Pasado Participio de los Verbos Irregulares

INFINITIVO / PASADO Ejemplos de Participios PRESENTE PARTICIPIO Irregulares SIMPLE Verbo Participio Comenzar To begin begun be (ser) been Apostar To bet bet see (ver) seen Morder To bite bitten go (ir) gone Romper To break broken do (hacer) done Construir To build built ESPAÑOL INFINITIVO / PASADO PARTICIPIO buy (comprar) bought Comprar To buy bought PRESENTE SIMPLE Elegir To choose chosen Responder To answer answered Cortar To cut Preguntar To ask cut asked Dibujar To approve To draw drawn Aprobar approved Beber To drink drunk Pertenecer To belong belonged Comer To eaten Cepillar To brush eat brushed Olvidar To forget forgotten Limpiar To clean cleaned Obtener To got Trepar To climbget climbed To given CocinarDar To cookgive cooked To gone Bailar Ir To dance go danced Oír To hear heard Descubrir To discover discovered Saber To know known Entregar To deliver delivered Aprender To enjoy To learn learnt Disfrutar enjoyed Pagar To pay paid Explicar To explain explained Correr To run Acabar To finishrun finished To seen Pescar Ver To fish see fished Cantar To sing sung Ocurrir To happen happened To smelt Besar Oler To kisssmell kissed Hablar To spoken Gustar To likespeak liked Barrer To sweep swept Vivir To live lived Nadar To swim swum Necesitar To need needed To told Pasado Abrir Decir To open tell opened Comprender To paint To understand understood Pintar painted Participio de Ganar To win won Castigar To punish punished los Verbos Escribir To remember To write written Recordar remembered ESPAÑOL Mostrar Sonreir Iniciar Estudiar Visitar Esperar To show To smile To start To study To visit To wait showed smiled started studied visited waited


(No he terminado todavía. I have already finished.) La palabra yet significa "todavía" en español. (Ya he terminado.Already y Yet La palabra already significa "ya" en español. La palabra already va entre la palabra haveo has y el participio. I haven't finished yet.) . La palabra yet se coloca al final de la oración.

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