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This paper is the first publication that reported the concentration s of a number of rare earth elements in biodetritus.

The rare earth elements are a ey component of modern hi-technology products and they are a new component i n the modern solid wastes and waste waters. This paper is an innovative and sign ificant contribution to the database for modern environmental monitoring. ** Biodetritus that formed over a 7-month period in microcosms with Viviparus vivip arus, Unio pictorum , and Ceratophyllum demersum contained a number of elements. This is the first study to determine concentrations of some elements in biodetr itus. Neutron activation analysis showed that the elementsâ concentrations decrease in the following order: Ca > Zn > Ba > Br > Ce > Se > Nd > La > U > Hf > Sb > Th > Sm > S > Cs > Au. The data obtained contribute to understanding of the polyfu nctional role of aquatic organisms in aquatic ecosystems. Key words: Zn, viviparus, unio, U, Th, Sm, Se, Sb, rare, pictorum, Nd, La, Hf, elements, ec osystems, earth, detritus, demersum, Cs, ceratophyllum, Ce, Ca, Br, Ba, Au, aqua tic, biogeochemistry, Title: The role of biodetritus in accumulation of elements in aquatic ecosystems Author(s): Ostroumov S. A.; Kolesov G. M. Source: CONTEMPORARY PROBLEMS OF ECOLOGY, 2010; Volume: 3, Issue: 4, Pages: 369-373, DOI: 10.1134/S1995425510040016, Published: AUG 2010; full text fre e: tritus_in_accumulation_of_elements_in_aquatic_ecosystems The reference in a traditional form: Ostroumov S. A., Kolesov G. M. The role of biodetritus in accumulation of elemen ts in aquatic ecosystems. - CONTEMPORARY PROBLEMS OF ECOLOGY, 2010; 3 (4): 369 -373. **