Evil,purple stereotypes,projecting on human wishes, eternal jokers laughing loud at the dawn,to the spectacle of the

ambitious disease. Yes,the world was full of sparkling shades,yet,only one of them had the silver look of the clouds after the storm.Hope is an overestimated feeling.Remember the time when there was nothing to define the dust? Remember how it was,beyond senses,beyond the sour taste of travelling that mirror circle again and again?A vicious thing called expectation.Expect both the expected and the unexpected.And love.Expect love.Destroy and get destroyed by everybody.Oh,it rains gently on our heads.For a moment,curiousity healed time and space.I love the doubt behind our steps-makes each move significant and unsignificant.Everything is majestic in an unconscious way. LADYDUST 2-9-2012

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