Meet former Apollo 7 astronaut

Walter Cunningham

The Apollo 7 crew is welcomed on October 22, 1968 aboard the USS Essex. Pictured from left to right are astronauts Walter M. Schirra, Jr., Donn F. Eisele, and Walter Cunningham. Photo courtesy of NASA.


Thursday, September 13th 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in THH 102
Join us as former astronaut Walter Cunningham discusses his experience during the eleven-day flight aboard Apollo 7 -- the first manned flight test of the third generation United States spacecraft. The mission provided the first live television transmission of onboard crew activities to millions of people around the world. After the talk, the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation will present a scholarship award to Nishita Deka, a USC senior majoring in electrical engineering. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to meet Walter Cunningham and to congratulate a fellow Trojan. The event, which is co-sponsored by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation and the USC Provost’s Office for Undergraduate Programs, is free and open to all students, faculty and staff.

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