Outages mean "no business". t r a f f i x s y s t e m s . Each and every prepaid data transaction needs to be authorized between a Diameter client (e. Online Charging System (OCS)). The Traffix Diameter Load Balancer is a native Diameter network entity. OCS response time is slower than GGSN requests. GGSN-1 GGSN-2 GGSN-3 GGSN-4 Diameter Load Balancer systems Diameter Load Balancer systems OCS-1 OCS-2 OCS-3 OCS-4 w w w . An important part of any control plane architecture. No real time transaction authorization. It was designed to support message-based load balancing in advanced telecom networks. The load balancing algorithms in Traffix Diameter Load Balancer direct each request to the right OCS. this technology supports the introduction of scalable and efficient Diameter-based Next Generation Networks (NGN).g. To make things worse. Data traffic is only allowed after the user's account balance is verified – a great challenge given the exponential increase in cellular data traffic and sheer transaction volume. S c a l i n g t h e c o n t r o l p l a n e to load balance Diameter control plane transactions is imperative to increase revenue and ensure customer satisfaction. as a result. using Diameter level contextual load balancing methods. load balancing is required between many OCS Diameter servers and less corresponding GGSN Diameter clients. service revenue and customer satisfaction. en a bl i n g re a l t i me authorization of prepaid data traffic. No revenue. less prepaid service availability and less customer satisfaction. GGSN) and a Diameter server (e. allowing for contextual load balancing on the Diameter control plane and resilience to failovers and traffic spikes.Real Life Use Cases for Diameter Control Plane Scaling Next generation applications and smart phone usage consume t r e m e n d o u s w i r e l e s s d a t a c a p a c i t y. c o m .g. Scaling with Traffix Diameter Load Balancer: With dozens of GGSNs and OCSs load balancing control plane traffic is a necessity. Load Balancing Diameter in a P repaid Intensive Environment What If…. scaling Diameter traffic across the different Diameter servers and clients and ensuring availability. A large percentage of your customer base is prepaid and they all consume increasingly sophisticated applications on their Smartphones? The Problem: With dozens of GGSNs and OCSs load balancing control plane traffic is a n e c e s s i t y.

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