Kushana Period (130 B.C to 185 A.D.


Chugha:calf-length with a wide
richly Embroidered border down the centre-front opening, hem and edge of long sleeves (probably ruched); the material of the coat has small rosettes and a V-neck and there is a

round motif on the right sleeve Tunic:Kurta-like undergarment visible at the neck Chalana:baggy trousers tucked into calf-length padded boots. there is a wide band of vine pattern at the centre from toe to top (not visible .

in drawing). straps around the ankle and instep Kantha :short necklace with pendant Purely foreign costume of Scythic origin. .

) COURT LADY Antariya :worn extremely short in kaccha style.C to 185 A. the other piece is looped to mid-thigh in front and the end tucked in a small .Kushana Period (130 B. the end that is passed between the legs has been tucked in at the back.D.

a thick jewelled roll worn aslant which has a large clasp at the left hip .looped frill at the centre Kayabandh :there are two : one is a wide sash tied in a loop on both sides to the knees with steamers at each side of the hips hanging to floor length. the other is kakshyabandha.

it holds the antariya and cloth kayabandh in place Hara :necklace of pearls. probably strung on thread or wire and worn between the breasts Kantha :Short necklace of beads with central pendant and looped chains .Mekhala:five-stringed pearl or jewelled hip belt.

of looped design in gold or silver Valaya:bracelets of two kinds : the central one consists of a series of rings like a wrist band.Keyura:simple armlets. on both sides are larger rigid bracelets Kundala:square earrings decorated with a flower motif and with pearls suspended .

Nupura :anklets-wide rings with an elaborate design Anguliya :finger rings of solid gold Mukuta:bejewelled crown on the head and a head band Hairstyle :small symmetrical curls at the forehead. hair tied in a looped knot projecting vertically at the back .

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