See The Stars Tonight !

For Gwendolyn XVIII NOVEMBRIS MMXI Poeta Ricardo Saul LaRosa

videre stellarun hac nocte super eos cum vestris cum eis nitentibus oculis intueri amor meus

See the Stars tonight ! Upon them with your shinning eyes, gaze From wherever you may be My love ! See the Stars tonight ! Over them with tenderness, watch As gentle as those tears crying from your eyes are And mine, too, my Gwyn ! See the Stars tonight ! Look at them very carefully as – they – weep, For this love growing – in us - denied For our romance, my love, differed ! See the Stars tonight ! How long can an injustice stand How long will Truth silent be How long will the Powers mock us, my love ! See the Stars tonight ! As they bitter-sweetly for us, behold For our sorrows; for our hopes; for our passions, they know O’ darling ! For our young love is true, they know not ! See the Stars tonight ! Upon my command; see how they tremble With the palpitating of our hearts; see how they move In love; in love; in love; you and I, my princess ! See the Stars tonight ! How they for us and us alone fervently shine More precious than all the gold, silver, diamonds upon this earth Those Stars shinning tonight belong to me ! O’ Gwendolyn !

My dearest beloved ! To you too those Stars belong, For I love you more than mere words can ever express O’ my Gwendolyn ! My love ! My universe !

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