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Dear Sir/Madam I would like to submit to your attention my application letter to apply for the Finance and Accounting Process Analyst Romanian speaker position. I graduated the Moldova State University, Department of Translation, Interpretation and Applied Linguistics. Being very well aware of the fact that you will choose the best, I would be honored to find myself among the people you are working with. I am very interested in this position, because it offers great possibilities of being an individual personality manifested through the initiative process, developing contacts with several people. I would like to take chance of this opportunity in order to enrich my knowledge and skills in this field. This new stage will give me the chance to pass to a new level of developing my personality, being able to apply the skills I already have and to get new experiences regarding finance and accounting process. During this fellowship, I hope to get acquainted with all the issues which finance and accounting process faces with. I have a very high interest in becoming a competent person, where experience, motivation and ambition will be proven to be the strongest points for my future experience. Attending this workplace, would be a natural next step, allowing me to acquire new skills and qualities which will contribute to the development of my personality. I hope you will find useful to show me your confidence and enable me to begin my academic career and to continue my personal development in such a company as yours. I am looking forward for your contact.

Sincerely, Ana Eni