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com/spanish/87-exclamations/ Exclamatory phrases, which express what a or how, begin with qu, cunto, and cmo. Qu can be followed by a noun or an adjective. Sometimes tan or ms are also used with the adjective to emphasize a defect or a quality. Qu mujer! What a woman! Qu familia tan unida! What a united family! Cunto expresses quantity, and agrees in gender and number with the adjective that follows. It can also be followed by a verb, in which case there is no agreement. Furthermore, lo que can replace cunto when a verb follows. Cunta comida! How much food! / There's a lot of food! Cunto comes! How you eat! / You eat a lot! Cmo expresses the manner in which something is done. It can only be followed by a verb. Cmo baila! How he dances! / He dances well! Links