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Nearly a Monthly Drama

Nearly a Monthly Drama

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Published by Palas Kumar Ray
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Published by: Palas Kumar Ray on Sep 02, 2012
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nearly a monthly drama

The day begun with a tint of suspicion. The happy yellow light that flickers is missing. I'm afraid, this time it might be the hard disk. Shit. The month just begins and an expenditure seems ready. No time, no time The wall clock slowing indicates, no time. Hold it till evening. There they waiting more things for batting more players in the crease called office No time. Maybe after the noon when busyness is recessing and worries started dozing I will be managing time to rethink how did I do it last time. Sorry,friends,sorry. I am really in a hurry not having a minute time now for fixing a date with this dead computer. Dream everything will be fixed when I return with brilliant ideas to poke it with my master screwdriver. © ® 2012 Palas Kumar Ray First published in Allpoetry.com on August 2,2012

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