Mrs. Brinkman’s First Grade September 3, 2012 440.740.


We will introduce spelling words next week.

We are reviewing Kindergarten Words.

an, in, she, and, is, so, at, it, the, can, like, to, do, me, up, go, my, we, look, come, for, one, little, are, here, on, you, have, what, black, green, red, blue, orange, white, brown, purple, yellow, pink, gray

We begin our new math program -

In first grade, the children will explore the social studies disciplines of history, geography, civics, government and

Envision Math this week. This program will
cover 16 concepts, with 8 lessons to support each concept to the depth and to his/her potential.

economics. We will start off the year school for learning about the purposes of government, the Democracy, and the role of citizens. values and principles of American

extent necessary for each child to learn

focusing on civics, using the context of

be addition.

& Algebraic Thinking Topic will

concept within the Operations

Our first

Wed, Sept. 12: PSO Meeting 9:30am

Fri, Sept. 14: Room Parent Meeting 9am Elementary Tailgate Party and Football Night 5:30pm Thurs, Sept. 27: 1st Gr. Open House 7pm Mon, Oct 1: Fundraiser Begins! Thurs, Oct. 4: Fall Festival 5:30pm Fri, Oct. 5: Picture Day


Tuesday: Share your math packet; Tell someone at home about Wolf! Wednesday: Describe the math game; Thursday: Describe your favorite center activity. Tell someone at home about todays read-aloud.

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