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City of Flagler Beach AGENDA ITEM # | | Item Summary and Recommendation SUBJECT: Discussion and direction regarding the regulation of vessel floating businesses, floating homes and marinas. BACKGROUND: On October 30, 2008, the City Commission considered ‘Ordinance 2008-14, Definitions. The amended motion that was unanimously approved was to combine Ordinance 2008-14 and 2008-15 and bring back for a first reading at the earliest possible date. Ordinance 2008-15, Standards for Marinas, was considered and the motion that was unanimously approved was that houseboats, barges, liveaboard vessels, and floating structures used as a primary or secondary legal residence, a place of business, professional or other commercial enterprise be considered as a special exception in tourist commercial areas within marinas. RECOMMENDATI ATTACHMENTS: SUBMITTED BY: DATE: Rev wed by: City Manager Consider for discussion purposes only. Thereafter, remand to the Planning and Architectural Review Board for public hearing Draft Ordinance 2009-__. City Commission Meeting Minutes. Drew Smith, City Attorney January 12, 2009 rotitewenFe FOR MAaKiNssy rwovipiNe Fon ade es 2 an amma en ein mpi of i ‘Sg ema pty ha So on sp pric ye og tei fe ey ie en ae a i i [NOW- THEREFORE. BE IF ENACTED by he Cin Comision afte crags Font wen cous QTE Unto ais in ais Be hy a en Si cette Stan SSRCIHON 4, Lapin Finns nd int.‘ his tah a ia ‘Sethi cps pave nds png aromas SLCHI, shin Seif hte 2 th Cf Ons ena ARTICLE tt ABANDONED avo NURANCE ESSE _sLOATINO Se 260, Unighy mbt deere ss fin ness ne ‘ncn or osm se ch sig ae nna inher Cee e grapes cm ricgeen ane ‘ony opermc snl oct cn er airs one Sak thc mp mene meme man te Ci Sei a3 ‘Sel dons Poa one an ic se el ‘Sitesi ate chorion a tr (earn sar ntinsanipin tei stc fi: ets tv ns en ng ‘ee ow ira sm "The- ome ene nan ns ‘Sst be, an peer of ep i evn ‘sine seamed med Se adsl yas as ‘MSGi a tahoe sua Seo SSiccitetetonydnuedeceepsiooman ARTICLE IV; OECURANCY.OF MARINAS. BOATS, AND WATERCRAFT (a) te ine Cn Cain a sn sn ‘rte stbebasel i fe ie eo ey wins is an a