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Short abstract: Innovative conceptualization of ecosystem s biomachinery (a new sci entific term that was proposed by the author;

it means ecological mechanisms tha t include biological communities and biodiversity) which improves water quality. The innovative experimental data analysis, concepts, and generalizations in thi s article provide the fundamental elements of the new qualitative theory of bioc ontrol of water quality in a systematized form. The theory covers water self-pur ification in freshwater and marine ecosystems. The theory is supported by the re sults of the author s experimental studies of the effects exerted by some chemical p ollutants including synthetic surfactants, detergents, and other xenobiotics on aquatic organisms. The new fundamental conceptualization provides a basis for re mediation of polluted aquatic ecosystems including purification of water bodies and streams, and briefly present the qualitative theory of the self-purification mechanism of aquatic ecosystems, phytoremediation and other types of technologi es. Title: Biocontrol of water quality: Multifunctional role of biota in water selfpurification; Author(s): Ostroumov S. A. Source: RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF GENERAL CHEMISTRY, 2010, Volume: 80, Issue: 13, P ages: 2754-2761, DOI: 10.1134/S1070363210130086, Published: DEC 2010; full t ext: iocontrol_of_Water_Quality_Multifunctional_Role_of_Biota_in_Water_Self-Purificat ion._-_Russian_Journal_of_General_Chemistry_2010_Vol._80_No._13_pp._2754-2761_49 131150-S-A-Ostroumov-Biocontrol-of-Water-Quality-Multifunctional-Role-of-Biota-1 0Rus-J-gen-Chem-Fulltext The reference in a traditional form: Ostroumov S. A. Biocontrol of water quality: Multifunctional role of biota in wa ter self-purification. - RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF GENERAL CHEMISTRY, 2010, 80 (13): 2 754-2761. **