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Published by Dr. Momin Sohil

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Published by: Dr. Momin Sohil on Sep 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1) Uncovering the Truths That Have Been Hidden From the Global Consciousness
 One of the greatest distortions perpetrated by a league of ancient Jewish clerics and successfullypassed onto not only the Jewish people, but on the whole world, including Muslims, was to forgethe identity card of Pharoah; the tyrant who lived at the time of Moses (P), and whom Allah hasspecifically mentioned from among the many tyrants of the ancient world. Our aim here is toshow you just how this forgery was done, what were the goals behind it, and how it hascontributed to creating one of the greatest delusions that humanity has ever known.We will begin by asking you all the following question: What is the first image that comes toyour mind when you are asked to paint a picture of Pharoah? Does the image look like picture#1, or does it look like picture #2?Picture 1: An image of Pharoah
 Picture 2: An image of Pharoah
It is not strange that the first thing that will come to the minds of the vast majority of you, I’ll say
99.99%, is that of picture #1, which shows one of the kings of the Nile valley. On the other hand,very few people (only 0.01%) will consider picture #2, which shows a traditional Arabian chief 
or ruler, even one as vile as “Abu Sufyan” or “Al
Waleed Ibn Magheera”.
 However, we can say, for certain, that there is a very tiny minority in our world who, after doingsome searching in the darkest and most forgotten corners of history, who know for a fact that thePharoah of Moses (P) was indeed more like picture #2, and that the figure shown in picture #1 iscompletely innocent of having anything at all to do with Moses (P) or the Israelites. The reasonthey keep this knowledge to themselves is simple: They are afraid that the vast majority willridicule them, or perhaps they fear standing face to face with the Hamans of our age, just asGalileo was afraid of standing face to face with the heads of the Church, back in the Dark Ages,when he discovered that the Earth revolved around the sun, and not the other way around. As forthe few men in this world who had the guts to stand up and declare the truth concerning theidentity of Pharoah; men like Kamal Salibi, Ibn Qarnas, Ayman Fodah, Ahmad Dawood,Bernard Leeman, and others, did not receive any attention, neither from the media, nor from the
academic institutions of this world (and you all know who controls these institutions). As aresult, the truth about the real identity of Pharoah remained hidden, buried under the rampant andtraditional beliefs of people.Now, if you are among the majority who chose picture #1, we will ask you another question:what is your proof? To make it simple, we asked this question to a sample of 100 people in anArab, Islamic country, and the number one answer that 80% of them gave was the following:
“It’s common knowledge. Or parents told us this, and this is what we have always known”.
 The remaining 20% of them pointed to the history books, and media (cinema, documentaries,
 books, etc…) as well as their educational institution, all of which claim that Pharoah was the
ruler of Egypt.Our question here is the following: Is common knowledge that is rampant in any society,irrespective of its culture or religious beliefs, necessarily the truth? For example, people in manycultures believe that statues and stone idols of Buddha, Sheeva, the saints, the graves of the
Imams, the Wailing Wall, the Kaaba, etc…all of them bring these people closer to the Creator. Isthis “common belief” necessarily true?
In the ancient world, there was common knowledge thatthe Earth was the center of the universe, and that the sun revolved around the Earth. ThisGREEK belief, originating from Aristotle (died 322 B.C) and later supported by Ptolemy,remained rampant in the old world for more than 13 centuries, until Galileo proved it wrong inthe 1640 A.D. Was this common belief true?There are nearly one billion Catholics in the world today who believe that God sent his only sonto die on the cross in Palestine some 2000 years ago, in order to absolve all humanity of theirsins. The question remains: Is this really the truth? Or is it a LIE FABRICATED FORPOLITICAL MANIPULATION??(Remember this phrase very well, because we will be returning to it very often, later on: A LIEFABRICATED FOR POLITICAL MANIPULATION).What we will say here is that any Muslim who takes any piece of information or knowledge asunquestionable truth, just because his parents or political leaders or religious figures say it is so,
is going completely against the orders of the Quran and the warnings of Allah’s messengers, and
has only himself to blame for the consequences of his inherited beliefs.
{And if they are told: "Come to what God has sent down, and to the messenger;" they say:"We are content with what we found our fathers doing." What if their fathers did notknow anything nor were gu
{They said: "We found our fathers worshipping them."}…[21:53]
{And they will say: “Our Lord, we have obeyed our leaders and our learned ones, but theymisled us from the path”}…[33:67]
According to the vast majority of Muslims, the word “Misr” which appears a total of 7 times in
the Quran indicates Egypt, the Nile Country. Even Freeminds has adopted this common

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