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Turtle Wins in the Stock Market

Turtle Wins in the Stock Market

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Published by: skinplay213 on Sep 04, 2012
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Book Review: The Turtle Always Wins by Bo Sanchez

Book Review: The Turtle Always Wins (How to Make Millions in he Stock Market) Author: Bo Sanchez Last March 18,2012 after The Feast in PICC, Bro. Bo Sanchez launched his new book about Investing in the Stock Market. It is a follow-up of his book " My Maids invest in the Stock Market". As you can read from my previous posts, I am also promoting Investing in the Stock Market.The moment I got hold of the book, I couldn't let it off my hands. I started reading it while in the car and finished it at home. It was a such a great book. I am happy that there are now books available in bookstores discussing Investing in the Stock Market in Layman's Term. The words and stories used by Bo made Investing in the Stock Market simple and understandable. The book discussed the need to invest and compared the different people found in the Stock Market. Bro. Bo compared them to 4 different animals such as a squirrel, rabbit, sloth and a turtle. Chapter 1 of the Book (Plant in the Spring or Beg in the Fall) was successful in setting up the mood to convince Filipinos to invest for our retirement. Bo narrated the story of two grandmothers who had different strategies on handling money during their younger years and how it affected their old age. Lola Penny was a CPA who worked in a company for 38 years. She saved for big expenses but

Trading is their full-time job. Bo compared Investing in the stock Market with a RACE. On the other hand. They are the typical gamblers Some of them are devious. Lola Pilar worked as a cashier in a music store for 19 years. In the Story.2M. They want excitement. It represents the newbie who gets into the stock market without understanding what he's getting into. At age 85. The Rabbit got the 2nd place. it is not God's fault. She got a separation fee of P2000 which she invested in the stock market in 1966. They follow very strict rules . They sold portions of the investment little by little for big expenses. She also put add'l money in the stock market whenever she had extra. and when the price goes up. Bro. She started depending on her children who also had problems financially. they'll sell and leave their friends an empty bag. the Turtle won first place. The sloth was 3rd while the squirrel was a no show. Rabbit is the Trained Trader.failed to save for her retirement. she got 3M. In chapter 2. She became a millionaire through the stock market. Bro. They buy now and sell a few days later or something within the day. It represents the 85% of people who get into the stock market and lose their money. After retiring. The four different People in the Stock Market are the Animal Runners. Bo emphasized that God gave us a choice and ability to create wealth. It also represents the old-timer in the stock market. No one really knows what happened to him. They don't follow the rules and try to take a lot of shortcuts. he got lost and was killed by a bear. She was not good in handling it so after 7 years. These typical traders can get lost in their trading and get killed by a bear market. she withdraw everything and got an oozing P 1. They tell their friends to buy a certain hot stock. it is not impossible for us to get rich. If we retire in poverty. She and her husband only invest in giant companies. Squirrel is the Typical Trader. He earns some and loses some. it was totally wiped out. This one really broke her heart. If we follow the turtle strategy. Bro. She even heard her daughter complaining to her "kuya" about the money she spent for their mother's medicines. Some say. Bo said that we can be rich. But it would be better if we can take others along to richness. She relied on her company's retirement package. Rabbits are also traders but trained. They fool other traders. They look at their stock portfolio everyday.

. 3. Usually it's a huge amount of money. He invests regularly and puts more money when the market is down. A Turtle investor does the most boring investment strategy in the world. 4. it is a good strategy but not the best. He doesn't care is the market is up or down. Because they lose part on their earnings along the way. They never end a trading day with more than 30% of their money in the stock market to avoid surprises. You have to buy when the market is down or flat. You need to buy a basket of great companies that you believe will be great for the next 20 years. Only Giants. He parks his money in a stock market and forget about it. Their goal is to earn 12% to 20% each year over a 20 year period. He invests small amounts of money each month in great companies. They don't buy penny stocks. They don't put more than 5% of their money in a specific stocks. Big Time. They are still conservative. Turtle is the Trained Investor. Sloth is a typical investor who buys and hold. Temptation is high on the floor. Some rabbits break rules once in a while. 3. And because of these they only won second place. One time. Bo. 2.like: 1. According to Bro. You got to reinvest the dividends. Sloth is the Typical Investor. You need to have a big chunk of money. 2. It is recommended but with few conditions mentioned below: 1.

.Invest even if there are crisis. 3.You need Wealth Competence but more importantly Wealth Consciousness. 4.You can't invest in the stock market if you don't have a cashflow. 2. Turtle Believes He'll Win . also invest windfalls like bonuses. . Turtle Invests his windfalls . you cannot create. .Then spend 1% of your time investing that cashflow in the stock market. 5. Turtle Works in Cash Machines. It is semi-passive investing SAM is passive investing with a little bit of "cheating" or "timing". Turtle builds his farm before his home. Turtles are almost always invested. What you cannot see.Build wealth when everyone is afraid. .Rabbits will always be partially invested. Create your cashflow. He can take advantage of the compounding effect. . SAM is an acronym for Strategic Averaging Method.Secure your livelihood before your lifestyle. .Spend 99% of your time on your business.The perfect time to invest is when your money is still very scarce. Turtle Invests when its difficult to invest. The TURTLE has a name. . Not Stocks . LAW#1 You will gravitate towards what you unconsciously desire. Increase and Multiply it. Turtle lives below its means. .Aside from the regular habit of investing 20% of your income. HOW the TURTLE Beats the RABBIT? . LAW#2 What you can see. Call it compounding.Establish your income stream before your expense stream. you can create.by reinvesting the dividends. We call him SAM.Your expense should grow slower than your income.Mind first then Reality. cash gifts and profits from side businesses.HOW the TURTLE Beats the SLOTH? . . commissions. 6. HOW to FOLLOW the TURTLE? 1. .

Invest monthly for 20 years or more. 2. Buy when the price is beneath our "Buy Below Price". Bo Stock Alerts. At the end of the book. Bo's Stock Update eReport. Invest even when there's a crisis. Bo invited the readers to become a member of the Truly Rich Club to maximize your earning potential in the stock market. And it was all worth it. 3. I am a member of the Truly Rich Club for 2 years now.Five Rules of Passive Investing 1. Wealth Strategies Newsletter and Stock Alerts. 3. The membership fee I pay monthly is very little compared to the profits and gain I got following Bro. Secured Profits . Make money when you buy. 4. Invest only in giants. Lower Prices .Lesser Choices 2.Lock your profits from a company that gone up and reinvest the proceeds to another company that has still room to grow. Truly Rich Club Members gets Bro. Invest in many giants.Buying at cheaper price. Sell when the price is near our "Target Price" Three Big Advantages of SAM 1. This prevents chasing a rising stocks. Bro. 5. I do believe (like the Turtle) that We Can Win if we follow these Rules mentioned in the Book . Faster Giants .

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