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We Teach Mad Monday FLIER

We Teach Mad Monday FLIER

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Published by: teach mama on Sep 03, 2012
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we teach: mad monday!

     a  place  for  parents  and  teachers  learn,  share,  grow.  .  .  &    SAVE!  

The we teach: mad monday! will: ü Help  companies  bring  education-­‐related   products  or  services  to  the  eyes  of  over   5,000+  interested,  creative,  supportive,   influential,  smart,  and  savvy  parents  and   educators;   ü Provide  forum  members  with  an  opportunity   to  purchase  that  product  at  a  highly   discounted  rate  (50-­‐70%)-­‐-­‐a  special  for  our   members  only  so  that  they  will  eagerly   share  their  ‘find’  with  both  their  online  and   offline  communities;     ü Help  companies  find  1000’s  of  new  fans— people  who  will  love  their  product  for  how   it  enhances  their  practice,  simplifies  their   life,  or  brings  joy  to  their  children  and   students.  

we teach: mad monday! featured  front  and  center     on  the  main  screen     of  our  forum     (http://weteachgroup.com)  

If you’d like to chat about this opportunity or learn more: • • visit http://bit.ly/wtmadmonday contact Amy Mascott: amy@teachmama.com / 240.481.6138 thank you!

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