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Jet Airways Parent CompanyTailwinds Limited Category Indian domestic sector Sector Airlines Tagline/ Slogan The Joy

of Flying USP Premium Airline, High Class STP STP Segment Passengers preferring comfort Target Group Corporate, Upper Middle Class Positioning Premium SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis Strength 1. Has created a good image among the Indian fliers 2. Trusted Airline by the Corporates 3. One of the biggest Indian airline companies with over 13,000 employees 4. Operations in over 75 Indian cities and over 400 daily flights 5. Top of the mind brand due to excellent operations and marketing 6. It also has international destinations in nearly 20 countries Weakness 1. Competition from the LCCs and other competitors means market share growth is tough 2. Presence of other airlines on international routes making it difficult to have significant market share Opportunity

1. Strongly positioned in the International routes 2. Has presence in every segment 3. Increasing number of people opting to travel by airlines Threats 1. LCCs eatiing up the marketshare 2. Rising Fuel Costs and Labour Costs 3. Unfavorable Govt policies and aviation regulations Competition Competitors 1.Kingfisher 2.Air India