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81594288 Minolta Troubles

81594288 Minolta Troubles

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Published by: Alina Nica on Sep 04, 2012
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Toner compatibilty analog minolta copiers: EP70=EP1030=EP1050/1080/1052/1054=EP2050/3050/4050/4000

digital minolta copiers: DI152/183/1611=DI181=DI250/350/351=DI450/470/550/=DI2510/3510=BIZHUB163/210 Old color copiers : CF 910=CF911P=CF9001=CF1501=CF2001 new color copiers: CF3102=CF2002=BIZHUB C350/450=BIZHUB C250/252=BIZHUB C451/550/650= BIZHUB PRO C6500

bizhub 250/350 code c2557
April 25, 2009 Troubleshooting for bizhub 250/350 are generally the same like DI250/350 the major difference is this code : 2557 Code usually appears when the meter count of drum and developer (in service mode) was reseted without changing deleloper followed by F8. how to reset: -the simplest way is to change developer and run F8. -without change the developer: —First : add a spoon of toner in dev. unit and instantly run F8. —Second (if first way was not good) : in service mode-level history-atdc,There you will see displayed the current value of ATDC. Usually this value should be approximately 13 %, but after resseting it becomes 5-6 % and comes into contradiction with the presetting value in tech rep choice-printerATDC gain (155). So, increase the concentration of toner in developing unit adding little amount of toner or decrease or increase the default value (in tech rep choice-printer - ATDC gain) to match the actual concentration in developing unit. This procedure is logical and it works but requires some patience and experience.

counter. minolta di2510 drum reset April 4. 2009 HOW TO: fusing unit reset: • • • • • turn of the main switch remove the fusing unit remove the left cover of the fusing unit change the old fuse (green resistor) with 80mA new fuse put back the cover andthe fusing unit turn on the machine transfer unit reset: to reset use a new 80 mA glass fuse . in service mode you can view or modify various parameters. press and hold utility key and turn on the copier and still hold utility key until "trouble reset "appear on the screen.bizhub 420 code reset-service mode April 22.000 copies. 2009 How to reset PC drum or imaging unit: Enter in service mode (you already know that procedure). PM . 2009 how to enter in service mode when error code appear? turn of the copier -main switch. only code Now . exit from service menu.do not press reset panel key.details). now you can enter in service mode (without uti/counter. press clear key. Life expectation-in good condition-of Minolta Di2510/di3510 drum is about 150. bizhub c451/550/minolta c650 parts reset March 28. select PC/drum life.

Color shift occurs at 1 to 2 mm in the worst position.minolta c650 trouble March 28. ckech the sensors inside DF611 case and use some adhesive (super glue.6B only) The problem will be observed when below 2 conditions meet. When MFP returns from sleep mode within 8 hours from the last image stabilization.c 550. . bizhub C650/C550/C451 (FW Ver. In case MFP detects temperature change in printer head at more than 2 degrees from the last regist control when returning from sleep mode. super bond) so that the sensors cases will be hard-set. However it is not always but it depends on the gain of image density sensor (IDC). 2009 Jam in DF611: -on 2-nd side: Check mylar on the 2nd transport guide plate. P21 warning : . 2.bizhub c451.color shift in main scan direction the amount of color shift is different between front and back side. 1. Replace the damaged mylar p/n : 9J07 4703 01 -on 1st side: • • put the tension spring of feed roller in lower position.

white dots on magenta :change the magenta starter 3.grid of drum charging corona -remove and clean mirror’s box and laser path on the right side of the copier . clean or CHANGE main relay p/n 9341221021. How to recover the problem: -Apply FW Ver.P-21 is displayed when the sensor gain is low for the MFP to detect toner pattern. check the drum’s life : if life reached on 20.Carrying out image stabilization minolta cf9001 March 27. How to reset all couters: follow the procedure for reset trouble code (insert a paper clip into a small hole situated on the right side of the control panel). 2009 In this mode you can reset all counters to 0.Color shift occurs when MFP miss-detect toner pattern due to improper gain setting. minolta di350 reset all counters March 21.4 .aleatory and recurrent trouble codes just after power on : check. life.<Cause> Regist control. is carried out with improper sensor gain setting. .reset counter life for both. 2009 • • Old product “oldies but goldies “: Minolta CF9001 and Minolta CF910: 1. .000 -change the drum and cleaning blade . .white strips : in service mode test mode halftone –print C.Y. undifferntiated. which takes place in above condition.M. counter.Turn off/on the main switch . 2.6M or later . blue background in middle of the page : in service mode.K test: If the white strips are in same arrangement : -clean or change corona wire of transfer corona unit (inside of transfer drum) -clean (use water and soap -no alcohol).

press 3 key. pull the jumpers off and cross the pins to the far right and the middle in the verticale direction. How to reset C0500 code : .press 3 key. di2510/di3510 trouble March 5. -enter the service code (default 0000000) . in this menu press total clear tab. power on. when a small black dot is on the screen. Now.The copier will be restarted. .check the thermal fuse or thermistors(heat sensing elements) or replace the fusing unit.open the right door -in the small hole on the right side of the control panel(same as DI 350. -turn off the machine. -power ON for 20 seconds then power off. -Choose trouble reset. -after reboot close the right door -if same trouble appear again. -remove jumpers and put them back in the original position.di351)press the soft initialization . OK -need to reset BRAM: next to CF card are INI jumpers.When the dot appears on the LCD after reboot. 2009 abort code and restart after power-up: -check if the CF card is inserted properly -if CF card it’s.The mode will change to the initialization screen.

Then clean sensor and .Light copy on ADF (DF): -clean with alcohol the optical unit (original glass. then….rep.see more How to trouble Co500 reset : in the right side on control panel. beside LCD contrast currsor is situated a small hole .clean the CCD sensor (only for tech.01-3-start-3-start-3-start. The tension spring is usualy too weak . so change it with new one . remove the conector -in back of the IU.Press now ‘clear’ key .That’s it ! code J– reset : open the right door.on display will be apear 40000 . more strong. see more… dialta di152 trouble March 1. lens) -use the two screws in rear side of DF to correct the position of DF againts original glass. minolta di350 trouble March 1. lamp. insert a pick in this hole until copier will be restarted. mirrors.) dialta di350.on display will be apear 00 . 2009 -how to imaging unit reset : remove he imaging unit. -pull out the imaging unit and clean the frame glass of laser unit.. in back of the conector you will see a black thin duct . 2009 how to maintenance code reset : utillity-stop -0-0-stop.Touch ’start’ and reset panel . -still light copies? but print it’s OK .a green resistor (in fact fuse) Cut this resistor so that ….inside this.check tension spring and lever’s movement in right side of the fusing unit .

-remove the cover of the developing unit -check in right (back) side of magnet roller -condition of the mylar . spilling toner from imaging unit : -remove the imaging unit ond open it in usual mode. minolta di 183. 2009 1.how to imaging unit reset: .bizhub 163 . If the actuator is too down -loosen screws of fusing unit .check correct highness of actuator(in sensor frame).bizhub210 in same way.Insert it under doctor blade and put here some adhesive (super bond.you cane made new one from thin OHP film.Check also or replace the roll : 4163-5298-01 Fix minolta di 152. minolta di 183 in same way.soon Bizhub c350 trouble reset February 26.minolda di1611. Fix minolta di 152. and replace drum in was broken from old mylar. super glue). charging grid . how to fix cleaner unit : …. push up the fusing unit-in right side and tight screws. minolta di2011.If is broken change it with a new one .. bizhub 162. Meantime clean charging corona .

defective TONER CONVEYANCE GEAR p/n 26NA 3268 0 .foggy background and blurred text : -remove waste box.the real life of drums and IUs is at least 100k . see more bizhub 420 c2804 reset February 25.Defective toner supply mechanism .but chips are set to end at most 50k -good reason to reset it with chip reseter 2. remove trnsfer belt. 2009 Description: Too low toner density(in developing unit) -read from ATDC sensor Posible causes: 1.under IUs. how to reset transfer unit : the real life of transfer unit is at least 300k to reset use a 80 mA fuse 2. remove all IUs and clean with alcohool LED bars.

when a new bottle is inserted.Solution: grease with silicone vaseline toner conv gear and worm gear (at Motor M4) or replace toner conv gear if broken 2. 2. tubby noise -toner sub hooper overflow -use vaccum cleaner -clean all toner inside hooper bizhub 420 c2403 February 25. perform the following: a. Power OFF main SW. 3. it does not insert correctly and it does not rotate —pull out and insert it correctly —Push again(until clack) toner bottle after insert it. PROBABLE CAUSES: 1. 2009 Trouble code: C2403 (C-2403). Then. Toner sensor position ps28 contaminated with toner— use vaccum cleaner and clean all parts around toner bottle esspecially ps28. When an empty toner bottle is rotated while removing it from the machine.Defective toner rotate mechanism claws Note : To reset C-2403 after replacing the toner bottle. inside front door. the alignment tab goes out of home position.Defective toner bottle 3. .

f. The power should be re-enabled to ON while holding the Utility key. Please ensure that the toner bottle is inserted correctly. Contact between parts around the bottle guide section. Power OFF/ON and should go to Ready.PS4 . Remove the two pressure springs located in toner door. These parts prevent PS28 from becoming dislodged. the Konica Minolta blue screen within 2 minutes. 2. The toner bottle position sensor (PS28) may have shifted when the drive section on the back of the machine was removed or installed. Ensure that the toner bottle does not have any manufacturing defects. Complete 5. This will cause the bottle not find the home position generating this error. there still may be burrson theflange tips at neck of the toner bottle. This procedure may have to be redone several times. Even though the correct procedure was used p. 7. Install a new mounting plate (p/n 50GA33161E) and stopper seal (p/n 447042481) for PS28. d. PS28 cannot detect rotation of the toner bottle.b. If toner bottle is not installed correctly and the customer forces it then it may cause tearing of the drive tabs on the toner bottle. Also ensure that the pressure spring inside the pressure assembly (p/n 26TA-3332) is applying sufficient pressure when locked into place. 6. Toner bottle is not turning. 4. Excessive pressure from the Toner Bottle Door. c. As a result. Slide the toner bottle cradle and remove spent toner bottle. Prepare new toner bottle per instructions and place toner bottle in the cradle (line up the two notches at the rear so the cartridge is laying level in the cradle). e.Also. 3. Turn bottle completely around and line up the arrow at the 12 o’clock position clockwise or counterclockwise and push cradle in and lock toner door. Please install the Toner supply auxiliary cover countermeasure as explained in the attached Parts Modification Notice. Touch and OK will appear. then the white screen with Trouble Reset.

repeat stepscand d. is used to monitor the output signals ofPS4 (Toner Bottle Sensor). d. ‘Sensor Check screen’. press [Multi Code] and enter a three-digit multi-code through the copy count setting key. c. when entering the sensor check code in 3-digit format through the copy count setting button. press [Sensor check].’Service Mode screen’. b. . and multi-mode 3 for monitoring the output signal ofPS28 (Toner Bottle Position Sensor). a state (ON/OFF) or value is displayed in the Result area. which is not listed in the bizhub 420/500 Service Manual. Enter the State Confirm mode=&gt.and PS28 may not be sensing properly. Verify the correct operation of PS4 and PS28. To check: a. multi-mode 2. press [State Confirmation]. press [Check Code] and. IMPORTANT : Code 57. When conducting the sensor check of other signal sources. Note : The service documentation does not include a procedure for checking PS4 (Toner Bottle Sensor) and the PS28 (Toner Bottle Position Sensor). Remove the burrs on the toner bottle. These sensors are located at the rear of the hopper assembly at the 11 o’clock position forPS28 and at the 12 o’clock position forPS4. Check for burrson theflange tips at neck of the toner bottle.’State Confirmation screen’. The state of these sensors will switch from 0 to 1 if the bottle is moved. For the multi-mode.

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