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GVI Fiji Achievement Report - May, GVI Joins FLMMA

GVI Fiji Achievement Report - May, GVI Joins FLMMA

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Published by: Global Vision International Fiji on Sep 04, 2012
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GVI Becomes Member of the Fiji LMMA Network

Yasawa Islands, Fiji


On the 8th of May the executive committee of the Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area Network gathered for an executive meeting. During this meeting new applications to join the network are discussed and members are elected through a vote. GVI Fiji’s application for membership was reviewed and GVI was voted in as a full member of the FLMMA network based on a proven commitment to community based approaches to marine conservation and proof of long term commitment to Fiji’s reefs through the establishment of our year-round marine research program in the Yasawas. The decision was informed by a recent visit to the Yasawa Islands during which time FLMMA representatives and GVI Marine staff members ran awareness workshops within the local Tikina. The FLMMA representative was able to witness first hand the way in which GVI’s year in the Yasawas and involvement with the communities through our water security program, education program and most recently our marine program has established a strong and productive relationship between the programs and the villages. With GVI’s Dive resources and human resources committed to a externally funded conservation program informed directly by FLMMA approved methodologies we have been able to demonstrate a valid and executable ap-

For More information on FLMMA and its initiatives please visit:

What is FLMMA? “The Locally– Managed Marine Area Network is a group of practitioners involved in various community-based marine conseravation projects around the globe, primarily in the IndoPacific, who have joined together to learn how to improve our management efforts.” Who is FLMMA? FLMMA is made up of Community members, Land owners, traditional leaders, stakeholders, conservations, sciences, and local officials. GVI joins other organizations such as Conservation International and WWF as a m e mbe rsh ip /pa rtne rsh ip organization.

proach to the promotion of locally managed marine areas. During the past few months Marine Science Coordinator, Candice Brittain and Marine Research officer Taione Delai, have visited each village in the local Tikina to meet with village heads in order to provide a Sevu Sevu offering and introduce the program and GVI’s objectives as well as the direct benefits that are available with reference to food security. This ‘communityfirst’ approach as been further expanded by a weekly marine education program that has been run at both Vuake and Ratu Meli School to help excite the youth and promote a more responsible relationship and interaction with local marine assets. The result of our community outreach work, government awareness and support of the initiative, support of local chiefs, and acceptance to the FLMMA network will be a solid foundation that will enable us to report directly to relevant stakeholders in order to ensure efficient implementation and consistency when it comes to the enforcement of protected areas. GVI FIJI

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