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To Kill a Mockingbird Questions and Vocabulary — Chapters 30–31

Chase Slabaugh — Core 2 Aviña

May 31, 2007

Chapter 30
1. Bob Ewell was killed by either an accident, as Heck Tate insists, or by Jem in self-defense, as Atticus believes.
2. Atticus, while on the porch, thought that Heck Tate was trying to cover up that, as Atticus believed, Jem
killed Bob Ewell in self defense.

3. Atticus wanted to talk about the attack in the open because he felt that there was nothing to hide.
4. Heck and Atticus were both stubborn for not accepting either of the two conflicting views on the murder.
5. Atticus asked Heck about the switchblade because Atticus wanted to find out why Heck was using it as an
6. When Heck said, “Let the dead bury the dead, this time, Mr. Finch. Let the dead bury the dead.,” he was
trying to tell Atticus that it would be much easier to say it was an accident, and let the issue die with Bob
7. When Scout said it would be like shooting a mockingbird she meant that it would be like causing undeserved
pain to something good.

1. Bland; adj.; unemotional, plain
2. Connive; verb; to plot or scheme
3. Craw; noun; throat, esophagus
4. Elude; verb; evade, escape
5. Utmost; adj.; of the greatest degree, highest

Chapter 31
1. Boo was disoriented and sick, with coughing fits and stumbling.
2. Before Boo went home he wanted to say goodbye to Jem.
3. Scout helps Boo home.
4. Scout was sad about accepting Boo’s gifts because she knew that she could never repay them.
5. As Scout stands on the Radley porch, she remembers Atticus saying that you never really know a man until
you walk around in his shoes.

1. Acquiescence; noun; compliance, consent

2. Apprehensive1 ; adj.; nervous, fearful

1 Hey there! Just would like to point out that thanks to Ms. Avina’s ultra awesome tip, I’ve started using L
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Apprehensive at first, I am now an expert!