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IntrotoSource Target Mapping Session Workflow

IntrotoSource Target Mapping Session Workflow

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Published by: shanu_123 on Sep 04, 2012
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1. Import Source Source is imported in ‘Source Analyzer’ Source can be a Database table,File, XML file etc

Lets import a source from Database. Click on ‘Import from Database’ Following window will open, in which you need to provide username & password to connect and select the table. Click ok. Note : By import : we mean structure (metadata) of table is imported, Data of table is not imported.

Press CTRL+S to save the source.

2. Import Target Target is imported in ‘Target Designer’

Lets create Target from Database. Click on ‘import from Database’ Here the table which we want to import as Target is ‘EMP_TARGET’

3. Mapping:

Go to Mapping Designer & Select “Mappings Create”

Give appropriate name.

Now you are ready to make your first Mapping. From Left side panel, Drag source to Mapping Designer.

Similarly drag target,

Now Connect Ports from Source Qualifier to respective ports of target. Arrows represent the Data flow.

This is a simple mapping which is to load from EMP_SOURCE table to EMP_TARGET table.

4. Create Session & Workflow Go to ‘Workflow Manager’ & create task in Task Developer. During creation we associate session with mapping.

In workflow designer, we create a workflow. Workflow we connect with a session.

To execute workflow, right click and select ‘Start workflow’ Workflow will start and you can see the process in workflow monitor and also see the logs.

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