The Concept of Money

The Simple Book of Simple Psychology for little people who want to be big and for big people who want to be bigger

Matthew Mathan


The Concept of Money
The Simple Book of Simple Psychology for little people who want to be big and for big people who want to be bigger

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Acknowledgement and pre-reading message
This book is dedicated to my parents, family members, partners, future partners, friends and all those who believed in me all this while; For all true happy hippies at heart, who understand the meaning of living in abundance; To you, for taking the time to read it; …and also to all those nice people who work VERY hard EVERY DAY to make money, sometimes holding 3 jobs just to survive and make the rest of our lives richer!  There are too many good Samaritans out there who get ripped off and taken advantage by this ruthless world, causing them to lose hope, reconsider their good deeds and not bother about others anymore. Although my intentions are NOT really to be a preacher of good deeds, my hope is that everyone who reads this book will be able to just realize that unsystematic and unsymmetrical application of positive and negative values will only lead to misery and confusion, causing us to be stuck in a reality that we do not really want to be in.

1. Do you really love your job or what you do for a living? If YES Go to question 2. Just follow the next few trails of random questions relating to what you do. .Confused? Sure? Are you really sure that you absolutely love what you’re doing? Let’s play a game. otherwise go to Question 4.

. go to question 4. In fact. in fact some of you go to work not because enjoy what you do but simply as a means of making money. To HAVE to work every day? Spend your time with your family on vacations and only work when you need to? If you still say you prefer to work.2. or if you are passionate and love what you do. honestly. looking forward and saving earnestly for your retirement. go to question 3. or your annual vacations. Otherwise. You go to work almost every day. b. (you don’t really have to say it out) which would you prefer? a. You work every day.

they do not believe in common sense because they see beyond logic. forced themselves to leverage their resources to pull through the toughest times and more importantly. know exactly how to use their resources efficiently. They couldn’t care less about what the world thinks of them! They live within their own realities or their own universe and expect others to come into their universe to understand them. CONGRATULATIONS! You have the potential to be a top corporate executive and if you work hard on leveraging your resources. you have the potential to become a millionaire or even a billionaire! Those who make it big are the people who simply fall in love with what they do. However. Some manage to build a universe for themselves that is SO BIG. unless it gets in the way of what they believe. but the tricky part most people don’t understand is that the future is simply what YOU believe it to be. what differentiates the boys from the men is the ability to FORSEE THE FUTURE. it’s NOT the POUNDS that matter.3. plan 10 steps ahead of you and know exactly what to do and how make YOU follow THEIR 10th step. Great men are simply not interested in what others believe in. it’s really the PENNIES (details). even though you’ve followed 9 of your own steps perfectly. In every aspect. it ends up sucking parts of our world into it. .

Why do you think this is so? It’s your projection of value that makes you who you are. If you are doing it just for the sake of money. why not learn to trade or build a business on the internet. allowing you to just sit back and go for vacations your entire life because “PayPal is paying for it”?  Passion helps us pour our heart into our work. but nowhere when you seem to need it. If you value yourself highly. there always has to be a balance. However. being human. you need to be passionate about what you do. The balance will come when you realize that money. with the internet. there better ways which are far less complex than what you are doing now that can earn you more money than you’ve ever dreamed of. everyday! So. which may need you to only spend a couple of hours a day to leverage and generate you millions of dollars. It’s YOUR projection of value that differentiates YOU from the rest of society. . you will put yourself into a position where you will try to impress the people around you and hang out with those you aspire to be.If you want to succeed. In fact now. just like everything else in the world is merely a concept. you can actually generate money with just a few clicks. Money is everywhere when you don’t need it.

be patient and go on living your life as though you already have it. yet you are still unable to achieve the abundance that you desire. you love to be put into tricky positions which require fast and impromptu judgments’ and start planning the risks instead of merely calculating it. If you are honest and dedicated to what you do. analyze and constantly ask your creator for what you want. or given back enough to receive it. then. learn to watch and listen to your surroundings for clues on how you can attain your hearts desires. put in your BEST effort in whatever you do. work passionately and pour your heart into everything you do. You will ALWAYS get whatever you ask for. DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE Remember. Thus. You’ll be fearless and won’t complain. in fact. all good things come to those who wait. . it simply means that you haven’t stopped to ask for it. all your wishes will come true ONLY WHEN you truly believe that you deserve them.You’ll do things right. If you feel as though you are already in this stage.

however. It looks like you’re stuck in the SYSTEM. It comes when you reach a point in your life where you find yourself content. Time is the greatest gift of life. realize your goals and the things that make you happy. leave whatever you’re doing now and turn 180 degrees towards another direction right away. make small changes towards them and take systematic steps that allow you to achieve what you desire. time is the only gift you have in this lifetime. you’re simply wasting your life. don’t worry about it too much. by realizing this. fame. What it simply means is that you need to start to value your life by prioritizing the things that matter to you. To achieve this point. Living in abundance and achieving greatness has nothing to do with money. Learn to dream and take small steps towards self improvement. First get your act together and prepare yourself mentally and psychologically to achieve abundance. how you value your time will greatly determine how you value your life whereby if you spend your time doing things you don’t want to do. the first thing you need to do is to be grateful for the life you are living and realize that the only similarity that we all have is time. Thus. power or all the wealth in the world. and with a deep sense of happiness which in turn gives you the power to control the environment around you. However. we’ll fix it together in a while. in fact. it does not mean that you need to jump into conclusions. satisfied.4. .

Therefore if you feel lost of disillusioned. Start with what you can remember and just link all these occurrences together. To do this. to your present. Next. first start by making a list of all the problems that you are facing and all the decisions (work. You do not need to crack your head over this. List them out in chronological order. Life always has a funny way of making things work and in order for you to see the truth behind this statement. businesses. you need to stop thinking and just keep on doing what you have to do first while slowly readjusting your goals towards the type of lifestyle you desire. As you do this. start extracting all the important lessons you have learned from each experience and note down other details that you can remember. you will start to automatically connect the dots and see for yourself HOW you ended up being where you are now and you will realize that you are the only one who is responsible for . love and relationships. to the people you have met throughout your life no matter how little or insignificant you thought they were. and things don’t seem to be working out for you at this point of time. just start by connecting the dots. but thinking makes it so" Shakespeare Our life is just a collection of lessons and a journey of realizations. etc) you’ve made in your past.Start by connecting the dots "There is nothing either good or bad.

This will give you the confidence to believe in yourself and abilities. . you will slowly start noticing the details more clearly and start to be more alert of your surroundings. Follow your steps until you reach a stage where everything starts to flow smoothly as if it were going on autopilot mode. Next. Revise your mind-map from time to time. whenever you pass a milestone. The second this happens. Start placing tangible milestones and building exit strategies as you go. Use this mind-map to plan 10 steps ahead of yourself. just follow the flow of energy. When you connect the dots. Look deep within yourself and start to plan your life like how you plan a project. how everything has actually worked out for you this whole time and how everything actually happens for a reason. plan your future (the future that you want for yourself @ your goals) by choosing a target for yourself and set up little milestones towards your targets. you will also see how you’ve pulled out of some of the most impossible situations. I call this stage “the autopilot to greatness”. You’ll begin to build your sixth sense. Name your project. you CAN’T go wrong and you WILL get whatever you want.everything that is happening in your life and every decision you made played a part in bringing you towards where you are now.

then you’ll have to start reading and applying everything you read until you achieve this realization. Most of the time. Some of these simple exercises are contained within this book so practice them diligently whenever you can. if you are honest. If you fully desire greatness. In essence. the results are immediate so you will be motivated to try out the rest. put in your BEST effort in whatever you do and remove all distractions that hinder you from doing this. every human being is put here for a reason. You also need to constantly remind yourself everyday and tell yourself that you are already on your way to achieving your dreams. However. If you have no idea what I’m talking about or what I mean by “the autopilot to greatness”. you have to be prepared for God to overhaul your life. persevering. at times.The autopilot to greatness The autopilot to greatness can be built by anyone using a simple build-up of activities that can be practiced un-awkwardly ALL DAY. When this happens. you will feel like as if everything you’re doing is not working out. . and sincerely believe in what you are doing.

fall on your knees and beg your creator for help. You’ll get whatever your heart desires. Therefore. India. Then. just be patient and keep on going at it until it all starts to make sense to you.Everything that can go wrong will go wrong at the RIGHT time. once you arrive at the stage called “the autopilot to greatness”. If all else fails. Thus. if things are somehow NOT working out for you. Matthew Mathan Karnataka. do what you have to do first and everything else will be provided for you. September 2008 . Take the leap of faith. Believe in yourself and change your priorities to put others before you to help them to also achieve their dreams. Always be grateful for what you have and realize that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. just sit back and enjoy the ride. Most of the time. wisdom and understanding. We are all put here for a reason. the person you least expected to help you will be the one who is standing by your side when you need them the most.

Have you felt this way before? Do you know what’s going on? The concept of money will give you the answers. You cannot understand the reason you work so hard every day yet money always somehow seem to somehow elude itself from you. It’s inevitable you tell yourself. You don’t know what seems to be the problem. I need to do this for without it I simply will not survive. . money. You tell yourself. You just keep on going like you used to but somehow. When you start to understand the concept of money. you wake up and get prepared for work yet at the end of the month. and once you grasp it.Backwards Every morning. You’re stressed. it will forever be within your reach. You see your life spiralling downwards and you do not know why. As philosophical as it sounds. you feel like giving up. the bills just keep piling up. just like everything else is a mere concept. the world will become your oyster and opportunities start to open up before you. You wish you knew why but somehow the answers do not come to you. the stress hits you hard.

you should realize that: You have a 1 out of 10 chance to control the wealth of the world. (An estimated 90% of the wealth of the world is controlled by 10% of the world’s population!) The thing about simple statistics is simple. 1 out of 10 people you know or don’t know (and this is VERY important) also has the chance to control the wealth of the world. Wealth of the world (%) 90 10 100 Controlling Population (%) 10 90 100 Living in abundance and becoming rich is YOUR birthright. You shouldn’t complicate it. the problem is that an estimation of only 1 out of 10 people will get it. . currently.Simple statistics Oddly enough. The current odds to becoming rich are 1 out of 10. By studying this simple statistic. however. it’s not meant to be complicated. If you still do not have control over this wealth. many people think it’s hard to become rich so much that some people say it’s a SIN to even think about it.

Both paths have equal possibilities’ in . Although it only takes determination and proper managements of resources to succeed.Lost? What this means 1 out of 10 people you know or don’t know already own part of the wealth of the world. regardless of how long you worked to gain this knowledge. and how deeply rooted we are to the system. fundamentally. what is business? It’s simple a practice of exchanging values between two or more parties. We build complicated structures to instil power and fear. it’s easier to achieve success if you have someone to guide you through the process. it’s important that you understand that this knowledge can be transferred to the younger generation much faster now that we have the internet. In order to achieve your fullest potential (developing your skills enough to quit the rat race and join the 10% club). Still Lost? If you don’t know anyone who is part of this elite 10%. it’s about time you go out and socialize and build contacts. Knowledge distribution is equal. There is no longer distinct separation between employer and employee anymore. there are only 2 paths to choose from. do you think it’s fair that only 1 out of 10 people will make it? Where’s the balance? How simple is simple? The simple reason behind the 90:10 ratio is due to the differences in the levels of knowledge and experiences we have. You must always have great people around you who’ll help you get what you want and provide you with the necessary resources to get the job done! So now that you know the 90:10 ratios. realistically. However. when all we want to do is business.

negative = Weak You see. positive = Strong Thin Line Bad. . What does it mean by easy/difficult/risky/non-risky? The simple chart below will give you a basic understanding of what I’m trying to say. you really only have 2 choices. dark.leading you to success and material things that you want in your life. Good. impure. pure. white. quintessentially. Expand and use it to form your own matrix to categorize what you are currently doing now with your life and what you notice happening around you. and both ways have easy and difficult. risky and non-risky practices which you can apply to get the success you desire.

that doesn’t bore people. etc ♦ Starting a physical construction company in a developed country where you genuinely have to compete and display quality work before you get chosen for the project ♦ Building your own niche market using blue ocean strategies. etc Less Risky WORKING FOR A COMPANY Investing into properties. . and fixed term bonds. ♦ Continuously building partners and affiliates (usually unconditional however depends on contents) who help you market your products etc. power and connections to create monopolies. and generally things that are related to business and making money. and other mind game tactics) ♦ Investing in stocks.Traits Easy Difficult Risky ♦ Starting physical company in a third world country etc. bonds. to over 1 billion every increasing customers who spend all their lives (most of them even when they are working!) loitering on the internet for a commission ♦ Help market other peoples useful products and earning loads of commissions’. etc ♦ Building your creativity or Starting a web development/ software/ publishing / community driven sites etc. (includes using influence of leaders. finding ways to build strong partnerships and finding big companies who support us and let us hitch a ride with them all the way to the top. where you are able to unethically build a monopoly using money ♦ Using money. leaving most your savings in the BANK (read the parable of the talents) ♦ Investing into someone’s business as a VC. ♦ Creating options for people. help you build quality passive income OFFICIALLY as a GURU and help them achieve something in life. research and development into specific niche areas where there is little documentation and help. using psychological manipulative tactics that would create artificial realities of happiness technically using use force to get what you want from your customers. building products from SCRATCH. starting your own business without prior research on the topic. etc. insurance.

It takes PURE . if you truly want to achieve success. how can you set your mind towards achieving it? If you can’t visualize it. these choices you make WILL determine the level of happiness that you have while doing it. then you have a choice whether you want to apply the good way (positive) or the bad way (negative) to achieve your success.If you’re working for yourself. how can you set your goals and plans towards this? How do you expect to achieve your dreams if your mind thinks it is not tangible? Think of this scenario: The ultimate billionaire Donald Trump is truly one example we can use to understand the meaning of living in abundance. these choices will NOT determine the level of success you get. he managed to turn the whole thing around and now be worth much more then he was before! How did he do it? How many times have you seen similar situations like this before? Getting out of 9 billion dollars in debt is NO FLUKE. Either way. Even when he was about 9 BILLION dollars in debt. If you don’t know what 1 million dollars look or feels likes. you must first be able to feel it. Ultimately. instead.

strong self-believe and super duper confidence. perseverance and determination. you were 9 BILLION DOLLARS RICHER THEN THE DONALD!) How come you’re still in the same situation as you are in? More importantly. skills. then you are now ready to achieve greatness. you’re time is just not yet here. how did he bounce back and recover?! Do you think you could be able to handle such a situation? Really? WITH 9 BILLION dollars in debt? If you think you can. at one point. we are forced to chose the path that leads to darkness simply because of the immaturity of the people around us. (Think about it.desire. Most of the time. games and lies . the society and monopolies. money will always remain an illusion to you no matter how much in debt you are. how will you ever make it? If you know the technical details on how to manage your environment and take control of your surroundings. Every decision we make in our lives will depend very much on these 2 paths we chose. If you can’t even imagine what 1 million dollars look like. Reframe Good values instil positivity and motivate your employees. otherwise.

Hence decide carefully how you plan to achieve your success and your greatness. the more you lose out on the POWER and CONTROL that you already have. simply go on and achieve it. The MORE you try to install FORCE and use your POWER to control people. eliminating the competition instead of working in harmony. including work. i.within them and simply because we are not allowed to live and believe in OURSELVES and what WE truly want. then. April 2008 Click here to download the full copy or Click here to check out the website! . love and relationships. business. Through competing instead of working together.. These same principles of life WILL help you throughout life and in every aspect of it.e. However. you have to realize that the more you try to achieve your dreams using negative values instead of positive. etc. you will just hinder yourself from achieving your fullest potential. Matthew Mathan Hamburg. Germany.

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The Concept of Money The Simple Book of Simple Psychology for little people who want to be big and for big people who want to be bigger Matthew Mathan .






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Click here to download the full copy or Click here to check out the website! the concept of money 2 .

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