to add a + complement pronoun to emphasize the subject, but this is not necessary. The complement pronouns are the same as the suject pronouns except a m and a ti. Me gustan las flores. I like the flowers. (Literally: To me are pleasing the flowers or the flowers are pleasing to me.) A nosotros nos gusta la casa. We like the house. No me gusta. I don't like it. Le gusta a Ud.? Do you like it? A ellos les gustan los caballos. They like the horses. Links