Teaching-Learning Procedures Set Induction (6-8 mins) 1.

A picture of circus is

Content   


To prepare pupils to be ready for the class To arouse pupil’s prior knowledge Pupils are expected to describe the picture in at least 3 sentences.

displayed. 2. Pupils are asked to talk about the picture. 3. Teacher asks questions to Questions asked: elicit pupils. response from the Do you know what this is? Where can you see this? Have you ever been here? How many people are performing in this picture? Would you like to watch it right now? Activity 1 : Pre Reading (8-10 mins) Task 1: Watching Video Clip 1. A few word cards are introduced to the pupils. 2. Pupils say the words on the cards. 3. Teacher explains the words to the pupils. 4. Pupils watch a video clip about a circus performance. 5. Pupils are required to name the performer in the video clip by using the word cards. 6. Pupils are asked questions to elicit response about the video clip. Questions asked: Who can you see in the video? What is he or she doing? What are the tools or materials they use while performing? Do you see any animals performing too?  Appendix 2 Word Cards: Acrobat, Clown, Lion-tamer, Magician, Knife-thrower, Bullwhip Artist    Appendix 1

To introduce all the word cards to the pupils The words are explained using contextual clues To ensure that pupils can understand the meaning of the word

To examine pupils understanding towards the names of the performer

Difficult words are explained through various techniques. 2. 2. 2. Possible difficult words:  To help pupils appreciate the text Pupils can only make sense of the text if only they understand it. Teacher distributes sentence strips and manila card to each group and they have to sequence it by pasting them on the manila card.Activity 2: While Reading (18-20 mins) Task 1: Reading Aloud 1. Question and answer strips are used for this session. 3.  Task 2: Oral Question and Answer Session 1.  Was Tom happy when the audience laugh?   To provoke intelligent ideas and responses from the young minds Reminder: Pupils are expected to answer the questions asked in complete sentences by referring to the text for answers. 4. Teacher reads the text aloud.  Appendix 3   To introduce the text about circus To give opportunity for self-reading initially To introduce new vocabulary . Each group has to present their work to the class. Teacher asks questions to elicit meaning of text from the pupils. Appendix 4 Questions asked: Who is Tom? Why was the owner of the circus mad with Tom? Why did Tom wear his coat on the inside out? Task 3: Sequencing 1. The pupils are given 3 minutes to read through the text silently while circling the words that they do not understand. The printed text of “Tom The Acrobat” is distributed to every pupil. Pupils get into groups of three. 3. Question and answer strips displayed serve to help pupils to comprehend text better by reading both questions and answers.

Task 2: 3. Closure (8-10 mins) 1. Worksheet 2 is distributed to the pupils. For average English Appendix 6 (A) Worksheet 2  To provide suitable proficiency pupils. Pupils are required to complete the puzzle in pairs. they are given exercises to consolidate the learning  Appendix 6 (B) Worksheet 2 To cater the needs and proficiency level of each pupil worksheets on finding doing words from the text. they are given worksheets on finding the doing words from the text with the initial letter and cues given.  Appendix 7   To encourage collaborative learning Moral values: Cooperation and friendship To wrap up the lesson of the day . For high English proficiency pupils. 2. Worksheet 1 is given to every pupil. 2.Activity 3: Post Reading (10-12 mins) Task 1: True/False Statement Worksheet 1. Pupils are required to read each statement carefully Appendix 5 Worksheet 1  Serve as a common worksheet suitable for all learners and answer whether it is true or false. 4. 6. 5. Pupils are given worksheets on word maze puzzle. Pupils check the answer with the teacher once they have completed the worksheets.

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