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City of Flagler Beach AGENDA ITEM # tH) Item Summary and Recommendation suBJecT: orpinance 2004-04 AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF FLAGLER BEACH, FLORIDA, AMENDING CHAPTER 18 OF THE CODE OF ORDINANCES TO ALLOW VENDORS POSSESSING A CURRENT CITY OF FLAGLER BEACH BUSINESS TAX RECEIPT FOR A BUSINESS SELLING MERCHANDISE OR WARES TO SELL THE SAME MERCHANDISE OR WARES AT AN AUTHORIZED FARMERS MARKET WITHOUT OBTAINING AN ADDITIONAL LOCAL BUSINESS TAX RECEIPT; PROVIDING A MORE DETAILED DEFINITION OF FARMERS MARKET; PROVIDING FOR CODIFICATION, SEVERABILITY, AND CONFLICTS; AND ESTABLISHING AN EFFECTIVE DATE. BACKGROUND: ‘On November 13, 2008, the City Commission voted unanimously to revise the existing code to allow an existing business with a Local Business Tax Receipt (LBTR) that qualifies under the definition of Farmers Market to sell their wares at the Farmers Market without an additional LBTR RECOMMENDATIONS: Motion to Approve Ordinance 2009-0 7 . ATTACHMENTS: Draft Ordinance 2009- O'{ SUBMITTED BY: Jan Hancock, Planning & Zoning Director DATE: January 12, 2009 Reviewed by: wa City Clerk (Jo City Manager NUEREAS, 0° Cy Comminion f te Cay of Fer Bech he sm a ai wo i a fect age Be SECTION, Leitsne intng dnThe ings th ihe cae Seno clea rea nda SECTION Scns 1838 Chap of Cb of rcs ty ered ed owe azar to co i Dron gy nv pte rb i of sing sae eg ee a a a ‘Sl ante ih naa sean oma as met ‘Sibson yor cna etfs opens ‘Shen mmc ah tas ca lng ‘Sn eaten nh eal ese "ech ness insti . nhied ames Mkt t ‘shinai ne eet he ‘moe FESS re tnt al ad te tie SEGDOMS, cia: oS anasto” amon a SESTSSEE: Sta povaton of ey eer ondasee of mis Towne pov Sats Satta lg ta re mand ptn of ha nae he nl hi es SECHOLE sine. nme sl sie fan itis ost Aen Om